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Online audio and video


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5th session for MA students at City University

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Online audio and video

  1. 1. Video: auto tune the news
  2. 2. Paul Bradshaw City University, London Publisher, Online Journalism Blog Founder, Help Me Different medium, Different rules – part 2 (Audio and video)
  3. 3. 3 things Listening to and watching How do I..? Regulation, ethics
  4. 4. “The Telegraph is reviewing several areas, including the need for "tactical hiring" within multimedia … “The three biggest challenges for us editorially in the next year will be multimedia, multi-device tablets and smart phones and social media.” Ed Roussel, redesign/s2/a541449/
  5. 5. “At a time when other categories of advertising dollars are shrinking, video ads are booming. News sites are adding more video inventory to keep pace with the demands of advertisers, and benefiting from the higher cost-per-thousands, or C.P.M.’s, that ads on those videos command.” ,
  6. 6. Audio and video online Different devices/use: iPods & computers Different production demands: irregular?
  7. 7. Listen.
  8. 8. Audio types Podcasts Micropodcasting (Audioboo) Audio slideshows
  9. 9. Listen.
  10. 10. Audio online Debate (event?) Banter (set up and score, Q&A) Interview(s) Monologue/reflection Potpourri ... Commercial
  11. 11. 5 audio tips (speed) Background noise – good & bad Introduction: set the time & space Don’t script – do prepare Show don’t tell. Brief & direct subject End: reiterate, thank, link
  12. 12. Editing (depth) Record ‘room sound’ for editing Record wild track for track 2 Use sound to change scene/breathe Fades: up and out Stitch together beginning-middle-end
  13. 13. Audio tools Audioboo, phone’s mic External mic, spoffle Digital dictaphone, Zoom GarageBand, Audacity, Audition
  14. 14. Online, there is often no need for the reporter as an intermediary, as a user will have already read the story. “Video clips now tend to get more traffic overall than long-form news programmes on iPlayer”. Traditional, longer-form news video “is not – for now anyway – proving that compelling for news consumers online.” Steve Herr mann, BBC, quoted in Alfred Hermida:
  15. 15. Video: Charlie Brooker - how to report the news
  16. 16. Watch.
  17. 17. 41 hours in an elevator
  18. 18. Video types Speed vs depth: Raw video Moving pictures (‘Daily Prophet’) Vodcasts & video blogging Edited narrative
  19. 19. Rocketboom Lauren Luke Guardian Films tower Ze Frank Transmission Tower foot-transmission-tower/ Ira Glass on storytelling
  20. 20. 5 video tips (speed) Shoot for sound Composition (rule of thirds) Don’t stop filming Show don’t tell. Brief & direct subject Practise talking to camera as a friend
  21. 21. 5 video editing tips (depth) Keep it simple (no fancy transitions) Let the interview breathe Don’t cut on movement Variety of shots – wide, tight, medium Shoot for sequences
  22. 22. Key ingredients Great subjects Colour of voice, sound, image Tension: question, conflict Reflection/resolution
  23. 23. Video tools – kit & software Mobile phone, Flip/Kodak Zi8 External mic, spoffle iMovie (also on iPhone), Windows MovieMaker, Premiere, FinalCut, Avid Skype + screencasting software
  24. 24. Video tools - online JayCut – online editing YouTube – editing, captions & notes Viddler – tagging Stroome, Masher – collaborate
  25. 25. 41 years stuck in an elevator
  26. 26. Ethics and law Regulation – Ofcom, PCC? Permissions and copyright Privacy Taste and decency
  27. 27. Links