ScreenFlow Review & Bonus


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ScreenFlow Review & Bonus

  1. 1. How ScreenFlow Can Help You In Your OnlineBusinessVideos are very effective marketing tools. They can get youraudience hooked, and you can use them to entertain yourprospective customers, inform them about your products orservices, and really attract them to the point of sharing in thesocial networks.
  2. 2. Powerful Mac Video Capture SoftwareScreenFlow 4 is a video capture software designed specifically forMac. It is a comprehensive and powerful tool capable of carryingout many tasks. It can capture the video or audio from thecomputer, edit it, add highlights to it, and perform many otherfunctions. There are many customer support options provided aswell.You can create professional videos. Things you can add includeimages, text, audio, video transitions, etc. The editing optionsinclude nested clips, closed captioning, chroma key, mousecallouts, annotation, freehand callouts, audio/video filters, etc. Allthese various processes can be accomplished in quite an easymanner.
  3. 3. Video Grabber SoftwareThe video grabber software enables background noiseremoval. Effects can mimic various kinds of environmentalsettings. Audio filters, recordings and other media can also beadded. ScreenFlow’s sharing functions enable the video to beuploaded directly to YouTube rather than having to export it.The video formats which are accommodated by ScreenFlowinclude WMV, PNG, AIFF, MPEG-4, etc. You can also publishto Flash. You can crop videos and also adjust contrast,opacity, saturation, brightness, etc. Filters can also be added.You could also record directly from USB camera or iSight.
  4. 4. Extensive Editing OptionsThere are extensive editing options provided by ScreenFlow.After you’ve completed the recording of the video, the editoropens up to reveal the video which is captured.The tool menuis displayed in the Timeline at the bottom of the display andincludes audio/video and screen recording, callout action tohighlight parts of video, annotations, text, etc. In theScreenFlow video editor there are more powerful tools such asplayback speed adjustment tools. These include slow/fastmotion, freeze frames, 2D/3D transitions, video trimming,graphics and text addition, etc.
  5. 5. Adding TextWith ScreenFlow you can also add text above the videos afterwhich annotation properties and the colours can be edited. Toapply text, all you need to do is add a text box and type in it.You can change the fonts and text sizes. The callout actionoption provides a highlighting feature which offers quite richhighlighting options. Background opacity can be adjusted andblur can be added as well. Zooming in on the foreground isalso enabled.
  6. 6. Audio Editing OptionsThere are many audio editing options provided as well. Volumecan be manually added but what’s great is the audio duckingoption which is basically an audio signal being lowered for thesake of another. This is particularly applicable when there aretracks where background music and voiceover are involved.
  7. 7. Summing Up...ScreenFlow is probably the best and most powerfulvideo capture software for Mac. It’s relatively user-friendly and can certainly make your videosprofessional.To Get The Most Value Out Of ScreenFlow,Click The Link BelowScreenFlow Bonus