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Diabetes treatment in homeopathy


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Good News for all diabetes is a solution for you which completely eliminates the pain to take insulin doses daily.Its time to change your life to homeopathy which Permanently cures diabetes with no side-effects and in simpler manner

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Diabetes treatment in homeopathy

  1. 1. Diabetes Treatment in Homeopathy
  2. 2. Homeopathy almost eliminates the need to take insulin doses after the treatment. Permanently Cure Diabetes with Homeopathy
  3. 3. What is Diabetes and what causes it ? Diabetes is a lifestyle disease and is affecting health and well being of millions of people. Diabetes, which ranks 7th in the list of patients who are on death bed. A healthy diet, few minutes of exercise and knowledge about the disease can keep us away from diabetes. Diabetes, it is a metabolic disorder of the pancreas, a small gland located just below and behind the stunning. The pancreas produces the hormone called insulin which circulates the glucose to every cell of the body. As blood glucose concentration rises, the pancreas secretes insulin to decrease the concentration of blood sugar and hence dysfunction of pancreatic cells leads to High blood sugar levels Causing Diabetes.
  4. 4. Symptoms of Diabetes :- High blood sugar levels can cause several symptoms:-
  5. 5. Type-1 • Occurs when the insulin producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed • Insulin Dependent Type-2 • Can be managed with medication and is more commonly found • Non-Insulin Dependent Causes for Diabetes There are two major types of diabetes are type1 and type2..
  6. 6. Type1 was known as juvenile diabetes because it was commonly diagnosed in children and young adults. If left untreated diabetes may lead to lots of devastating complications to almost every cell and organ in the body. It becomes difficult even for any accidental wounds to heal It is estimated that in India itself, 20 millions of people have Diabetes, and human race spend nearly 20,000 crores per annum for treatment, medicines and other things related to diabetic care and cure. Recent Statistics and Effects of Diabetes
  7. 7. About 80% of people will be effected by diabetes in coming 20 years
  8. 8. Homeopathy is a boon for diabetes, especially those with prolonged exposure to this condition. Apart from treating the symptoms, Homeopathy addresses the root of the problem where it boosts the immune system of the body and also triggers the self production of Insulin by pancreatic cells. “It almost eliminates the need to take insulin doses after the treatment. “ Appropriate medication on time will not only help maintaining the sugar levels but will also prevent further progress and complications of disease. Permanent Cure for Diabetes Using Homeopathy
  9. 9. Our Corporate Office: Homeocare International Pvt Ltd Begumpet, S.P. Road, Secunderabad – 03, A.P., India. For Andhra Pradesh Branches : +91- 9246882222, +91-9246888866 For Karnataka Branches: 9686112222, 9035582222 For Tamilnadu Branches: 8220077444, 8220007799 Toll free: 1800-108-1212 E-mail :