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Optimizely introduction - Marius Kremeyer


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Intro on Optimizely by Marius Kremeyer at "A night of persuasion & optimization" by the meetup group ( Location: Optimizely HQ - part of Amsterdam e-Week.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Optimizely introduction - Marius Kremeyer

  1. 1. Leads by Office Making  Data  Driven  Decisions   Marius  Kremeyer   Op6mizely  Europe  
  2. 2. Netflix Redesign
  3. 3.   Boo!  Hiss!  Shock!  Horror!
  4. 4. The  customer  is  always  right?   Engagement        +  30  basis  points   Reten6on          +  20  basis  points      =  160,000  members   Lesson  Learned?   “Just  hold  true  to  the  philosophy  that  the  data  is  what  ma+ers”       Bryan  Gumm  –  Manager  of  Experimenta6on  -­‐  NeRlix  
  5. 5. GeWng  started?  
  6. 6. Digging  deeper  
  7. 7.   Keep  tes6ng “If  you  don’t  measure  it,  you  won’t  improve  it”                                                                            Henry  Ford  
  8. 8. Key  learnings   1.  The  data  is  what  ma_ers   2.  Explore  and  then  Refine   3.  Always  be  tes6ng!  
  9. 9. Thank  You!