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Online Dialogue Conversion Conference Chicago


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Bart Schutz (@barts) & Ton Wesseling (@tonw)

√ 25 conversion cases
√ FACT & ACT theory
√ Wheel of persuasion invites!

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Online Dialogue Conversion Conference Chicago

  1. 1. H o w t o c r e a t e w i n n i n g A / B - Te s t p l a n s C o n v e r s i o n C o n f e r e n c e C h i c a g o 2 0 1 3 W i t h 2 5 c o n v e r s i o n c a s e s i n s i d e !
  2. 2. Ton Wesseling (@TonW) Bart Schutz (@BartS)Pr esentation in formation: http://ondi.m e/chicago
  3. 3. ONLINE DIALOGU EG u i d i n g y o u t o d i g i t a l m a t u r i t y Last 2 yearsNumber 1 bureau in the Netherla ndsin our field of practice (analytics & con version)
  4. 4. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconUnivé: top 3 car insurance in the Net herlandsStart cases“Foot in the door”Get your visitors tointeract asap+23% sales
  5. 5. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconVan der Valk Hote l s (large Dutch hot el chain)Start cases“Layering”Divide content in diminishingchunks of 3 or 5 pieces ofinformation +14%sales
  6. 6. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconOnl ine Dialogue website: Conversion Summ it landingpageStart cases+29%interactions
  7. 7. Data DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData Drata DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenData DrivenDataData DrivenData DriveData DData DrivenData Driven @ To n W Data Driven
  8. 8. rsuasion Psychologist@ B a r t S Persuasion PsychologistPersuasion PsychologistPersuasion PsychologPersuasion PsycholoPersuasion Psychologiston PsychologistPsychologistPersuasioPsychologistPersuasion PsPersuasion Psycsuasion PsychologistPsychologist
  9. 9. Data Driven Persuasion Psychology= CRO Magic+
  10. 10. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue (TUI): homepage effect on salesAward cases“Ambiguity Aversion”Make it crystal clear what yourcustomer will get+20% sales
  11. 11. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue E-commerce – site search sales improvementAward cases“Carrot & Stick”Keep showing customers whatthey’re buying through thewhole process+49% sales
  12. 12. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue lift in loan applications Award cases“Sequencing”CRO is a reciprocal dialogue:Take the concepts that areactive in your customers brainas your starting point+19% applications
  13. 13. Why is this working?
  14. 14. WWW = World W ide Walhalla "forAnalytics & Brain Testing
  15. 15. brains…Because: you are conver ti ng
  16. 16. W hat influences that brain ?brai ns…You are convert ing
  17. 17. W hat influences that brain ?brai ns…You are convert ing
  18. 18. Data D riven Persuasion PsychologyCreating conversio n boosting & winning A/B test plans=
  19. 19. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon This is th e method we useFact & Act&                      Tell              Combine                  Analyze                      Test                  Create                  Analyze              Filter  
  20. 20. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon Let’s start: Filter & AnalyzeFact & Act&                      Tell              Combine                  Analyze                      Test                  Create                  Analyze              Filter  
  21. 21. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue more lift in loan applicat ions Filter & Analyze“The paradox of Choice”Offer a minimum of 2 and amaximum of 5 choices+14% applications
  22. 22. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue uplift in new saving accountsFilter & Analyze“In Gaze Placement”Put your most persuasivecontent in your customers’ gaze+23% accounts
  23. 23. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue surv ey to understand visito r needsFilter & Analyze“Foot between the lips”Directly get a forced clickSignificant more applicationsSurvey invitation vs. no survey invitation winner
  24. 24. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon And no w: Create & TestFact & Act&                      Tell              Combine                  Analyze                      Test                  Create                  Analyze              Filter  
  25. 25. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconAutonomy"Van de Va l k conversion liftCreate & TestAutonomy:  “Let  your  customer  think  he’s  free  in  his  choices”  +25% sales
  26. 26. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconBut.. same test" (Dutch travel auction website)Create & TestUrgency:  “When  we’re  in  a  hurry,  we  love  to  be  guided”  Significant moresubmits, but..Less registrations
  27. 27. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconDirect Priming: "Online Dialogue newsletter headline testCreate & TestDirect  Priming:  “RepeAAon  leads  to    quicker  reacAons”  (Title first article)(Title last article)+42% clicks Outgoing clicks from within the newsletter bymembers who opened the newsletter
  28. 28. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconChoice Paradox"MoneYou Call-to- Action test on product detail pageCreate & TestChoice  Paradox:  “We  love  a  few,  but  not  to  many  opAons”  +16% accounts+ 2 5 4 % c l i c k s ( o n C TA a r e a )
  29. 29. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconResponse efficacy" travel booking form sales upliftCreate & TestResponse  efficacy:  “We’re  more  likely  to  act  when  we  believe  it  will  actually  have  the  desired  effect”  +18%sales
  30. 30. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconAmbiguity aversion"F more applications from the app lication formCreate & TestAmbiguity  Aversion:  “We  prefer  opAons  that  are  certain”  +10% applications
  31. 31. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconV isuel cue:"Ho tel Schiphol – airport hotel homepage – scroll promotionCreate & TestVisual  Cueing:  “Our  aEenAon  is  very  easily  influenced”  -23% bouncerate+ significant sales
  32. 32. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconFraming:"Mon eYou email & landingpage test - productnameCreate & TestEquivalence  Framing:  “The  way  things  are  stated  or  portrayed,  highly  influences  our  choices”  Significant moreaccount opens
  33. 33. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconConceptual Contrast:"Onlin Analytics & Conversion – job postingsCreate & TestUgly  Brother:  “The  way  things  are  stated  or  portrayed,  highly  influences  our  choices”  Almost everyone choosesthe maximum package
  34. 34. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon Te s t done? Analyze!Fact & Act&                      Tell              Combine                  Analyze                      Test                  Create                  Analyze              Filter  
  35. 35. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue from most sold to a last mi nute list"(same products in the list)Analyze+58% conversionsB u t n o s i g n i fi c a n t t u r n o v e r d i ff e r e n c e
  36. 36. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconBanking: wha t is your interest rate position?AnalyzePosiDon  targeDng:  “We  like  basing  comparisons  on  just  a  few  aEributes”  Winnerwhennumber 1Winnerwhen notnumber 1
  37. 37. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconProduct pages: CTA color? AnalyzeGoal-­‐directed  behavior  “We  need  other  persuasion  techniques  when  we’re  ‘geJng  things  done’  than  when  we  (want  to)  relax  Monday winnerSaturday winner
  38. 38. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue new & retur ning visitor diffe rences"C ategory overview page – which one has mo re conversions?AnalyzeReturningvisitor winnerNewvisitor winner
  39. 39. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconEssent Belgium: landingpage te st"W i t h or without social buttons more leads?AnalyzeReturningvisitor winnerNewvisitor winner
  40. 40. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconMoneYou landing page redesig n"A/B-test – which one has more saving a pplications?Analyze+27% applicationsB u t … ( s e e n e x t s l i d e )
  41. 41. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconLet’s dive in the MoneYou A/B-test data:"conversion on a day to day basisAnalyzeCum. Conversion % per day! Difference in cum. Conversion %!Conversion differencestabelizes!Conversion differencestabelizes!Why is the conversionpercentage so high onthese 2 days?!Why is the differencebetween A and B at firstnegative and than positive?!Hmm,
  42. 42. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconAffiliate par ner"w ith motivation outside the MoneYou productAnalyzeFree money if youfile an application
  43. 43. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconMoneYou landing page redesig n"A/B-test – without visitor funding a ffiliatesAnalyzeCum. Conversion % per day! Difference in cum. Conversion %!Very stabledifferences!(withconversions)!Much shorter, difference in firstdays is caused by returningvisitors (which we filtered outafter this analysis)!+100% applications!
  44. 44. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon Combine & TellFact & Act&                      Tell              Combine                  Analyze                      Test                  Create                  Analyze              Filter  
  45. 45. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconCRO becomes Customer Intellig enceCombine & Tell@barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue Conversion)Op,miza,on) MarketResearch
  46. 46. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue biggest Dutch news paper"first cookie concept: almost 100% opt-inCombine & TellDefaults:  “We  tend  to  like  what  is  chosen  for  us”  
  47. 47. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue biggest Dutch news paper"first cookie concept: almost 100% opt-inCombine & TellReinforcements:  “We  want  to  hear  we’re  doing  good”  
  48. 48. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconBase o n customer intelligence:"we loved to be challengedCombine & TellWe won J
  49. 49. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconWe help and / or educate" They won!Combine & Tell
  50. 50. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convconEver growing our customer knowledge3 years of being a partner  MoneYou groei over jaren heen
  51. 51. H o w t o c r e a t e w i n n i n g A / B - Te s t p l a n s ?
  52. 52. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon@barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue Digital Data Persuasion PsychologyHow to create winning A/B-test p lans?Fact & Act
  53. 53. @barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue #convcon Presentation info: | @tonw | @onlinedialogue Thank you!Thank you!
  54. 54. one more thing……we’ve located over 200 persuasion techniques…
  55. 55.
  56. 56. www.WheelofPersuasion.comThe Wheel of Persuasion@barts | @tonw | @onlinedialogue Temporary Access Code:“Chicago”(valid until Tuesday / June 13th)