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Supertaching Sticky- Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab Project 2012


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Supertaching Sticky- Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab Project 2012

  1. 1. • Are you really worried about your walls when you have no choice but to drill holes in your wall to hang portraits/ towels/ clothes etc ?• Do you often complain of headache and stress when your neighbor drills his wall ?• Are you scared of using those dangerous drilling tools ?• Does it hurt to see your wall paint gone when you remove your old sticky ?
  2. 2.  Say NO to wall drillers. Say NO to screws which damage your wall
  3. 3.  Say NO to dirty walls !
  4. 4. Introducing..
  5. 5. SupertachingSticky
  6. 6. First look at Supertaching Sticky Revolutionizing Supertaching Sticky adhesive that provide a easy way to hang things up (portraits, bookcase)  Without making holes  No unbearable noise  No dangerous tools, such as drills.
  7. 7. Value to our buyersOur customers don´t need to spend too muchtime, because Supertachy Sticky isEasy to use100% secure, no dangerSave money without buying any other toolEach holding pin has capacity to hold upto 10 pounds
  8. 8. Available in: Multiple colors and shapes that your kids will love Multiple designs Multiple sizes Pack size as per your choice: Pack of 10, 25, 50, 100
  9. 9. Available in various forms: Metallic Plastic Wooden
  10. 10. Available for use at multiple places: Bedroom Kids room Bathroom Study Room Kitchen Drawing room Office Car
  11. 11. • Say NO to drillers are YES to Supertachy Sticky• Spread a smile on your kid’s face by gifting sticky that come in the shape of their favorite superhero.• Bring us home today ! Now available at:  Our website ( FREE home delivery )  All leading hardware stores