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Benefits of online degree education from University18


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University18 is India's largest and fastest growing eLearning platform to deliver higher degree courses through its advanced online education platform.

Explore more about University18 and its courses in the document.

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Benefits of online degree education from University18

  1. 1. University18 U18’s advantages discussed inside…U18’s advantages discussed inside…
  2. 2. 1. Online Education is easily affordable All you need is a computer, and a working internet connection. No more education loansNo more education loans
  3. 3. 2. Join from anywhere in the world You are free to join and course from anywhere in the world No more geographic restrictionNo more geographic restriction
  4. 4. 3. Education and job simultaneously3. Education and job simultaneously No need to quit your job just becauseNo need to quit your job just because of higher education.of higher education. U18 offers full flexibility in terms of: • Enrollments are opened many times a year. • Appear for exams as per your own schedule. • Study whenever you are free to study.
  5. 5. 4. Individual attention is the key4. Individual attention is the key Individual attention always improvesIndividual attention always improves your learning strength.your learning strength. Learning made more Effective @ University18 • You will be free to contact your mentor anytime. • Your queries will be quickly solved out with more efficiency. • Quick response from instructor will improve your learning strength.
  6. 6. 5. Anytime, Anywhere learning5. Anytime, Anywhere learning Online education opens all doorsOnline education opens all doors for anytime, anywhere study programsfor anytime, anywhere study programs Restriction free Online education • Start learning whenever, wherever you want to study. • Study during traveling, in the office, and even at a relative’s home. • Study your course any number of times for better understanding.
  7. 7. 6. More study time available6. More study time available You will have too much timeYou will have too much time to study your course study your course curriculum. Plenty of time for Learning topics efficiently • You will be having enough time to study your subjects. • Watching recorded lectures on repetition will improve your understanding. • Better understanding will improve your exam grades.
  8. 8. But Less Loyal Why University18?Why University18? Educating world since 2009.Educating world since 2009. More Demanding More Loyal
  9. 9. Why University18?Why University18? Pre Recorded Master Classes with faculty drawn from India's most reputed business Institutions. Use your iPad, Android Device or Laptop to access your course material anytime, anywhere. Discussion forums allow learners to participate in lively chats and discussion revolving around the courses. Exams happen right on your desktop, and we do ensure that exam integrity is maintained. We make sure our Learner Support team is available on email and call throughout the year,
  10. 10.