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Generation i........ R.I.P. Generation x , y and z

Generation i is the new breed marketers have to forget generation x,y and z.

I Impact India provides complete Communication Solutions (Design, Branding, Events, Marketing and Strategy) with a Social Impact. We cater to communication needs for Corporates, Non Profits, Artists, Universities, Hospitals etc.

Our research has given significant insights on this generation.

Generation i........ R.I.P. Generation x , y and z

  1. 1. GENeration i by
  2. 2. R.I.P. Generation X,Y,Z
  3. 3. i is not for the iPhone
  4. 4. i = iMPACT
  5. 5. “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world,they might tell 6 friends” Jeff Bezos
  6. 6. “If you make customers unhappy on the Internet,they can each tell 6000 friends” Jeff Bezos
  7. 7. Because of them
  8. 8. Brands are not made in Decades
  9. 9. But in some years
  10. 10. 60 Years ago was Maslow’s Hierarchy Physiological Security Social Self Esteem Self Actualisation
  11. 11. 2015 Self Actualisation Self Esteem Social Security Physiological is Maslow’s Hierarchy Reversed
  12. 12. The new breed
  13. 13. They dont have
  14. 14. Experience
  15. 15. Money
  16. 16. But they Know their Passion
  17. 17. wish to join BRANDS
  18. 18. with a PURPOSE
  19. 19. Inspired by Steve Jobs Jeff Bezos Larry page Bill Gates
  20. 20. Dropping out from Corporates & Universities
  21. 21. to work in Start ups & Non profits
  22. 22. trying to change the world
  23. 23. for More get Availableon
  24. 24. Call our IMPACT Consultants I