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  1. 1. Hollywood presentation by Marta
  2. 2. Hollywood –name of the district in Los Angeles in California state inUSA. It’s the most famous place in the world.
  3. 3. Hollywood was founded in XIX centuryHollywood was registered in 1886 by Harvey Henderson Wilcox as the brand new city.Henderson Wilcox was the founder of the city.Hollywood - the most popular name of the American movie and television industry.
  4. 4. Hollywood is not a typical city – this is the namefor the most popular movie industry in the world.
  5. 5. Walk of the fame – this is a dream of every tourist in LosAngeles to walk the pavement. The sidewalk has over 100years history – you can find there names of the most famousmovie stars.
  6. 6. Kodak TheatreOpened on November 9, 2001The home of the annualAcademy Awards ceremonies,called „Oscars”.In March 2002 started the firstshow for the Oscars’ awards.The name „Kodak” came fromfirst sponsor of the building,but Kodak was bancrupt.From 2012 the new name isDolby Theatre - is used forconcerts, shows, andperformances. It is also usedon private occasions such asweddings.
  7. 7. take a good aswerWhat is the colour of the What is the side of the Moviestars carpet ? road in Hollywood?A. Green A. Left-sideB. Purple B. Right-sideC. BlueD. Red
  8. 8. Thank you very much for your attention Marta☺
  9. 9. Thank you very much for your attention Marta☺