i-translation Ecopoli 2012


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i-translation Ecopoli 2012

  1. 1. Note- Connect-Imagine for Next Innovation
  2. 2. Let’s get it StartedStory of Now?
  3. 3. Nothing looks newWhat now?
  4. 4. anything you want to read PutUnder the Desk
  5. 5. Select the areaYou want to read !!
  6. 6. Difficult to seeChange the luminosity
  7. 7. Now you select the area wherever you want to read in Another Language
  8. 8. ⇒Translating….
  9. 9. ⇒Complete
  10. 10. Yes It is ai-Dictionary
  11. 11. But I named differently i-Desk?
  12. 12. But I named differentlyi-Library?
  13. 13. But I named differentlyi-translator
  14. 14. Why i-translator?
  15. 15. We will talkabout it later!
  16. 16. Hmm pretty impressive ….Tell me more aboutthe product !
  17. 17. Basic Function ofi-translator
  18. 18. Translation into Any languages Change the luminosity of the screenAs much as you want Pinch and zoom Just likeAny other i-products
  19. 19. What elseCan you do?
  20. 20. You can access to any digital contents. It’s likeThe Biggest Library I desk will read out sentences in Fluent English Save copy and send files Anywhere you like Search key wordsWhatever you want
  21. 21. The question is thatHow doesit work?
  22. 22. Because I am not talkingabout future story.
  23. 23. This is Story of Now
  24. 24. How do you Scan? OpticalCamouflage System
  25. 25. When you are using i-translator it seems likeyou are watching real Newspaper or anything you actually put on the desk.But you are actually seeing motion pictures which are taken with micro HD camera i-translator has under the screen.
  26. 26. How do you translate? Machine learning
  27. 27. Everyday, i -translator reads 100 000 books both in ,English and Japanese which are translated by human andlearn how human does fluent translation by machine learning just like human study another language.
  28. 28. What i-translatorDoes is really just aTranslationOne language intoAnother
  29. 29. Why does itCalled i-translator?
  30. 30. i-translator is somethingwhich has special algorithmto understand languageAs you can guess by now,i-translator is just a softwareor computer programwe use in everyday lives.
  31. 31. So What can you do with it? Let’s see what else we can do!The desk was justone usage of i-translator
  32. 32. If you can translate a book from one language intro another ,Why not translate human conversation
  33. 33. Since Airplane was invented, it has made theworld smaller place. Everyone has easieraccess to the world.Since Internet was introduced into the world,People has access to any document on the webwithout actually going there. It has made theworld smaller place again.So, what i-translator will do? I want toshorten the distance of people’s mindinternationally.
  34. 34. i-translator will Cha n g e World Communication System. Chan ge The way people to Interact each other
  35. 35. Make the worldCommunication smaller place byRevolution
  36. 36. Thinkdifferent