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Unleashing kaizen & math to gain a 53rd week


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Presented at Ignite Salt Lake 8 on August 31, 2011.

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Unleashing kaizen & math to gain a 53rd week

  1. 1. UNLEASHING KAIZEN & MATHTO GAIN A 53RD WEEK Presented at Ignite Salt Lake 8 August 31, 2011
  3. 3. The > Comparison Ourwillingness The Price to pay So are you in?
  4. 4. THE PRICEkaizen math Make Improvement & Multiply Benefit
  5. 5. KAIZENChange for the Better
  6. 6. TakeOur 10 MinutesGoal: out of an Everyday Activity
  7. 7. Look for something tomake... disappear Hows:give something up reduce trim
  8. 8. Look for something tomake... easier Hows: templates improve tools instant
  9. 9. Look for something tomake... faster Hows: organize increase speed increase skill
  10. 10. Look for something tomake... simpler Hows: reduce complexity cut selection schedule less
  11. 11. Look for something tomake... better Current Hows: upgrade replace improve < New
  12. 12. How will youkaizen your10 minutes?
  13. 13. Now to start the maintain the kaizen isto multiply
  14. 14. How we get from 10 min to a 53rd weekKaizen: I take 10 minutes out of something I do everyday.10 minutes X 5 days X 50 Weeks= 44 hours a year 44 hours = 1 Working Week
  15. 15. How are you going to ensureMultiplication?
  16. 16. Multiplication Tips:-Build into your Routine Maintain the GAIN
  17. 17. Multiplication Tips:-Build into your Routine-Track your Progress Maintain the GAIN
  18. 18. Utilize the TIME by... Using Decide 10 minute Do blocks Review Repeat
  19. 19. Write Wander Work Think Exercise Read Rest Watch Shop EatPractice Serve Enjoy Plant Walk Clean Kaizen PlayOrganize Call Nourish Study Scrapbook Disorganize Learn CreateBlog Cultivate Build Joke
  20. 20. What will you do with THE TIME?
  21. 21. THE PRICEkaizen math Make Improvement & Multiply BenefitGet your 53rd week! Follow me at @onimproving