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SMED Sighted


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Examples of SMED from daily life.

Published in: Business, Self Improvement
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SMED Sighted

  1. 1. SMED Sightedexamples of SMED from daily life
  2. 2. Created 2012by Tom CurtisBlog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comPresentations: Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comTwitter: @onimproving
  3. 3. SMED is the practice of externalizing, eliminating, reordering, and kaizeningsteps in a process.
  4. 4. If we can recognize and see successful SMEDefforts we will improve where and how we SMED. They exist in daily life. Let’s review a bunch. Each slide has an example and the question “What steps were SMEDed?”
  5. 5. fast food planted, grown, instant food & harvested food frozen foodWhat steps were SMEDed?
  6. 6. self pick up delivery servicesWhat steps were SMEDed?
  7. 7. mail delivery digital downloadWhat steps were SMEDed?
  8. 8. tie shoes slip on shoesWhat steps were SMEDed?
  9. 9. thinking and typing voice to textWhat steps were SMEDed?
  10. 10. using real plates using paper platesWhat steps were SMEDed?
  11. 11. email memos im notes textWhat steps were SMEDed?
  12. 12. hand wash and line dry clothes washer and dryerWhat steps were SMEDed?
  13. 13. cooking with a cooking with a conventional oven microwave ovenWhat steps were SMEDed?
  14. 14. in person registration online registrationWhat steps were SMEDed?
  15. 15. hot water heated on hot water from a the stove or by fire hot water heaterWhat steps were SMEDed?
  16. 16. generated and delivered electric batteries powerWhat steps were SMEDed?
  17. 17. grown and ground packaged flour flourWhat steps were SMEDed?
  18. 18. the letter the telephoneWhat steps were SMEDed?
  19. 19. changing the remote controls channel at the TVWhat steps were SMEDed?