PDCA A Cycle to Better


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A short set of essays on using PDCA to improve.

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PDCA A Cycle to Better

  1. 1. P.D.C.A. a cycle to better
  2. 2. Created by Tom Curtis 2011Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comPresentations: www.slideshare.net/onimproving Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comTwitter: @onimproving
  3. 3. Use PDCA in your work and play, and you will craft a better way.
  4. 4. Introduction PDCA stands for Plan Do Check Act. It is an improvement cycle that was first taught by William Shewhart and Edward Deming over50 years ago. There is nothing tricky about it,one sets a plan, tests it, reviews it, and adjustsit. What follows is a discussion of each of the phases in the cycle. Give them a read and then try it yourself. It works and yields real results with consistent use. Let’s get using. --Tom Curtis 2011
  5. 5. P is for PlanTo plan is to decide what we are going to do.We know how to do this, but sometimes we make it harder than it needs to be. How detailed or formal our plan needs to bedepends on what we are planning. For mostactivities we need a simple plan that we can modify, and to get going. Most of our refining will come in the other three phasesand then we can cycle back to our planning. Remember: P is for Plan.
  6. 6. D is for DOTo do is to try or test. We do not at this phase expect perfection, but rather are getting started. We execute the plan we created. If we never do we cannot tell if something works or not, we are left with theory and hopes. The Do phase is our practice. In thisphase we generate data and results that set usup for the next phase. We must be willing to focus on improving our product or ideas. Remember: D is for Do.
  7. 7. C is for Check To check is to review how our doing compares to our plan. We may do this through observation, testing, data review, metrics, or measures. Many of us launch our product or idea and think we are done--we are not. Check is our follow up, our status review. It may not be as fun as the planningor doing, but it is crucial if we are to improve.It sets us up for the fourth phase of the cycle. Remember: C is for Check.
  8. 8. A is for Act To act is to take action on what we learn inchecking our doing against our plan. This iswhere we correct or adjust or decide that we need to restart the cycle and move into planning again. What we need to do will depend on what we found through our check. We are not looking to wildly adjustbut rather make calculated change based on our learning. Act is our chance to improve. Remember: A is for Act.
  9. 9. PDCA is For Getting Better Many of the projects and tasks that we take one will require more than one PDCA cycle. This is perfectly normal. We need to keep cycling until we reach our goal. PDCA is about getting better each cycle by learning what works and what does not and making the improvement. PDCA is work. PDCA will help us move forward if we will use it. Use PDCA every day. Remember: PDCA is for Getting Better.