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Lean is not..


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A mental fire starter on thinking about Lean by thinking about things Lean is not.

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Lean is not..

  1. 1. Lean is not...
  2. 2. Created by Tom Curtis 2011 Blog: Other presentation on Under Onimproving   Email:
  3. 3. In learning what it is not, We can often learn a lot.
  4. 4. easy Many of the concepts of Lean are simple. Simple and easy are not the same thing, though many of us make the mistake of equating them as such. There are times that Lean will be very hard. We must not let the fact that the simple can be hard discourage us. Lean is not easy.
  5. 5. magic Transforming through Lean requires diligence, discipline, and much mundane hard work. The road is long and the work often without glory, but we must still belief in why and what we are doing and keep pulling forward. There are no wands to wave or mystical formulas. Just good sense well applied. Lean is not magic.
  6. 6. There are more ways to count cost than in dollars. They include resources, time, and effort. Lean always requires these costs. Lean is for the frugal, but you cannot raise crops without good seed and proper care. Under funded equals hidden cost. The piper will be paid. Lean is not costless. costless
  7. 7. First tries are not clean. We need to kaizen, to improve. Lean seeks order, but there will be mistakes along the way. We need to be learning, not wallowing. We need to correct and correct again. We need to do it quickly and often. Mistakes will come, but they must not be allowed to stay. Lean is not mistake-less. mistake-less
  8. 8. usual Lean requires seeing new things in new ways based on different thinking. Lean is different. Lean behaves different. Lean requires a change in how we think, work and act. Lean is not microwavable, it requires methods and discipline beyond how we have normally behaved. Lean is not usual.
  9. 9. short Some benefits of Lean can be quick, but harvests take planning, planting, watering and nourishing over the longterm to be enjoyed. Races of distance are run differently than races of speed. Recognize what kind of race you have entered, it will save unneeded pain and disappointment. Lean is not short.
  10. 10. Lean reduces waste, creates order and healing. Improving comes with pain: pain from change, pain from stretching, and pain from growing. We must anticipate pain and resistance. It will help us to move ahead. Heal as you go, help others to grow. Lean is not painless. painless
  11. 11. Improvement must be perpetual. Better will alway be before us to call us on. There will be phases to move through, but never an end. There will alway be someone or something to make better. Lean is not final. final