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The Fishbone: a how to-outside factory edition


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A fishbone diagram can help us look at causes and effect as we drive to root cause in our problem solving efforts. This slide set includes how to steps and an example.

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The Fishbone: a how to-outside factory edition

  1. 1. The Fishbone: A How To Outside Factory Edition
  2. 2. Created by Tom Curtis 2011Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comOther presentation on www.slideshare.netUnder Onimproving  Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comFollow me on Twitter @onimproving
  3. 3. IntroductionA fishbone diagram helps us look at Causes and Effect. For an effect, we look at multiple causes and place them in categories. This helps us think through what might be driving the effect before we start fixing. It is a good step to help us on the path to identifying root cause and thendesign corrective actions. What follows is how to set up a fishbone in steps and an example. Thefishbone can become a great aid in helping think through problems. Give it a try. --Tom Curtis
  4. 4. Steps 1-3Prepare the Fishbone
  5. 5. Add the Red Elements1 Draw the Lines
  6. 6. Causes2 Add Labels Effect
  7. 7. Causes 3 Add Bone Labels People Process EffectProcedure Systems
  8. 8. Steps 4-5Use the Fishbone
  9. 9. Causes People Process Effect Issue 4 Record EffectProcedure Systems
  10. 10. Causes People Process 5 Record Causes by Cause Cause Category Cause Cause Cause Effect Cause Issue Cause Cause CauseProcedure Systems
  11. 11. An Example:Using the Fishbone
  12. 12. Notes: Causes -Causes may fit in more than one category -Causes can be further explored with 5 whys -Not all categories may apply -Categories can be customized People Process Poor file Naming Each user has own filing process Lots of users Some files not filed Some files not filed Effect Lack of organization Unable to find No file Allow deletion needed file naming procedure by all users Out of date No History filing structure of files recordedProcedure Systems