A meaning playbook


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A playbook of thoughts and models about meaning.

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A meaning playbook

  1. 1. A Meaning Playbook Ideas to Improve Meaning
  2. 2. Created by T Curtis 2010 om Blog: www.onimproving.blogspot.com Other presentations on www.slideshare.net Search Onimproving Email: ideamerchants@gmail.com
  3. 3. A Playbook This slide set is a collection of models and thoughts about meaning. The intent is that they can be run like plays in the lives of individuals or groups, to help find and deepen meaning. Meaning is something that improves all that it touches. Please use these plays to help find and hold meaning for yourself or group. May your journey be meaningful. -Tom Curtis
  4. 4. Personal Strategy Know strengths and weaknesses Honest with self Open with self Design around or decide to improve Plan, Measure, and Review frequently
  5. 5. What do I really want? Why do I want that, is my motive pure? What am I willing to do? What am I willing to give up? How long am I willing to work? What price am I willing to pay? What do my actions say each day?
  6. 6. Creating Sticking Purpose Characterize-do the sketching, rough cutting-Ask "What does it look like? Feel like? Taste like?" Form Clarify-finer cuts and finishing-Ask "how do I know this is right? Am I willing to fully invest?" Finish Cement-make part of all you do, use as guiding principle in decision making and time usage Use
  7. 7. Feeling whole What does it mean to feel whole? Is it the opposite of being empty? Does everything have to be perfect? Or is it more accessible than that? When was the last time you remember feeling whole? Has it been a while? Is so why? Do you believe it to be a rare state? We can feel whole when we have taken the time to ensure that we know where we are going and that we are doing what we can do.
  8. 8. Stay on Track and Move Forward Balance Do Proper Tension Check Old and New must have purpose to stay, or they will get in the way.
  9. 9. Come to be by doing and checking Be undone by doing one
  10. 10. The PIE Model of Meaning Strength Joy Energy Meaning Purpose Improvement Enjoyment
  11. 11. Make measures meaningful by measuring meaning
  12. 12. On measuring Measuring Measuring Measuring accounts tests reveals Measuring discomforts Measuring resets Measuring Measuring Measuring teaches observes manages
  13. 13. Meaning never comes without a cost... but it is always worth it.
  14. 14. Priority Setting Recognize Set that there are priorities priorities and order Test Identify potential following priorities Run the Priorities Review at preset sorting must be set time to ensure Process and kept compliance
  15. 15. Meaning Meaning may be inherent or assigned. Both are valid. It may help us to recognize which is which. Meaning may be jointly shared as it is with inherent meaning. A community or group may have a meaning that is very similar for all members. Meaning may also be more personal, not widely shared. We may assign meaning to events or activities or persons based on our feelings, experiences, or relationships. As we come to see the texture of meaning, we will better be able to understand how we relate to it and it to us. We will be able to recognize and deepen our relationship.