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111 items that should not make a dissertation


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A list of items that should not be found in a scholarly dissertation. A tool to break writer's block and finish dissertations.

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111 items that should not make a dissertation

  1. 1. for enter tainment111 should onlyitems thatnot make adissertation useless, yet potentia l defense saving advice student writers and th ose who love them for
  2. 2. Created 2012by Tom CurtisBlog: www.onimproving.blogspot.comPresentations: Email: ideamerchants@gmail.comTwitter: @onimproving
  3. 3. for 2 Brothers finishing such scholarly writing
  4. 4. please share and save adissertation
  5. 5. for enter tainment only the phrase Ads “Intelligent people will find” Mad Libs “To be continued” Dot to Dots as the final words Deleted Passages A retro diskette A New Afterword Pop ups Self quotes “You are here” map
  6. 6. for enter tainment only Choose your own First Draft Edition adventure option “Cliff notes” Shopping lists Emoticons Knock knock jokes 3rd person self Guest authors references Scriptio continua Certificate for Completion Scrambled Words
  7. 7. for enter tainment only Most highlightedReading group guide passagesComic strips “Space for rent”Favorite song lyrics sectionPhrase “due to Autographrestricted time” Collector cardsPages for origami A flannel board
  8. 8. for enter tainment only Certificate of Perforated pages Authenticity Business cards Box Scores Guidelines for care Coupons Lemon juice writing Horoscopes Phrase “Where Autograph Section should I begin”
  9. 9. for enter tainment only Phrase “Right Undecoded section minded thinkers Bonus content will agree with me that” Phrase “Now to change it up” Pig Latin Phrase “To be Find the determined” as misspelling contest ending Paper dolls
  10. 10. for enter tainment only Phrase “and now Opening flaps for something really special” Membership card A soundtrack Want ads Air freshener Wingdings Pull out menu Vinyl Audio Edition Hidden text Temporary Tattoo
  11. 11. for enter tainment only Fan mail Blooper reel Chapter quizzes Phrase “in any event” Special offers Phrase “not that it Coloring pages changes the price of Commemorative beans but” bookmark Phrase “but I Shout outs digress”
  12. 12. for enter tainment only Correction tracking Comments section Phrase “where was I” Works not sited section of A note from Mom Bibliography Anagrams Scratch ‘n’ sniff Sudoko Paid endorsements Translator’s note
  13. 13. for enter tainment only Phrase “If I have Phrase “If it were said it once, I have me” said it a thousand Subscription cards times” 3D glasses Phrase “Well, what do you think?” Stream of Consciousness Reader rewrite exercises Scratch paper
  14. 14. for enter tainment only Self selected Post it Notes “Greatest Hits” Pleas for mercy Kleenex Paid content Food Stains Restricted Access Color by number Section diagrams A pen name Phrase “In my Recipes humble opinion”
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