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Memoria RESCATE 2009 - ingles


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Memoria Anual de ONG RESCATE, sobre las actividades y proyectos (Atención Directa, Cooperación Internacional y Sensibilización-Comunicación) realizados en 2009

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Memoria RESCATE 2009 - ingles

  1. 1. with refugees since 1960 ANNUAL R E P O R T 09 Spanish version on the other side
  2. 2. The logo of our NGO is composed of two elements: the arrow and the word “RESCATE”: • The arrow symbolizes “The Circle of Return”, a metaphor that describes the situations where refugees are involved: flight, stay in the country of transit, resettlement, shelter, return to country of origin. A “circle” in motion, always changing, unexpected. • The word “RESCATE“ describes the mandate of the association: to rescue refugees. The word is placed under the arrow, to indicate that our NGO wants to be the place where refugees find support during their transit through the “circle of return“. Offices of Staff International RESCATE NGO Director: Nora Avés Madrid (Head Office) C/ Luchana 36. 4º dcha. Accounts and Finance Department 28010 Madrid (Spain) Coordinator: David Palomo Tels. +34 91 447 29 60 Funds Accounts for international projects: César López de Larrínzar +34 91 447 28 72 Funds Accounts for national projects: Annick Delepine y Jaouad Fax. +34 91 447 23 21 Debdoubi Email: Social Action Department Legal Area Officer: María Gutiérrez Comunitat Valenciana Legal Assistant: Berta Muñoz C/ Rodrigo de Pertegás, 36. 1º Psychosocial Area Officer: Mª Ángeles Vega 46023 Valencia (Spain) Psychologists: Mara García y Ana Prado Tel. +34 96 344 55 00 Fax. +34 96 344 55 47 International Cooperation Department Email: Coordinator: Cristina Bermejo Tracking and Evaluation Officer: Encarnación Guirao Castilla-La Mancha Tracking and Evaluation Assistant: Ana Pérez y Lola Frigols C/ La Zona 22. 2º dcha. 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). Spain Expatriates: Antonio Ventura, Bernardo Vigderovich and Silvia Tel. +34 680 175 625 Pérez (Colombia), Santiago Santos (Ethiopia), José Carlos Herías Email: and Constanza Gómez (Jordan and Syria), Patricia Maté (Angola), Arsene Masumbuko, Ana Palao (D.R. of Congo). Balkans C/ Onescukova, 39 Delegate in the Balkans: Fernando Mazarro 88000 Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) Office Coordinator: Aida Omanovic Email: Finance Officer: Klaudija Babic Volunteer Officer: Svjetlan Mihic Engineers: Miroslav Kovacevic and Esved Dugalic Design: más!gráfica • Printed on External Relations Department Public Awareness Officer: Mª Eugenia de la Hoz Communication and Fundraising Officer: Inés Vélez Projects Officer in Comunitat Valenciana: Azahara Montero Projects Officer in Castilla-La Mancha: Dori Cañadas
  3. 3. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Contents Letter form the Director 3 Who we are? History of RESCATE 4 Mission and Action Lines 5 Where we work? 6 Social Action 7 New Asylum Law in Spain. Information campaign 11 International Cooperation 13 External Relations 22 Economic Information 26 Audit Report 28 Acknowledgements 29 1
  4. 4. MEMORIA 2009 • ONG RESCATE Photos of Secundary School “Gimnazija”, building at the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, located in the Spain Square in Mostar (Bosnia i Herzegovina), destroyed during the war of 1992- 1995. RESCATE has completed its reconstruction in 2009.
  5. 5. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Dear friends, Introducing this Activity Report that RESCATE has developed in 2009, I would like to underline the fulfilment of some of the marked objectives in years before that has been finished successfully this year. Example for this is the complete rebuilding of the Secondary School in Mostar (Gimnazija), destroyed mostly during war, and for which RESCATE, thanks to the finance of AECID, has been contributing for many years in order to support herewith the building for peace through the meeting of pupils coming from the different cultures existing in the country, in a single educational space. I would also remark in 2009, the develop of projects that enable the access to water of villages affected by drought in Ethiopia, financed by an award of Fundación José Entrecanales Ibarra, and by wars, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, financed by the Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha. Also in the same way, in countries like Jordan, Syria, Colombia and the D.R. of Congo, some projects have been developed specially addressed to women, and in Albania, Kosovo and Afghanistan, the main beneficiaries have been children. Another activity during 2009 in which RESCATE, from its Social Action Department, specially got involved was the working party that, together with other NGOs working for refugees, proposed improvements to the draft of the new Asylum Act and supported the approval of a Resettlement Program for refugees in Spain, that was finally effective last January 29th 2010. Likewise, the Information Campaign about the new Asylum Act has been considered as an important work in 2009, due to its impact in our main attention group at national level. This campaign was part of a project financed by the Ministry of Work and Immigration. The areas of Awareness, Education for Development and Communications and Fundraising was marked by the practice of a new strategy that promoted the external relations strengthening and facilitating the fulfillment of the general objectives of the entity action in the field of International Cooperation and Social Action. In Comuntat Valenciana, in Castilla La Mancha and in Madrid, the projects and activities of these areas began in 2009 to show a common action line that we hope will make the work of RESCATE visible and will aware the society about the objectives of the Mission to which we answer. I invite you to share with this Activity Report our experience in 2009. Nora Avés | Director 3
  6. 6. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Who we are? NGO RESCATE International is a spanish association, non political and secular, that works since 1960 on behalf of refugees and displaced people, taking special attention to the most vulnerable, children and women. The association is formed by 170 members, of Ramo Ramo, Araceli García del Soto, Mercedes which 38 are donor members. The Board of Direc- Dorado Gutiérrez, Gordana Marjanovic Kruzik, tors consists of the following members, elected Elisa Salvador Zuloaga, Alfonso Cavallé Sesé, by a General Asammbly: Nancy Heine e Isabel Pardo Martínez. President: Juan Ángel López Romero. Account The members are persons of different national- Auditor and Fiscal Consultant. ities who share the mission of RESCATE and Treasure and Secretary: Nicolás Ramo Kalkus. decide to join the association and collaborate Financial Director of Grupo Dima. in the task. More information: Members: Michaela Kalkus Pokorna, Enrique History RESCATE began its activity in 1960, in Madrid, as the delegation of the north american organization IRC in Spain. After 50 years in operation, RESCATE has evolved to adapt the changes. • 1933. Albert Einstein establishes a support net- grams which operates in the areas of relief, reha- work for europeans seeking to escape the nazi bilitation and development, supporting popula- regime. This marks the birth of the International tions and communities affected by conflicts and Rescue Committee (IRC). natural disasters. • 1960. IRC opens an office in Spain: IRC-Spain. • 2002. RESCATE is declared an Association of This office is initially dedicated to the resettle- Public Utility. ment of refugees to the United States, Canada • 2005. RESCATE fulfils all the principles of Trans- and Australia, for refugees who came to our coun- try. parency and Good Practices set out by the Fun- • 1980. IRC-Spain collaborates with UNHCR as an dación Lealtad. implementing agency for projects. This partner- • 2007. RESCATE obtained the status of qualified ship continues until december 1995. NGO by the AECID, necessary to sign Coopera- • 1985. Thanks to the first spanish Asylum Act tion Agreements with the Agency. (1984), IRC-Spain begins to provide legal coun- • 2008. RESCATE changes its previous name seling to asylum seekers in Spain, and also “Comité Internacional de Rescate España - begins to work in the areas of family reunifica- RESCATE” to the current name: NGO RESCATE tion and return. International. • 1992. IRC-Spain reconstitutes itself as a legally • 2009. RESCATE obtains the Development Coop- autonomous, spanish NGO, giving birth to the current organization. The entity continues with eration Award of the Foundation José Entre- its work in legal counseling, and begin integra- canales Ibarra, for a project to improve the tion programs for asylum seekers and refugees. health and living conditions in the region of Oro- • 1996. RESCATE launches an International Pro- mia (Ethiopia). 4
  7. 7. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Mission and Action Lines RESCATE’s Mission is to work in favour of refugees and communities victims of oppression, armed conflicts and big political and social crisis, helping them to find a lasting solution for their situations and facilitating them the access to their basic rights. Our vision is: 2 International Cooperation in countries that suffer and / or have suffered wars and / or To cooperate for the rebuilding and strength- with refugees and displaced population, and ening of developing countries where groups of / or affected by conflicts. displaced people and refugees live, that together with local population will need protection and 3 Awareness and Education for Development help for attending its needs. for the Spanish society. To keep the attention over displaced people and Also, RESCATE belongs to the following NGO net- refugees during the whole process of internal works: European Council on Refugees and Exiles. displacement and / or exit and possible reset-; Federación de ONG de Desarrollo tlement in another country, until they fit in or de la Comunidad de Madrid.; decide to return to their origin countries where Federación de Entidades de Voluntariado de la conditions for their integration and security are Comunidad de Madrid.; Fun- possible. dación para la Solidaridad y el Voluntariado de la Comunidad Valenciana.; Red To aware and raise consciousness to the soci- Española contra la Trata de Personas. ety about national and international work,; Coordinadora Valenciana de essential activity for granting the sustainability ONGD.; and to the Plataforma of working results. contra la Pobreza de Valencia. The basic values for our work are: solidarity, In 2009, RESCATE´s projects have benefited responsibility, respect, dignity, equality, justice 745.000 persons, in 11 countries, of 4 conti- and peace promotion. nents. Action Lines To carry out this mission, NGO RESCATE rely on a professional managing team (employed per- sonnel) that nowadays develops three action lines or projects: 1 Social Action or Direct Attention for per- sons demanding International Protection or that have already obtained such protection in Spain. 5
  8. 8. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Where we work? Spain (Head office) Bosnia-Herzegovina Kosovo Albania Syria D.R. of Congo Colombia Angola Afghanistan Jordan Ethiopia RESCATE’s mission is to work in favour of refugees and communities victims of oppression, armed conflicts and big political and social crisis, helping them to find a lasting solution for their situations and facilitating them the access to their basic rights. The values on which our work is based are: solidarity, responsibility, respect, dignity, equality, justice and peace promotion. 6
  9. 9. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Social Action Introduction The Social Action Department implements Direct tate the adaptation and integration process in Services programs for our target group that lives the Spanish society of the attention group, and in Spain: persons demanding for asylum, no to promote the course of their basic rights. matter in which phase of the proceeding, dis- placed persons, beneficiaries of any type of in- In every activity, special attention is given to ternational protection (refugees, subsidiary gender inequality (identification of discriminatory protection and stateless) and immigrants. situations and their effects, assumption of less egalitarian gender roles, gender violence, etc.). Social Action is constituted by two working fields: Legal Area and Psychosocial Area, built In order to professionalize and update its act- by a multidisciplinary team of two psycholo- ing, the working team attends forums, work- gists, one social educator and two lawyers. shops and courses, and takes part in European, national and local working parties related to the The department’s main action line is to facili- group’s reality. Direct Services: 2009 projects table Proyect Donor Grant Beneficiaries INTEGRATION LINE Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración. Information, Orientation and Secretaría de Estado de Inmigración y 30,000 € 82 Advice Program (PIOA) Emigración. DGII – Régimen General Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social. Secretaría de Estado de SS, Familia y Familiar Regrouping 28,560 € 85 Discapacidad. Dirección General Polí- tica Social, Familias e Infancia - IRPF Support Familiar Regrouping process Obra Social Caja Madrid 6,000 € 19 Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración. Secretaría de Estado de Inmigración y Integration Support 44,352.15 € 31 Emigración. DGII – Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados (FER) VOLUNTARY RETURN LINE Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social. Voluntary Return for foreign Attended people: 345 Secretaría de Estado de SS, Familia y persons in vulnerable situation 41,000 € Discapacidad. Dirección General Política (RTEV) Returnees: 20 Social, Familias e Infancia - IRPF Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración. Attended people: 317 Voluntary Return for foreign Secretaría de Estado de Inmigración y 55,000 € workers (APRE) Emigración. DGII – Retorno Voluntario Returnees: 52 7
  10. 10. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE DIRECT SERVICES Integration line 1 INFORMATION, ORIENTATION AND ADVICE PROGRAM (PIOA): Legal and psychosocial attention in order to facilitate and promote the integration process of international protection applicants. Total applications: 202. Total attended persons: 82. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Female Africa America Asia Asylum status Inmmigration status 47 35 38 39 5 50 32 2 FAMILIAR REGROUPING: Information, orientation and advice about requirements and proceedings for familiar regrouping: processing, travel management and follow-up of cases. Total attended persons: 85. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Female Africa America Asia Europe Asylum status Inmmigration status 39 46 12 60 2 11 2 83
  11. 11. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 PROJECTS IN SPAIN 3 SUPPORT DURING FAMILIAR REGROUPING PROCESS: Individual and/or familiar psychological atten- tion for persons to be regrouped and/or regrouped along the familiar regrouping process. Total attended persons: 19. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Male Africa America Europe Asylum status Inmmigration status 8 11 2 11 6 0 19 4 INTEGRATION SUPPORT: Psychosocial intervention and legal attention in order to facilitate the integration process of persons with refugee statute, stateless and beneficiaries of another kind of inter- national protection. Total attended persons: 31. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Female Africa America Asia Asylum status Inmmigration status 24 7 7 7 16 24 0
  12. 12. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Voluntary return line Premise of these projects is that the person obtains all the information regarding the decision to return, the alternatives to it and the situation in his origin country in order to avoid rushed decisions. The applications have been attended by the RESCATE offices in Madrid, Valencia and Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). 1 VOLUNTARY RETURN FOR FOREIGN PERSONS IN VULNERABLE SITUATION (RTEV): Information and guidance about voluntary return and management of the selected cases. Total applications: 345. Total returnees: 20. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Female Colombia Bolivia Paraguay Argentina Asylum status Inmmigration status 11 9 7 6 4 3 6 14 2 VOLUNTARY RETURN PROGRAM BY ACCUMULATED AND ANTICIPATED PAYMENT OF THE UNEM- PLOYMENT CONTRIBUTE BENEFIT FOR FOREIGN WORKERS (APRE): Management of the complementary benefits foreseen in the Voluntary Returning Plan of General Director for Immigrants Integrations (MTIN). Total applications: 317. Total returnees: 52. GENDER NATIONALITY LEGAL STATUS Male Female Ecuador Perú Colombia Argentina Brasil Asylum status Inmmigration status 37 15 24 12 7 6 3 6 14
  13. 13. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 New Asylum Act in Spain Information Campaign The Chamber of Deputies approved on October, work of the program “Information, Orientation 15th 2009 the Law Project that regulate the Asy- and Advice (PIOA)”. lum Right and the Subsidiary Protection, which adapts the Spanish legislation to the European To mark the celebration of the World Refugee Framework regarding Asylum. Day, June 20th, two parallel activities were arranged: In order to inform about the new legislation, RESCATE has organized in 2009 an information • Round Table about “Practical Implications of campaign with different activities in the frame- the Asylum Act project. Psychosocial perspec- 11
  14. 14. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE tive”, on June 23rd 2009 at the Círculo Bellas • Online campaign: on RESCATE’s website Artes (Madrid), in order to create a space for ( a specific place has the opinion interchanges between profession- been created for questions and answers in als of different matters (legal, social, psycho- order to inform in an easy and informative way logical, labour, etc.) which work with the asy- about the reality of the refugees and asylum lum group. applicants and the legal and social framework at a worldwide and national level. Likewise, two mailings were sent to specific en- tities and institutions, and the campaign was distributed through the facebook space of RESCATE, in order to generate traffic to the website. • Edition and production of bookmarks, stickers and information leaflets addressed to public in general in order to explain the reality of the asylum applicants and refugees. This informa- • Solidarity concert “With the refugees: for the tion has been divided into four parts: Basic Asylum Right”, on June 25th 2009, at the bar Concepts; Asylum Right in Spain, New Asylum Zanzíbar (Madrid); addressed to the benefici- Act in Spain and Asylum Procedure in Spain. aries of the Direct Services projects and to the More information and copies: society in general, in order to make the asy- lum group visible and to aware about the problems they face, in their origin countries as in Spain. Once the new act was approved, last October 15th 2009, the second part of the information campaign was developed: 12
  15. 15. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 International Cooperation Introduction The Department of International Cooperation Through these projects, it has been that the carries out projects in countries that have suf- refugee populations displaced in the process of fered and/or affected by conflict or natural dis- return or simply local people whose livelihoods asters that have populations of refugees, dis- have been affected by conflict, are to be placed persons or victims of conflict in general, returned and/or adapted in dignity to the new with particular attention to the most vulnerable: context created after an armed incident. women, children and minorities, indigenous peo- ples and Afro-descendant communities in Latin America. The Department is composed of a team of pro- fessionals in Spain and expatriates who work in the field along with our local partners (counterparts). During 2009, RESCATE has worked in eleven countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia, benefiting over 740,000 people. In 2009, we continued to work in the four mul- ti-year agreements signed with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooper- ation (AECID), in Colombia, with populations of African descendant; in Syria and Jordan, with Palestinian and Iraqi refugee women and local women; in Ethiopia, with Somali agro- pastoralists communities; and in Bosnia-Herze- govina and Kosovo, with the disabled popula- tion. On the other hand, we have carried out 29 proj- ects for Development Cooperation, Humanitarian Assistance and Emergency emphasis on physical reconstruction, social and economic situation in post-conflict countries. And the basic needs of civilian populations as access to clean water, education, health, decent work, etc. 13
  16. 16. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Africa ANGOLA. RESCATE is still present in the province of Bié, one of the areas hardest hit by 30 years of armed conflict. In 2009, it has expanded the presence of RESCATE with the start of a project to improve the sanitary conditions of Cuemba. By meeting the basic needs: education, health and agriculture together with gender mainstreaming and governance is getting a more active and associative fundamental values in the effective develop- ment of Angola. ETHIOPIA. In 2009 we continued to work in the regions of Somali, Oromia and Sidamo with projects of food sovereignty, basically. Have been constructed water points for human consumption and animal such as a haffir dam with an average capacity of 45,000 m3 of water that will provide 20,000 people. In addition, the Foundation José Entrecanales Ibarra has granted an award to RESCATE, to build a well in depth which will give more than 5,000 families, access to water. D.R. OF CONGO. RESCATE´s work continues in North Kivu, and has begun working in the South Kivu region, two of the areas hardest hit by the war which has caused displacement and humanitarian emergencies. Through projects access to drinking water and basic sanitation, health (primary care and HIV) and education (literacy, teacher training, school construction), it is intended that civil society access to basic social services.
  17. 17. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 AFRICA: 2009 projects table Direct Proyect Local Partners Donor Grant beneficiaries ANGOLA Promotion of sustainable agricultural production People in systems and access to education in the AECID 512,917 € 7,000 people Need (PIN) municipality of Cuemba, Bié Province Improvement of health conditions in Cuemba People in by building sanitation infrastructures and AECID 458,070 € 10,000 people Need (PIN) hygiene education ETHIOPIA Comprehensive Development in Harte Sheik Junta de Castilla (Kebri Beyah district) by strengthening health HFH/HAVOYOCO 558,000 € 70,000 people y León systems and food sovereignty Access to Primary Education of sheperd communities in five district of Somali regional HFH/HAVOYOCO AECID 243,324 € 14,000 people State Program of Comprehensive Development in Obra Social La HFH/HCS 600,000 € 60,500 people Kebri Beyah district Caixa Food Sovereignty, diversification of income sources, improvement of the production and strengthening of the association network and HCS AECID 1,760,000 € 42,184 people the marketing systems, incorporating environmental sustainability and gender equality in Somali Food Sovereignty in Alaba Special Woreda and HCS AECID 420,000 € 9,000 people Sidamo Access to safe water and basic sanitation for the rural population, hardly affected by drought HCS AECID-CAP 170,460 € 35,000 people in Boke Woreda Access to safe water and basic sanitation for Fundación J. HCS 270,000 € 5,920 people the rural population in Boke (Oromia region) Entrecanales D. R. OF CONGO Construction, provision of equipment and start Comunidad de Cáritas-Goma 154,000 € 120,000 people up of a Health Center in Walikale (North Kivu) Madrid Improvement of education quality through the reconstruction of two schools and training of Cáritas-Goma AECID 300,610 € 1,259 people teachers in Walikale Support to the basic health services as well as social insertion of women victims of war in Cáritas-Goma AECID 409,653 € 189,918 people North Kivu Access to safe water and basic sanitation for People in the displaced people and victims of war in AECID-CAP 382,875 € 30,106 personas Need (PIN) Kalehe (South Kivu) 15
  18. 18. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Latin America COLOMBIA. According to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), the number of displaced persons has now reached 4.3 million in Colombia. RESCATE´s work focuses primarily on the Department of Cauca, one of the areas most affected by armed conflict and where the population is characterized by its ethnic variety, with large indigenous and black commu- nities. The fundamental problem in this region is the lack of basic services; therefore RESCATE´s projects are based on address these gaps by promoting food security, job training and improving health infrastructure, to strengthen civil society while respecting and protecting their human rights, economic, social and cul- tural rights. 16
  19. 19. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 LATIN AMERICA: 2009 projects table Direct Proyect Local Partners Donor Grant beneficiaries COLOMBIA The improvement of social infrastructures through Generalitat the construction of a water treatment plant in CINDAP 111,569.73 € 4,759 people Valenciana the municipality of Sucre (Sucre) The strengthening of the organizations through Unidad the consolidation of four community councils de organizaciones AECID 150,000 € 240 people for the Defense and Restitution of territorial Rights Afrocaucanas (Cauca) (UOAFROC) Comprehensive rural development for the african descendant and indigenous communities affected Ayuntamiento by the violence in the Indian reservation of Lopez CINDAP 287,181 € 1,200 people de Madrid Adentro and Alto del Palo District, municipality of Caloto (Cauca) Comprehensive support for the african descendant populations, guaranteeing their human rights as well UOAFROC/FUNIC AECID 800,000 € 5,000 people as economic, social, and cultural rights (Cauca) The improvement of health and sanitation Fundación conditions of families displaced due to violence Intercultural para la Generalitat as well as farm workers with limited resources 191,604 € 19,247 people Cooperación Norte-Sur Valenciana through the construction of a water treatment (FUNIC) plant in Piendamo (Cauca) Afrocaucana ethno-education as an Ethnic and FUNIC AECID 198,403 € 15,000 people Cultural Right (Cauca) Humanitarian Aid provided to children, women who are lactating, and the elderly victimized by FUNIC AECID-CAP 190,942 € 700 people the eruption of Volcano Huila (Cauca) Income generation and employment for women and youth of african descendant and improve Ayuntamiento their health conditions and sanitation in the FUNIC 270,000 € 600 people de Madrid municipalities of Guanaché, Suárez and Villarrica (Cauca) Employment and incomes generation through Junta de the strengthening of the traditional farm and Comunidades cocoa production for women and youth of FUNIC 244,513 € 1,100 people de Castilla-La african descendant in the municipality of Mancha Villarrica (Cauca) Emergency Support to the displaced population and victims of natural disasters by building FUNIC AECID-CAP 200,283 € 480 people temporary shelters in the municipality of Argelia (Cauca) 17
  20. 20. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Asia AFGHANISTAN. During 2009 we continued our restoration project of the school system, through rehabilitating infrastructure and the training of teachers in Magzhar, Zare District (north), along with local counterparts People in Need. The situation in the country remains very unstable and the level of illiteracy is very high. Moreover, lack of education infrastructure is clear, because ¾ of the facilities have been destroyed by decades of conflict. MIDDLE EAST. We have made the actions envisaged in the Agreement, funded by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), which was launched last year to cover the basic needs of vulnerable refugee women from the Palestinian Territories and Iraq. This Agreement is expected to last four years. SYRIA. In 2009, launched the Center for Maternal and Child Health of Yarmuk refugee camp (on the outskirts of Damascus), whose refurbishment was completed in 2008. The Health Center is already providing care to women and children under five years, at low cost, offering gynecol- ogical care, prenatal, postnatal and family planning. El-Yarmouk camp is home to 100,000 refugees and 400,000 Palestinians Syrians / low-income as in crowded conditions. JORDAN. In 2009, opened the doors of the Centre for Assistance to Women in the suburb of Hashmi, one of the most deprived areas of East Amman, where there are thousands of Iraqi refugees, Palestinians and Jordanians with low income. The Centre is already providing health care, education and vocational training for vulnerable women to prevent unemployment and gender violence. Moreover, the mill Kufranjah (Ajloun district) for olive oil production, is virtually complete. Thanks to this initiative will create jobs in the region.
  21. 21. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 ASIA: 2009 projects table Direct Proyect Local Partners Donor Grant beneficiaries AFGHANISTAN Recovering the Scholar System through the rehabilitation of the infrastructure and the People in Generalitat 239,764 € 4,130 people teacher staff training in Magzhar, Zare Need (PIN) Valenciana District MIDDLE EAST - Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW) - Women Federation for World Peace Jordan (WFWP) - Jordan River Foundation Providing integral support to women (JRF) in a vulnerable situation, refugees, rural - Asociación Cooperativista peasant women, or in situations of para la Capacitación de la poverty: access to primary education, AECID 2,000,000 € 27,390 people Mujer en Jordania professional training, employment - Fund for Integrated Rural opportunities, health care and promotion Development (FIRDOS), en of Human Rights, in Syria and Jordan Siria - Asociación Bissan para el Desarrollo Social (Siria) - Ousrat Al Ikha As Souriya (Tierra de Hombres-Siria) Strategic Planning for the Certification of Jordan River AECID-CAP 99,485 € 350 people Organic Agriculture products in Jordan Foundation (JRF) Providing services for mother-infant health Asociación Bissan and the prevention of thalassemia in Yarmuk para el Desarrollo AECID 202,974 € 2,800 people (Damascus, Syria) Social Supporting the Cooperative of Kurfranjah Jordan River Generalitat producing olive oil and bringing in alternative 265,020 € 800 people Foundation (JRF) Valenciana energies in Ajloun (Jordan) Access to employment for low-income women Generalitat in Jordan and Palestinian and Iraqi refugees in JNFW 231,130 € 13,770 people Valenciana East Amman (Jordan) 19
  22. 22. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Central Europe BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. In 2009, our projects have continued to promote the conditions necessary to achieve a stable, peaceful and multi- ethnic society in this country who starred the last great European war. In BiH, RESCATE has an office in the city of Mostar, which employs five people. After five years of hard work in 2009 has completed the reconstruction of the building “Gimnazija” (Bosnian Institute), the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which after the Mostar bridge is the landmark of the city. Already, 1,000 pupils Bosniaks and Croats have returned to take classes and live together as they did before the war. The project, undertaken in coordination with the OSCE, OHR, local authorities and supported by AECID, aims to ensure the school becomes a multicultural meeting place for reconciliation between the two warring factions during the war. This project also involved the “United World Colleges”, an international organization that aims to promote understanding among various nations through education and interaction among youth from different countries. Peace building and protection for disabled persons. After the war, the increase of children and adults with physical and psychological aftermath of the conflict, has become apparent, and adds to the disabled population by birth or by accident or sickness. In this context and with the support of AECID and the Bosnian Ministry of Health, RESCATE has continued the construction of a residential and inter-ethnic assistance (up to 365 patients) in Stolac (BiH). 20
  23. 23. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 KOSOVO. Under the Agreement, which RESCATE develops in the Balkans with AECID, we have worked in Kosovo in order to serve children and adoles- cents with special needs to ensure their right to education. It has built a play- room that is currently providing assistance to children of all ethnic groups in the area. In an environment of peaceful coexistence, the playroom provides a wide variety of services, from treatment to children with learning disabilities to activities promoting human rights, parental education and training for social agents. ALBANIA. In 2009, RESCATE has continued his work in Shkodra, one of the poorest regions in Albania, with a view to supporting the education system and to prevent child trafficking, one of the most serious problems in the area. To this end, two schools have been repaired, have taught courses for teachers and have conducted an awareness campaign against trafficking in children in schools across the region (122 schools and 37 elementary schools) with the title “Yes to the laws. No to exploitation“. Central Europe: 2009 project table Direct Proyect Local Partners Donor Grant beneficiaries ALBANIA Improving the quality of education and reducing absenteeism in the Berdice com- Fundación FEMIJET TE PARET AECID 250,000 € 2,503 people mune (Shkodra) Reducing failure rates in schools in Fundación FEMIJET TE PARET AECID 184,906 € 5,191 people Bushat (Shkodra) BALKANS Providing support for the peace process, assisting the most vulnerable groups, RESCATE Mostar (BIH) y especially handicapped or disabled Fundación FEMIJET TE PARET AECID 1,200,000 € 40,928 people members of the population, who are (Kosovo) victims of the conflicts in Bosnia- Herzegovina and Kosovo Supporting the reconciliation in Mostar by renovating the outside of the Secondary RESCATE Mostar y UWC AECID 308,866 € 671 people Education School (Phase II). BIH Peacebuilding and conflict prevention by supporting the disabled population victims RESCATE Mostar AECID 265,704 € 365 people of the war (BiH) 21
  24. 24. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE External Relations Introduction The External Relations Department develops the thematic lines, the objective publics and the use Awareness and Education for Development proj- of new awareness tools (TIC). ects, and informs about general activity of the entity, in order to aware the Spanish society Regarding the Communication and Own Capital about the reality of the refugees and displaced Raising Area, they have focused on the promotion persons, with the objective of being conscious of the information Campaign about the New Asylum and get engaged in favor of this group by sup- Act in Spain, the arrangement of different training porting RESCATE’s projects. actions about the reality of the refugees and dis- placed persons, and the strengthening of the com- External Relations is divided into two fields: munication channels with members, donors, enti- Awareness and Education for Development ties, communication media and society in general. Area and Communication and Own Capital Raising Area. In this task, four professionals World Refugee Day. As usually, RESCATE cele- are involved located in the three offices of brated World Refugee Day (June, 20th) together RESCATE in Spain: Madrid (head office), Valencia with other organizations that work in the same and Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). line. In Madrid, we participated in the “Rainbow Party”, organized by the Centro de Ayuda a Refu- For the Awareness and Education for Develop- giados (CAR – Refugees Help Center) of Alcoben- ment Area, 2009 has been a year of transition das. In Valencia, RESCATE took part together for the introduction of the new strategy that pre- with Cruz Roja (Red Cross), CEAR, CAR of Mislata tends to make the situation of our attention and ACNUR in the playful week organized in group more efficiently visible, by increasing the order to commemorate this date. Awareness and Education for Development: 2009 projects table Proyect Donor Grant Beneficiaries LÍNEA DE INTEGRACIÓN Good Practices and Politics of No Discrimination Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración. 30,000 € 2,500 people regarding racial and ethnic DGII – Fondo Social Europeo origin at labour sphere Generalitat Valenciana 24,651.25 € Documentary video 1,000 people “From Inside” Caja Navarra 43.50 € Generalitat Valenciana 22,386.46 € Videogame “Teu RESCATE” OHL 1,500 € 1,100 people Caja Navarra 43.50 € 22
  25. 25. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Awareness and Education for Development Projects in Spain In 2009, the projects and activities developed by the Awareness and Education for Development Area in Spain have been: 1 Good Practices and Politics of flection process that favour the protection of the treatment equality concept at labour No Discrimination regarding sphere, and the social and labour integration of racial and ethnic origin at persons with different origins. labour sphere Therefore the study “One step more in RSE: Good practice of no discrimination regarding racial and ethnic origin at labour sphere” has been published. It analyses the situation of Good Practice in the fields of Employer’s Social Responsibility of the private sector in Spain. In addition, working parties have been devel- oped together with several companies, in order to discuss and think about the need of knowing and complying with the existing international, European and national legislations, encouraging them to participate more actively in the devel- opment and promotion of these politics. 2 Documentary video “From Inside” is the name of the documentary video produced by RESCATE in 2009, about the RESCATE has identified the necessity of promot- insertion and urban coexistence of immigrants ing politics and good practices of no discrimi- with the native population in the city of Valen- nation between social agents involved at cia, specifically, in the neighborhood of Orriols. employment sphere, in order to avoid difficul- ties in social and labour integration suffered by The video crosses life histories and experts the asylum applicants in Spain due to its racial opinions in order to review the sense of the dis- and ethnic origin. courses that, sometimes, stigmatizes the neigh- borhoods with a high percentage of foreign The objective of this project has just been that population. Actually, the main objective of the these social agents (companies, trade unions, documentary is to show the benefits and diffi- human resources professionals, etc.) start a re- culties of the coexistence between persons of 23
  26. 26. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE different nationalities, and how diversity and By means of the questions/answers logic, the integration are key values for development. videogame transmits values and knowledge about complex themes like refuge, immigration “From Inside” has been introduced in several and climate change effects. The player has to universities of the Comunitat Valenciana, in choose between different humanitarian actions order to aware students and teachers about this that put his skills to the test, learning mean- reality. In addition, a specific website has been while. created (, where you can watch the documentary entirely. 3 Videogame “Teu RESCATE” (Your RESCATE) RESCATE has produced in 2009 the educational videogame “Teu RESCATE” (Your RESCATE) –in spanish and valentian language- with the ob- jective of making high school students and uni- versitaries of the Comunitat Valenciana sensitive to the reality of the refugees. “Teu RESCATE” has been broadcast between stu- “Teu RESCATE” is an example of the new strat- dents of several universities and high schools, egy of the Awareness and Education for Devel- through awareness and playing workshops. In opment Area that has introduced the use of new addition, a website has been created, technologies for making more efficiently visible, where you can play for the problems we worry about. free, through internet. Conferences, workshops, forums ROUND TABLE Two Colombian leaders, a woman afrodescen- “DESC in the Cauca Department dant and an indigenous man, together with the projects coordinator of RESCATE in Colombia, (Colombia)” explained first-hand the problems of their com- munities. RESCATE organized a round table in Talavera The round table was organized in the framework de la Reina (Toledo), last October, 26th 2009, of the international cooperation project “Em- about the reality of villages more affected ployment and Incomes Creation through the by the conflict in Colombia, ethnical mi- strengthening of the traditional farm and cocoa norities and how international cooperation production for women and young people afrode- tries to establish bases for the exercise of scendants in the municipality of Villarrica, their economical, social and culture rights North Cauca, Colombia”, financed by the Junta (DESC). de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha. 24
  27. 27. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 CONFERENCE In particular, we showed the problems of afro descendants and indigenous communities in “Refugees: Ethnic, gender, Colombia, Palestinian and Iraqi women in the environment and Middle East, agro-shepherd somali populations disability” and the disabled people by the conflict in the Balkans. RESCATE coordinated the conference “Refugees. Ethnic, gender, environment and disability” in La Casa Encendida (Madrid), last October, 22 and 23th, 2009, about the reality of civilian populations affected by conflict from multiple WORKSHOP perspectives. “Return to Exile” The conference was inaugurated by the UNHCR In the “Space for seniors“ from Caja Madrid in Representative in Spain (United Nations High Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), organized a work- Commissioner for Refugees), Maricela Daniel, shop on refugees in Spain using digital photo- and counted with the participation of person- graphic exhibition “Return to Exile: On the alities from Colombia, the Middle East, Ethiopia dignity of the refugees of yesterday and today”, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. the example of spanish republican refugees in the civil war. The presenters explained, many of them in first person, the situation of civilians in a conflict, During the workshop, May 12, 2009, attendees and what are the short, medium and long term shared their own experiences and were close to effects, according to the origins of violence and the reality of immigrants who arrive to our the characteristics of the affected civilian pop- country, and their feelings about uprooting ulation or the geographical area where it grows. their families. Other Courses As usual, RESCATE participates in several courses and tables at the invitation of other entities. In Madrid, we gave a workshop on “Conflict and women” in the Week of Solidarity at the University Carlos III (Getafe) and another workshop on “Conflict and Environment” at the European University of Madrid (Villaviciosa de Odon). In Comunitat Valenciana, we participated in the Conference “Solidarity 2009” of the Generalitat Valenciana with a presentation on Development Education and Awareness. And we gave a workshop on “Revitalisation of volunteerism” at the University of Valencia. In Talavera de la Reina (Toledo), RESCATE participated in the workshop on Volunteer and Associ- ation in “program Alcazul“ of the local council. And, in the practical sessions of the Social Edu- cation students at the University CEU Talavera. 25
  28. 28. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE Economic information INCOME INCOME THROUGH THE ORGANIZATION´S OWN ACTIVITIES 2009 2008 Grants and donations 4,989,347.11 2,767,027.25 Public sources 4,852,440.03 2,543,622.02 Private sources 136,907.08 223,405.23 Reimbursments of grants -52,303.86 -20.462,75 Total income through the organization’s own activities 4,937,043.25 2,746,564.50 Other income 21,500.39 11,207.91 Financial incomes 27,768.59 59,692.37 Total income 4,986,312.23 2,817,464.78 EXPENDITURES PROGRAMS 2009 2008 Social Action 239,260.31 257,019.33 International Cooperation 3,787,725.98 2,199,352.38 Awareness and Education for Development 107,730.41 149,755.22 Subtotal 4,134,716.70 2,606,126.93 Administration and fundraising 243,288.43 208,469.14 Total expenditures 4,378,005.13 2,814,596.07 BALANCE 608,307.10 2,868.71 26
  29. 29. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Grants and donations managed in 2009 FROM PUBLIC SOURCES 2009 2008 AECID 3,411,635.37 1,666,567.86 Ayuntamiento de Madrid 259,633.14 194,064.96 Generalitat Valenciana 493,386.82 285,222.27 Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados 5,700.02 95,936.97 Fondo Social Europeo 29,741.09 Dirección General de Integración de los Inmigrantes (MTIN) 124,059.26 130,354.76 Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha 197,683.19 56,332.77 Junta de Comunidades de Castilla y León 128,451.25 32,691.07 IRPF (Ministerio de Sanidad y Política Social) 69,528.12 59,000.00 Gobierno de Bosnia i Herzegovina 834.50 1,037.17 Comunidad de Madrid 79,569.32 1,951.44 Subtotal 4,800,222.08 2,523,159.27 FROM PRIVATE SOURCES 2009 2008 Member´s quotas 6,272.29 3,563.54 Obra Social Fundación La Caixa 9,844.61 127,352.46 Fundación José Entrecanales Ibarra 99,427.84 Obra Social Caja Madrid 11,914.09 Caja Navarra 87.60 1,809.03 Cityscope S.L. 1,695.92 Moebius Creativa 1,014.00 El Corte Inglés 1,000.00 Veterinaria Organización 928.00 Santander 82,173.00 Oficina La Caixa 1,000.00 700,00 Avannet Sistemas Informáticos, S.L. 184.61 167.92 ITM, S.L. 835.17 842.17 OHL 1,500.00 Wizard Computers 32.29 75.37 Gran Vía Musical de Ediciones, S.L. 42.00 Coronel Tapioca, S.A. 140.00 Taranna Club de viajes S.A 600.00 Movistar 66.50 236.58 Mundo Unido Cooperación 100.00 447.24 Other private income 4,774.17 1,400.00 Subtotal 136,821.17 223,405.23 TOTAL GRANTS AND DONATIONS MANAGED IN 2009 4,937,043.25 2,746,564.50 27
  30. 30. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE 28
  31. 31. WITH REFUGESS SINCE 1960 Acknowledgements The RESCATE activities to help asylum seekers, refugees, displaced persons, beneficiaries of certain types of international protection and immigrants could be possible because the economical support, trust and collaboration of our: PUBLIC SUPPORTERS PRIVATE SUPPORTERS AECID, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Generalitat Obra Social Caja Madrid, Obra Social Valenciana, Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados Fundación La Caixa, Fundación José (FER), Fondo Social Europeo, Dirección General de Entrecanales Ibarra, Caja Navarra, Integración de los Inmigrantes (DGII.MTIN), Junta OHL, Avannet Sistemas informáticos, de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha, Ministerio Grupo Dima, Taranna Club de viajes, de Sanidad y Política Social, Gobierno de Bosnia i Gran Vía Musical de Ediciones, Coronel Herzegovina, Comunidad de Madrid. Tapioca, etc. MEMBERS sensitized with our mission, to take part of RESCATE The RESCATE members, 170 people of various as members to increase civil society support which nationalities, of which 38 are donor members, are is essential for our continuity. More information: those persons who sharing RESCATE´s objectives decide to become members and participate in the General Assembly. DONORS Public institutions, companies and private people Like last year, in 2009, one of the main objectives that have supported economically the RESCATE´s of the association, has been to propose new people, projects. I want to collaborate with RESCATE: If you share our desire to support refugees and communities affected by armed conflicts, you can join the Association, become a member. Contact: Also, yo can make a donation: 0049 0001 55 2110035530 Any donation to RESCATE allows a tax reduction. For the development of our projects, RESCATE receives funds from various public and private donors, but we need the support of new members and donors to complete all of them. THANK YOU! RESCATE fulfills the principles of Transparency and Good Practices of Fundación Lealtad since 2005, and was declared Association of Public Utility in 2002. 29
  32. 32. ANNUAL REPORT 2009 • ONG RESCATE ORGANIZATIONS Castilla-La Mancha: Beatriz Aldana y Elisabet Centros de Ayuda a los Refugiados (CAR) de Alco- Hernández. bendas (Madrid) y Mislata (Valencia); Fundación Luis Vives y Fundación Lealtad; Mundo Unido Cooperación; Fundación Ortega y Gasset; Accen- PRACTISING STUDENTS ture; Asociación AXA de Todo Corazón. Rebeca Rubio Ortega, estudiante de 3º de Edu- cación Social (CLM) y Sa-Nguansin, Watcharab- In Castilla-La Mancha: Asociación Socio Cultural horn, estudiante de prácticas internacionales en San Andrés y Sección Juvenil y Concejalía de Valencia y Alba Olivares Signes, estudiante de Bienestar Social del Ayuntamiento de Talavera. Pedagogía. In Comunitat Valenciana: IES “Marítimo”, FNAC. COLLABORATORS Our local partners in the international field in Madrid: Encarna Dorrego, Sonsoles Morales, Colombia, África, Europa Central and Asia. voluntarios del Grupo OHL, Nina Mosheni, Miguel Poza, Kristin Kjellgard y Ricardo Vélez. VOLUNTEERS Persons who disinterestedly have contributed Cristina Gil Hofmann y Lolylla, for the translation with their motivations, work and time to our from spanish into english of this Annual Report, projects. Without them it would be impossible through to develop all our activities. MEDIA Madrid: Blanca Vivancos, Marcela Lagunas, Lola TVE, Reuters AlertNet, Diario Levante, Canal 9, Frigols, Elena Gómez, Victoria Sánchez, Rebeca Radio Nou, Localia TV, Agencia EFE, boletín Rubio, María J. Vallecillo, Javier G. Godoy, Leire FONGCAM, RNE, Revista Miralls, www.revis- Payo e Ignacio Corrales., Periódico Xarxa Urbana, Pluralia TV, Comunitat Valenciana: Patricia Moratalla, Bego- Cadena SER, ADN, El Mundo, Aula Intercultural, ña Temprado, Patricia Aparicio, Silvia García, Humania TV, AU Agenda, Valencia City, Intere- Ainoa Cifo y Laura Alonso. conomía, Revista Corresponsables. 30