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Memoria RESCATE 2008 - ingles


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Memoria de Actividades 2008 (inglés)

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Memoria RESCATE 2008 - ingles

  1. 1. annual report Spanish version on the other side with refugess since 1960 08 S
  2. 2. Offices of RESCATE RESCATE – Madrid (Head Office) C/ Luchana 36. 4º dcha. NGO RESCATE Internacional fulfills 28010 Madrid (Spain) Tels. +34 91 447 29 60 the principles of Transparency and +34 91 447 28 72 Good Practices of Fundación Lealtad Fax. +34 91 447 23 21 Email: since 2005, and was declared Asso- RESCATE – Comunidad Valenciana ciation of Public Utility in 2002. Any C/ Rodrigo de Pertegás, 36. 1º donation to RESCATE allows a tax 46023 Valencia (Spain) Tel. +34 96 344 55 00 reduction. Fax. +34 96 344 55 47 Email: Donations and collaborations: RESCATE – Castilla-La Mancha SCH 0049 0001 55 2110035530 C/ La Zona 22. 2º dcha. 45600 Talavera de la Reina (Toledo). Spain Tel. + 34 680 175 625 If you want to be a MEMBER of Email: RESCATE, send a email to rescate@ RESCATE – Balcanes, or call to: 0034 91 C/ Onescukova, 39 88000 Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina) 447 29 60 Email: Staff of RESCATE Director: Nora Avés Accounts and Finance Department Coordinator: David Palomo Funds Accounts for international projects: César López de Larrínzar Funds Accounts for national projects: Annick Delepine Social Action Department Legal Area Officer: María Gutiérrez Legal Assistant: Berta Muñoz Psychosocial Area Officer: Mª Ángeles Vega Psychologist: Mara García Labour Guidance Assistant: Aida Sánchez de Alba International Cooperation Department Coordinator: Cristina Bermejo Tracking and Evaluation Officer: Encarnación Guirao Tracking and Evaluation Assistant: Sara Gutiérrez y Ana Pérez Expatriates: Antonio Ventura and Ana Echandi (Colombia), José Carlos Herías, Rodrigo Núñez and Santiago Santos (Ethiopia), Arsene Masumbuko (D.R. of Congo) and Enrique Bermejo (Jordan). Delegate in the Balkans: Fernando Mazarro Office Coordinator: Aida Omanovic Finance Officer: Klaudija Babic Volunteer Officer: Svjetlan Mihic Engineers: Miroslav Kovacevic and Esved Dugalic External Relations Department Communication and Fundraising Officer: Smriti Belbase and Inés Vélez Public Awareness and Education Officer: Mª Eugenia de la Hoz Projects Officer in Comunitat Valenciana: Azahara Montero Projects Officer in Castilla-La Mancha: Dori Cañadas
  3. 3. with refugees Contents Letter from the Director 3 Who we are? 4 Activities 5 History of RESCATE 6 Where we work? 7 Social Action 9 International Cooperation 13 Public Awareness and Education for Development 21 Economic Information 26 Audit Report 28 Acknowledgements 29 1
  4. 4. annual report 08 “Now that the year is ended we feel satisfied about our hard work and RESCATE´s continuous improvement of its general management, the transparency of its activities and the fulfillment of its aims” Collaboration of the local community with the reusing of bricks for the construction of a Health Care Center in Walikale (North Kivu. D.R. of Congo). Difficulties in moving the building material for RESCATE´s projects in North Kivu (D.R. of Congo). 2
  5. 5. with refugees Dear friends, 2008 has been a period of consolidation and development of the work that RES- CATE carries out both in the national and the international area, in spite of or thanks to having faced several difficulties which affected our projects activities, such as internal conflicts in some countries where we are present, changes on the laws which have an impact on the populations we work with in Spain and Europe, and the social happenings which arise everyday and make our mission necessary. Some of the activities carried out in 2008 to be highlighted are those correspon- ding to Public Awareness and Development Education projects which aim was to inform and make society aware of the serious situation of accessing to water in Ethiopia, make the Media be acquainted with and properly inform about the people facing immigration and refuge, and give information about the value of intercultural education in classrooms. In 2008 it is also important to point out the collaboration of RESCATE with other NGO, such as Resettlement Group, Net Against Human Trafficking, those com- mitted to supporting asylum seekers, both in legal and psychosocial matters, and those corresponding to CONGD whose we are members of. In the international area, 2008 has marked an increase in the efforts to conso- lidate the best work conditions in the countries where we carry out cooperation projects, despite all the unexpected changes, in order to properly respond to the needs of the beneficiary populations. Such is the case of D.R. of Congo, specially in North Kivu, affected by an internal conflict, where RESCATE participates in the construction of health care centers, and Ethiopia, where our projects have been delayed by internal problems in the region and the country. Thanks to the team efforts every difficulty has been solved and the projects will continue in 2009. Now that the year is ended we feel satisfied about our hard work and RESCATE´s continuous improvement of its general management, the transparency of its ac- tivities and the fulfillment of its aims. We hope this Annual Report will give you a clear and close vision on what we are. Nora Avés Director 3
  6. 6. annual report 08 Who we are? RESCATE is a non profit Association, Member based in Spain, it is non political and Enrique Ramo Ramo non religious, consisting of 157 mem- Commercial and Quality Manager bers of different nationalities who live (Grupo DIMA). in Spain. Member The Board of Directors consists of the Araceli García del Soto following members, elected by a Gene- Researcher in the Humanitarian Inter- ral Assembly: national Affairs Institute in Fordham University (New York). President Juan Ángel López Romero Member Account Auditor and Fiscal Consultant Mercedes Dorado Gutierrez She works in the Ministerio de Fomen- Treasure and Secretary to of Spain. She also collaborates with Nicolás Ramo Kalkus Karibu Association and Bangassou Or- Financial Director (Grupo DIMA) ganization. Member Member Michaela Kalkus Pokorna Gordana Marjanovic Kruzik Director of RESCATE from 1989 to 2003. Services sector. She collaborates with She worked with refugees and asylum Charter 100 Association (Professional seekers for more than 20 years. Women). Member Member Elisa Salvador Zuloaga Alfonso Cavallé Sesé She works in the American Embassy in Legal Consultancy Director in Kiss Ca- Madrid. She has collaborated with the pital Group, Radio Blanca and Clínica Asociación de Amistad Hipano-Nicara- Cemtro. Ex-president of Asociación güense, AFESIP and the Escuela Popu- Española de Radio Comercial, Asocia- lar de Prosperidad. ción Europea de Radio and Asociación Member Internacional de Radio Difusión (AIR). Nancy Heine Member Coordinator of the advisory team for Isabel Pardo Martínez expatriates and their families (Reloca- Doctor, specialist in Pediatrics. tions Company). 4
  7. 7. with refugees Activities NGO RESCATE International works since 1960 on behalf of refugees and displaced people, taking a special in- terest in children and women. Currently our activities fall into three categories: 1. Social Action in Spain. 2. International Cooperation in countries which are suffering and/ or have suffered wars and/or with refugees and displaced popula- tions, and/or affected by conflicts. NGO RESCATE Internacional is a 3. Public Awareness and Educa- member of: tion for Development. • ECRE (European Council of Refu- In all its activities, RESCATE pays gees and Exiles. special attention to the quality servi- ce and the continuous training of the • FONGDCAM (Federación de ONG de staff. Therefore, every department Desarrollo de la Comunidad de Ma- participates in specific training cour- drid. ses and adopts new procedures in or- • Federación de Solidaridad y Volun- der to improve the daily work. tariado (Valencia). In this way, RESCATE fulfills all the • FEVOCAM (Federación de Entida- principles of Transparency and Good des de Voluntariado de la Comuni- Practices set out by the Fundación dad de Madrid. Lealtad since 2005; it has been de- clared an Association of Public Utility • Red Española contra la Trata de Per- in 2002 and qualified for the multi- sonas ( annual Agreements signing with the International Cooperation Spanish • CVONGD (Coordinadora Valenciana Agency for Development (AECID). de ONGD. In 2008 RESCATE´s projects have benefited 669.377 people, in 11 coun- tries, of 4 continents. 5
  8. 8. annual report 08 History RESCATE was founded in 1960 as a 1992 delegation in Spain of a north ameri- IRC-Spain evolves into an indepen- can organization, IRC (International dent Spanish NGO. The organization Rescue Committee). After 50 years in continues giving legal advice and put operation, RESCATE has evolved into into action Integration Programs for the NGO it is today. asylum seekers, refugees and displa- ced people. 1933 Albert Einstein 1996 sets up a su- We start working on Emergency In- pport network to ternational Programs, Rehabilitation help Europeans and Cooperation for Development, escape from supporting populations under con- the Nazis. That flicts or natural disaster situations. is how Interna- tional Rescue 2002 Committee (IRC RESCATE is declared an Association was born). of Public Utility. 1960 2005 IRC opens a delegation in Spain, IRC- RESCATE fulfills all the principles in Spain, as a resettlement office for re- Transparency and Good Practices fugees in our country who wanted to set out by the Fundación Lealtad. go to United States, Canada and Aus- 2007 tralia. RESCATE obtains the status of Deve- 1980 lopment NGO qualified by the Inter- IRC Spain collaborates with UNHCR national Cooperation Spanish Agency implementing projects. This collabo- for Development (AECID), for the mul- ration continued until 1995. ti-annual Cooperation Agreements signing. 1985 With the Asylum Law (1984), IRC-Spain 2008 starts giving Legal Advice to asylum RESCATE changes its previous name seekers and working in Family Reuni- “Comité Internacional de Rescate fication and Voluntary Return. España-RESCATE” to: ONG RESCATE Internacional. RESCATE’s projects benefit 669.377 people, in 11 coun- tries, of 4 continents. 6
  9. 9. with refugees Where we work? 1 Spain – Head Office 5 Syria 8 Ethiopia 2 Bosnia-Herzegovina 6 Jordan 9 D.R. of Congo 3 Kosovo Territory 7 Afghanistan 10 Angola 4 Albania 11 Colombia 2 3 1 4 5 7 6 11 8 9 10 - RESCATE’s mission: “To work for refugees and communities who have been victims of oppression, armed conflict, and ma- jor political and social crises and to help those affected to find long-term solutions to the situations they are facing as well as to help them access what are their basic rights”. - The values in which RESCATE’s work is based are solidarity, responsibility, respect, dignity, equality, justice, and the pro- motion of peace. 7
  10. 10. annual report 08 “In Spain we focus our attention and services on asylum see- kers, refugees, displaced persons, citizens, stateless persons and/or beneficiaries of certain types of international protec- tion, and immigrants” Legal and psychosocial counseling in the head office of RESCATE in Madrid (Spain). 8
  11. 11. with refugees Social Action Introduction The Social Action Department carries The methodology that we employ in our out our Direct Services program to as- work is a multidisciplinary and gender- sist our target community within Spain, focused approach. specifically: refugees, asylum seekers (in There is a very high level of involvement whatever stage of the process they might on the part of our technical team; therefo- be, whether admitted, not admitted, be- re, to professionalize and specialize our ing processed, or denied), stateless per- performance to the greatest extent pos- sons, immigrants, and beneficiaries of sible is one of the principal motivators. certain types of international protection. To accomplish this, our team is often The Department is made up of two parts: attending various conferences, forums, the Legal Area and the Psychosocial courses, etc. and actively participates in Area. Its mission is to be “a social agent various European work groups as well as to promote change and development, state, municipal and local work groups working towards integration and pro- that are related to our target community blem resolution as well as to determine (Asylum Group, Psychology Group spe- and identify the social problems and ne- cializing in asylum matters, Foreign Le- cessities”. gal Group, etc.). Direct Services: 2008 projects table Project Donor Grant Beneficiaries Integration Line Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados (FER). Secretaría Community Development 67.339,93 € 120 people de Estado de Inmigración y Emigración - DGII. MTAS IRPF. Secretaría de Estado de Servicios Sociales, 28.000 € Reuniting Families 83 people Familia y Discapacidad. MTAS Information and Orientation Program Régimen General. Secretaría de Estado de Inmigración 23.000 € 116 people Employment Orientation Service y Emigración. DGII. MTAS 21.000 € 48 people Psycologic Counseling Service Obra Social La Caixa 4.000 € 44 people Voluntary Return Line Voluntary Return for immigrants who IRPF. Secretaría de Estado de Servicios Sociales, 31.000 € 233 people are vulnerable Familia y Discapacidad. MTAS Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados (FER). Secretaría Voluntary Return for asylum seekers 85.074,64 € 39 people de Estado de Inmigración y Emigración - DGII. MTAS 9
  12. 12. annual report 08 Direct Services Projects in Spain The projects administered in the Social Action Department fit into to lines: the Integra- tion Line and the Voluntary Return Line. The Integration Line This line develops projects that work from both the legal and the psychosocial towards and facilitate the process of inte- areas. In 2008 we developed the follow gration in Spain for our target community projects: 1. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Nationality Project of legal, social work, and psycho- logical services, through personalized plans of action for asylum seekers (in East Europe whatever stage of the process they might be) and/or refugees; as well as acquiring economic assistance for select cases. Legal Status Gender Refugees Male Asylum seekers admitted and/ Female or admission stage Asylum seekers not admitted or denied Ns/Nc 2. REUNITING FAMILIES: Nationality Providing information, orientation, and ad- vising on the requirements and process for reuniting families and/or extending asylum East Europe to include family members; also includes the procedure, organization and planning of trips, and following-up on our cases. Legal Status Gender Refugees and/or Male Asylum seekers Female Immigrants 10
  13. 13. with refugees 3. INFORMATION AND ORIENTATION Nationality PROGRAM: On questions related to immigration East Europe laws: documentation, nationality, and the penal system and rights. Legal Status Gender Refugees and/or Male Asylum seekers Female Immigrants 4. EMPLOYMENT ORIENTATION SERVICE: Nationality Support in job searches, finding courses and training, legal counseling and orien- tation in terms of applying for asylum and East Europe refugee status, as immigrants. Legal Status Gender Refugees Asylum seekers admitted and/ Male or admission stage Female Asylum seekers not admit- ted or denied Immigrants with identity papers Immigrants without identity papers Ns/Nc 5. PSYCOLOGIC COUNSELING SERVICE: Nationality Offered to aslyum seekers, refugees, im- migrants, etc. who exhibit mental and/or physical health problems, so that they East Europe may have a better quality of life, which affects their process of integration. Legal Status Gender Refugees Asylum seekers admitted and/ Male or admission stage Female Asylum seekers not admit- ted or denied Immigrants without identity papers Ns/Nc 11
  14. 14. annual report 08 Voluntary Return Line: We have projects aimed at those who information with regard to the effects have made an informed decision to of their return, the alternatives they voluntarily return to their country of have, and what it will be like for them origin. These projects make it possi- in their country of origin. In 2008 we ble for these people to count on all the developed two different programs: VOLUNTARY RETURN FOR IMMI- Nationality GRANTS WHO ARE VULNERABLE: Information and orientation on voluntary East Europe return, as well as going through the pro- cedure for certain selected cases. Total number of returns accomplished: 15 Legal Status Gender Immigrants with Male identity papers Female Immigrants without Ns/Nc identity papers VOLUNTARY RETURN FOR ASYLUM asylum seekers that decide to return. SEEKERS: It contains information on the current Information and orientation on volun- employment possibilities in their tary return, as well as going through country. Total number of returns ac- the procedure for certain selected complished: 6 cases for asylum seekers (those not Nationality admitted, denies and/or being pro- cessed, etc.) who applied in this way. In the framework of the project, we East Europe edited a publication “Colombia: Ma- nual on enterprising” for colombian Legal Status Gender Refugees Male Asylum seekers admitted and/ Female or admission stage Asylum seekers not admitted or denied Ns/Nc 12
  15. 15. with refugees International Cooperation Introduction The Department of International Coo- The projects developed in 2008 con- peration carries out the projects deve- sisted, principally, in the material, loped in countries which have suffered economic and social reconstruction of and/or currently suffer from conflicts countries in a post-conflict rehabilita- or natural disasters, with refugees, tion stage, such as Albania and Bosnia- displaced or returning population, fo- Herzegovina. This year, RESCATE has cusing on the most vulnerable victims: started to work in Angola –after 30 women, children and ethnic minorities. years of civil war- developing a project of sustainable agriculture and training The department is composed of a team of the rural population. of professionals in Spain and expa- triates who work in the field with the Moreover, RESCATE has implemented local partners (or counterparts). Du- projects aimed at satisfying the basic ring 2008, RESCATE has been working social needs –i.e. housing, health and in ten countries in 4 continents, Africa, hygiene, education, food sovereignty, Latin America, Asia and Central Euro- etc.- of populations suffering from cu- pe, continuing with the development of rrent conflicts, such as Colombia or the the tasks started in 2007. D.R. of Congo. This year, for the first time, the de- partment has implemented four Coo- peration Agreements (or group of pro- jects) lasting for several years, signed with the Spanish Agency for Internatio- nal Development Cooperation (AECID) in Colombia, Middle East, Ethiopia and the Balkans. Furthermore, 27 projects on Coopera- tion, Humanitarian Aid and Emergen- Antonio Ventura, expatriate in Colombia, cy Aid have been carried out, aimed at providing a training. supporting refugees, displaced or re- turning populations, or, simply, the lo- cal communities whose means of life have been affected by a conflict or a de- vastating incident. 13
  16. 16. annual report 08 Africa ETHIOPIA. RESCATE continued wor- from their homes, adding to the more king in the northern area of the Federal than 1.4 million displaced population. State of Somali and has expanded his In 2008, we have developed three assis- framework for action to Sidamo and the tance projects focused on the displaced Oromia region, with projects related to population, especially women and chil- the promotion of food sovereignty and dren: Reconstruction of two schools, access to drinkable water for the rural training of the teachers, construction of population. a Health Center and give support to the The nomad agro-shepherd communi- basic health services as well as social ties affected by the internal conflicts, insertion of women victims of war. economic and social exclusion and ANGOLA. This year, RESCATE has initia- drought, are the main beneficiaries of ted its activities in Angola, particularly, our programs. RESCATE’s strategy is in the Bié province, an area highly da- based on the “environmental restora- maged by war. It is estimated that 67% tion” in order to prevent natural disas- of the province population were internal ters and conflicts caused by the control displaced. of natural resources. Nowadays, Bié is one of the provinces D.R. of CONGO. RESCATE develops its ac- with the highest food insecurity in the tivities in North Kivu, one of the most da- country. Thus, RESCATE has opted to maged areas by war. At the end of august operate in two different manners: pro- 2008, a new violence outbreak took place motion of agricultural development and thousands of people had to escape and literacy education for adults. Nomad agro-sheperd community of Somali Region (Ethiopia). 14
  17. 17. with refugees AFRICA: 2008 projects table Local Project Donor Grant Beneficiaries Partners ANGOLA Promotion of sustainable agri- People cultural production systems and 7.000 in Need AECID 512.917 € access to education in the municipali- people (PIN) ty of Cuemba, Bié Province. ETHIOPIA Promotion of Food Sovereignty in the Hope for 16.656 most affected areas by drought in the the Horn AECID 434.447,93 € people Harshin district, Somali region. (HFH) Junta de Program of Comprehensive Develop- 70.000 HFH Castilla y 558.000 € ment in Harte Sheikh. people León Access to Primary Education of she- 14.000 pherd communities in five districts of HFH AECID 243.324 € people Somali regional State. Obra Program of Comprehensive Develop- 60.500 HFH Social La 600.000 € ment in Kebri Beyah district. people Caixa Food Sovereignty, diversification of income sources, improvement of the production and strengthening of the 42.184 association network and the mar- HFH AECID 1.760.000 € people keting systems, incorporating envi- ronmental sustainability and gender equality in Somali. D.R. OF CONGO Construction, provision of equipment Comu- Cáritas- 120.000 and start up of a Health Center in nidad de 154.000 € Goma people Walikale (North Kivu). Madrid Improvement of education quality through the reconstruction of two Cáritas- 1.259 AECID 300.610 € schools and training of teachers in Goma people Walikale. Support to the basic health services Cáritas- 189.918 as well as social insertion of women AECID 409.653 € Goma people victims of war in North Kivu. 15
  18. 18. annual report 08 Latin America COLOMBIA. According to data from the United Nations High Commissio- ner for Refugees (UNHCR), Colombia continues to be the country with the second greatest population of dis- placed people in the world, 4 million people. In 2008 alone there were more than 380,000 displacements, greater than the 2007 figure. Our work is concentrated in the De- partment of Cauca, one of the areas most affected by conflict and where the population is greatly diverse in food security, work training, medical terms of ethnicity, with large indige- and health establishments, and reor- nous and afro-colombian communi- ganization, all towards the end goal of ties. guaranteeing human rights as well as economic, social, and cultural rights RESCATE’s projects have principally for the indigenous and afro-colombian included development in rural areas, communities. LATIN AMERICA: 2008 projects table Local Project Donor Grant Beneficiaries Partners COLOMBIA Junta de Construction of 103 small health Asociación Comuni- stations in the rural districts of Agua Cultural 635 dades de 98.348 € Azul, Primavera, and Cantarito in the Casa del people Castilla-La Municipality of Villarrica (Cauca). Niño Mancha Improvement of health and sani- Corpora- tation conditions, environment, and ción para habitability of 80 farm worker families la Investi- with limited resources as well as the gación y el Generalitat 792 94.134 € improvement of three rural schools Desarrollo Valenciana people by installing health stations, septic Agrope- tanks and training in the Municipality cuario of Sucre (Sucre). (CINDAP) 16
  19. 19. with refugees The improvement of social infrastruc- tures through the construction of a Generalitat 4.759 CINDAP 111.569,73 € water treatment plant in the Munici- Valenciana people pality of Sucre (Sucre). Unidad de The strengthening of the organiza- organi- tions through the consolidation of zaciones 240 four of the community councils for AECID 150.000 € Afrocau- people the Defense and Restitution of Rights canas (Cauca). (UOAFROC) Comprehensive rural development for the African descendent and indi- Ayunta- genous communities affected by the 1.200 CINDAP miento de 287.181 € violence in the Indian reservation of people Madrid Lopez Adentro and Alto de Palo Dis- trict, Municipality of Caloto (Cauca). Comprehensive support for the Afri- can descendant populations, guaran- 5.000 teeing their human rights as well as UOAFROC AECID 800.000 € people economic, social, and cultural rights (Cauca). Fundación The improvement of health and sani- Intercul- tation conditions of families displaced tural para due to violence as well as farm wor- Generalitat 19.247 la Coope- 191.604 € kers with limited resources through Valenciana people ración the construction of a water treatment Norte-Sur plant in Piendamo (Cauca). (FUNIC) Afro-caucana ethno-education as an 15.000 FUNIC AECID 198.403 € ethnic and cultural right (Cauca). people Humanitarian aid provided to children, women who are lactating, and the 700 FUNIC AECID 190.942 € elderly victimized by the eruption of people Volcano Huila (Cauca). Employment training and income generation for 100 indigenous families Ayunta- 620 headed by women from the commu- CINDAP miento de 237.453 € people nities of Hispala and 20th of July in the Madrid Municipality of Puracé (Cauca). The socioeconomic re-stabilization and Junta de food security for 57 indigenous farm Comuni- worker families displaced due to vio- 350 FUNIC dades de 140.670 € lence around the Naya River as well as people Castilla-La for 13 vulnerable farm worker families Mancha from the Municipality of Timbío (Cauca). 17
  20. 20. annual report 08 Asia AFGHANISTAN. In 2008 we have taken Syria. This year we have completed up again our work in Afghanistan the rehabilitation of a mother-infant which, because of security reasons, Health Center at the refugee camp has been intermittent. The situation of Yarmuk, which has turned into a keeps on being very unstable after de- big neighborhood in the outskirts of cades of conflicts and civil wars. One Damascus. There are 100 000 Pales- of the most urgent problems is the tinian refugees and 400 000 Syrians lack of educational infrastructures, with minimal resources living crow- since the three quarters of the facili- ded together. ties have been destroyed. Jordan. This year we have set up the This year we have put into action the creation of an oil mill in Kufranjah (dis- reconstruction of a school in the Zare trict of Ajloun) to make olive oil and, District, in the north of the country, with the production leftovers, bring in which will be equipped with school an alternative source of energy. material. Also, the teaching staff will On the other hand, we have kept wor- be trained, specially the female tea- king on the Certification for Ecological chers. Farm Products, thanks to which, in MIDDLE EAST. This year we have star- 2008, the Jordan Government appro- ted up a four year Agreement in Syria ved a Regulation which will guarantee and Jordan aimed to cover the basic the quality of the cultivated produce necessities of the most vulnerable with organic agricultural methods in women in both countries: the Palesti- Jordan. nian, Iraqi, rural peasant women, and those who live in poverty areas of the most populated urban zones. Afghan girls getting a lesson in school rebuilt. 18
  21. 21. with refugees ASIA: 2008 projects table Project Local Partners Donor Grant Beneficiaries AFGHANISTAN Recovering the Scholar System through the rehabi- People in Need Generalitat 4.130 litation of the infrastructures 239.764 € (PIN) Valenciana people and the teacher staff training in Magzhar, Zare District. MIDDLE EAST - Jordanian National Fo- rum for Women (JNFW) - Women Federation for World Peace Jordan (WFWP) Providing integral support - Jordan River Founda- to women in a vulnerable tion (JRF) situation, refugees, rural - Asociación Coopera- peasant women, or in situa- tivista para la Capaci- tions of poverty: access to tación de la Mujer in 27.390 AECID 2.000.000 € primary education, profes- Jordan people sional training, employment - Fund for Integrated opportunities, health care and Rural Development promotion of Human Rights, in (FIRDOS), in Syria Syria and Jordan. - Asociación Bissan para el Desarrollo Social (Syria) - Ousrat Al Ikha As Souriya (Tierra de Hombres-Syria) Strategic Planning for the Cer- Jordan River 350 tification of Organic Agricul- AECID-CAP 99.485 € Foundation (JRF) people ture products in Jordan. Providing services for mother- Asociación infant health and the preven- 2.800 Bissan para el AECID 202.974 € tion of thalassemia in Yarmuk people Desarrollo Social (Damascus, Syria). Supporting the Coope- rative of Kurfranjah produ- Jordan River Generalitat 800 cing olive oil and bringing in 265.020 € Foundation (JRF) Valenciana people alternative energies in Ajloun (Jordan). 19
  22. 22. annual report 08 Central Europe BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA. 2008 marks started the reconstruction of a Residen- the tenth anniversary of RESCATE in tial and Interethnic Assistance Center in Bosnia-Herzegovina Its head office is lo- Stolac (BiH). cated in Mostar when we have five mem- KOSOVO. RESCATE is building a Toy bers working. RESCATE has undertaken Center for disabled minors from the old the final phase of the reconstruction of confronted ethnic groups. Gimnazija, one of the most representa- tive buildings of the city where students ALBANIA RESCATE has continued with from different ethnic groups took classes its projects of reconstruction of Pri- before the war. mary Education Schools and training teachers. Additionally we have launched In addition we have developed a strategy a campaign for the prevention of child to cover the necessities of the handica- trafficking, among the local communities pped or disabled groups both from bir- and the Media. th or victims of conflicts. RESCATE has Project Local Partners Donor Grant Beneficiaries ALBANIA Improving the quality of education and reducing Fundación FEMI- 2.503 AECID 250.000 € absenteeism in the Berdice commune (Shkodra). JET TE PARET people Reducing failure rates in schools in Dajc y Velipo- Fundación FEMI- 5.699 AECID 347.424 € je (Shkodra). JET TE PARET people BALKANS Providing support for the peace process assisting RESCATE- the most vulnerable groups, especially handica- Mostar (BiH) y 40.928 pped or disabled members of the population, who Fundación FE- AECID 1.200.000 € people are victims of the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina MIJET TE PARET and Kosovo. (Kosovo) Creating future prospects for women victims of RESCATE-Mostar Generalitat 42 human trafficking in BiH after the conflict. 193.910,25 € y La Strada Valenciana people Supporting the reconciliation in Mostar by 671 renovating the outside of the Secondary Education RESCATE-Mostar AECID-CAP 100.000 € people School (Phase I). BiH. Supporting the reconciliation in Mostar through the reconstruction of the Secondary Education RESCATE-Mostar 671 AECID 308.866 € School (Phase II) and the International High y UWC people School. BiH. 20
  23. 23. with refugees Public Awareness and Education for Development Introduction One of the priorities of the Public activities were focused on the edu- Awareness and Education for Deve- cational sector, the new strategy lopment Department during this year is intended to diversify the target has been -after a process of transfor- groups, after having detected that mation and analysis- to create a new the refugees reality keeps on being strategy for the next years. Besides, unknown to most of the adult po- in 2008 the department has expanded pulation. its staff with a new member in Casti- 3. New tools and topics: In order to lla-La Mancha Community. expand our objectives and get to Changing the strategy has been mar- the different public, we are aware ked by the prevailing necessity of ha- of the need to use new tools such ving a more efficient perspective on as information new technologies refugees, displaced people, and vic- and the net. Also, the Department tims of conflicts and natural disas- has expanded its topics including ters. matters such as: human traffic- king, fostering and promoting eco- The Public Awareness Department nomic, social and cultural rights, new approach is based on: training in “right to asylum”, edu- 1. Transversality: RESCATE activities cation for cooperation, social res- are several (Direct Services, Inter- ponsibility, etc. national Cooperation and Public Awareness) and they are carried out in different geographical areas “The new strategy is inten- (international, national, local), that´s why it is necessary that the ded to diversify the target Public Awareness activities show groups, after having detec- the global identity of the entity and ted that the refugees reality the coordinated experience of the keeps on being unknown to rest of the departments. most of the adult popula- 2. Diversifying the “target groups”: tion” Up to now the Public Awareness 21
  24. 24. annual report 08 Public Awareness and Education for Development Projects in Spain In 2008, the projects developed by Public Awareness and Education for Development Department in Spain has been four: 1. EDUCATION FOR INTEGRATION tical publication, distributed to centers of both communities and Thanks to the “Interculturalidad en benefiting 2.500 peoples in Castilla- el Aula II. Education for Integration” La Mancha and 1.500 in Castilla y project, we have realized a diag- León. nosis of the realities in schools in Castilla-La Mancha y Castilla y 2. ETHIOPIA AND THE MILLENNIUM León (Spain), regarding the arrival DEVELOPMENT GOALS of students of different nationali- The objective of this project, which ties. started in 2007 and finished in 2008, The tools used for the analysis have has been to show the children how been: questionnaires for teachers, the environmental deterioration students and parents, dynamics, affects a country which has suffe- interviews, visiting centers, direct red war, starvation and drought. observation, etc. Volunteers, non The tools used have been, on one - profit entities and members of hand, performing several Puppet several educational communities Shows, and on the other hand, pu- have participated in this investiga- blishing a Pocket Guide on the tion. Millennium Development Goals The results of the diagnosis have (ODM), with images of the projects been collected in a useful and prac- that RESCATE develops in Ethiopia. Education for integration dynamic in a school of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). 22
  25. 25. with refugees Presentation of the Guide “Immigration and Refuge in the Media” in Valencia (Spain). 3. THE WATER MANAGEMENT IN ETHIOPIA migration and Refuge in the Media. Knowing for understanding” aimed at “The Water Management in Ethiopia. providing the Media professionals with Images to understand” is an itinerant a useful tool to clarify their concepts Photographic Exhibition which shows about immigration and refuge. the challenges that the inhabitants of the Somali region (Ethiopia) have to We also produced a documentary film face to survive in a zone suffering se- (included in a CD along with a digital vere droughts and affected by border version of the Guide) where experts, conflicts. journalists and people in general, sha- re their views on the complex relation The images taken by the valencian existing between the Media and the photographer, Paco Jimenez, show arrival of immigrants, who left their the strategies that the inhabitants countries of origin to improve their li- use to manage such a vital resource ves or escaping from conflicts. After as water is. the presentation of the Guide and the During 2008, the photographs have documentary film in a Press Confe- been exhibited at two Cultural Centers rence, we have given four talks at the in Castellón and a local center, and Universities of Valencia and Castellón at the University of Valencia. Also, we for Journalism, Audiovisual Communi- have released 600 CD with the photo- cations and Advertising students. graphic exhibition in a digital format. 4. IMMIGRATION AND REFUGE IN THE MEDIA Within the frame of this project we have published a Guide entitled “Im- 23
  26. 26. annual report 08 World Refugee Day, June RESCATE was also in the Comunidad Valenciana (Spain) presenting the Pho- 20th to Exhibition “The Water Management The objective of the World Refugee in Ethiopia”, during the event organized Day, June 20th –established by the Ge- by the CAR of Mislata (Valencia) with neral Assembly of the United Nations- other NGOs and the UNHCR. Several is to make the people aware, in this activities, some of them sportive, some case the spanish people, of the reality others cultural, including workshops of conflicts, wars and forced displace- and concerts, took place. ment affecting persons in many places of the world. Lectures, Networks and RESCATE, as usual, commemorated Forums in 2008 the World Refugee Day jointly Invited by several bodies in 2008, the with other bodies working in this same RESCATE team for Awareness and field in order to help asylum seekers Education for the Development has and refugees. given lectures and organized works- hops addressed to different groups of RESCATE was in Madrid at the Rain- people. A workshop on the “Present bow Festival presenting an informative situation of the refugees and displaced table. This event take place every year people in the world. The case of the at the Refugee Welcome Center (CAR), children” was held in La Casa Encen- located in Alcobendas (Madrid). dida, an outstanding cultural center in Madrid (Spain). Informative table of RESCATE in the Rainbow Festival of CAR, in Alcobendas (Madrid). 24
  27. 27. with refugees RESCATE-Comunitat Valenciana has NGOs sharing common objectives. presented a communication at the V Festival of Cinema and Human Rights Corporate Social Responsi- at the University of Alicante, and also bility (CSR) at the Seminar on “Media, Inmigration and Cultural Diversity” held at the Uni- A new strategy started in 2008 in this versity Cardenal Herrera-CEU, Valen- field stablishing contacts with new so- cia. cial actors like the companies keeping areas of CSR. An example of this ac- In Castilla-La Mancha, RESCATE orga- tivity was the distribution of the “ODM nized a workshop in the Center for Uni- Handbook” to the workers of the buil- versity Studies of Talavera de la Reina ding company OHL by their corporative (Toledo). An agreement has been sig- volunteers. ned with the University of Castilla-La Mancha to provide practical activities to the students. Beside these activities, the RESCATE team has actively participated in the Networks and Forums of the Comu- nidad de Madrid (FONGDCAM and FE- VOCAM) and the Comunidad Valencia- na (CVONGD and the Valencia Platform against Poverty), jointly with other Public Awareness and Education for Development: 2008 projects table Project Donor Grant Beneficiaries Interculturalidad en el Ministerio de Traba- Aula II. Education for jo y Asuntos Sociales 26.000 € 4.000 people Integration. (MTAS) Agencia Española de Cooperación Interna- Ethiopia and the Mi- cional para el Desa- llennium Development rrollo (AECID) 54.852,00 € Goals. 4.500 people Caja Navarra The Water Manage- Generalitat Valen- ment in Ethiopia. Ima- 19.264,84 € 1.700 people ciana ges to understand. Immigration and Refu- Generalitat 16.532,38 € 2.450 people ge in the Media. Valenciana 25
  28. 28. annual report 08 Economic information INCOME Income through the 2008 2007 organization’s own activities Grants and donations 2.767.027,25 1.879.713,69 Public sources 2.543.622,02 1.794.475,83 Private sources 223.405,23 85.237,86 Reimbursments of grants -20.462,75 -7.568,14 Total income through the 2.746.564,50 1.872.242,45 organization’s own activities Other income 11.207,91 90,95 Financial income 59.692,37 4.292,18 Total income 2.817.464,78 1.876.625,58 EXPENDITURES Programs 2008 2007 Social Action 257.019,33 179.915,64 International Cooperation 2.199.352,38 1.461.566,10 Public Awareness and 149.755,22 58.232,06 Education Subtotal 2.606.126,93 1.699.713,80 Administration and Fun- 208.469,14 181.748,06 draising Total expenditures 2.814.596,07 1.881.461,86 BALANCE 2.868,71 -4.836,28 26
  29. 29. with refugees Grants and donations managed in 2008 FROM PUBLIC SOURCES 2008 2007 AECID 1.666.567,86 626.811,53 Ayuntamiento de Madrid 194.064,96 250.889,74 Generalitat Valenciana 285.222,27 211.425,14 Fondo Europeo para los Refugiados 95.936,97 80.094,51 Dirección General de Integración de los Inmigrantes (MTAS) 130.354,76 97.808,61 Junta de Comunidades de Castilla-La Mancha 56.332,77 154.563,58 Junta de Comunidades de Castilla y León 32.691,07 231.178,13 IRPF (MTAS) 59.000,00 59.000,00 Gobierno Bosnia i Herzegovina 1.037,17 1.180,38 Comunidad de Madrid 1.951,44 72.653,69 Other Public Income 8.870,52 Subtotal 2.523.159,27 1.794.475,83 FROM PRIVATE SOURCES 2008 2007 Member’s quotas 3.563,54 4.323,41 Obra Social La Caixa 127.352,46 3.032,35 Caja Navarra 1.809,03 5.781,52 Cityscope S.L. 1.695,92 1.636,80 Moebius Creativa CB 1.014,00 El Corte Inglés 1.000,00 Veterinaria Organización 928,00 Santander 82.173,00 Oficina La Caixa 700,00 Avannet 167,92 ITM, S.L. 842,17 Wizard Computers 75,37 Movistar 236,58 Mundo Unido 447,24 Other Private Income 1.400,00 70.463,78 Subtotal 223.405,23 85.237,86 Total Grants and Donations managed in 2008 2.767.027,25 1.879.713,69 27
  30. 30. annual report 08 28
  31. 31. with refugees Acknowledgements The RESCATE activities to help as- Europeo para los Refugiados (FER), ylum seekers, refugees, displaced Junta de Comunidades de Castilla- persons, beneficiaries of certain La Mancha, Junta Castilla y León, types of international protection Comunidad de Madrid y Gobierno and immigrants could be possible de Bosnia i Herzegovina. because the economical support, Private supporters: Obra Social La trust and collaboration of our: Caixa, Santander, InMadrid, Grupo MEMBERS: The RESCATE mem- Dima, Caja Navarra, El Corte In- bers are those persons who sha- glés, Moebius Creativa, Veterinaria ring our objectives decide to beco- Organización, etc. me members and participate in the ORGANIZATIONS: Centros de Ayuda a General Assembly. los Refugiados (CAR) de Alcobendas In 2008, three groups of members (Madrid) y Mislata (Valencia); Funda- have been considered: regular ción Luis Vives y Fundación Lealtad; member, donor member –contri- Mundo Unido Cooperación; Funda- buting economically- and member ción Ortega y Gasset; Centro Hispano 10 –making important contribu- Colombiano de Madrid. tions. In Castilla-La Mancha: Asociación Presently RESCATE has 137 regu- Socio Cultural San Andrés, Bibliote- lar members and 20 donor mem- ca Municipal “José Hierro” de Tala- bers. A main challenge for the next vera de la Reina (Toledo), Asociación years is to increase the number of “Talavera Acoge”, y a los Institutos de members in the three groups in Educación Secundaria que han cola- order to achieve greater support by borado en la publicación “Intercultu- the civil society to the refugees and ralidad en el Aula II”. the displaced people. In Comunitat Valenciana: Ayunta- DONORS: Public institutions, com- miento de Castellón, Universidad panies and private people that have Internacional Menéndez Pelayo de supported economically the RES- Valencia, CAM “La Llotgeta”, Unió de CATE activities. Periodístes de Valencia, Fundación CeiMigra, Diputación de Castellón, Public supporters: AECID, Gene- Universidad Cardenal Herrera-CEU ralitat Valenciana, Ayuntamiento de Valencia, Universidad Jaume I de de Madrid, Ministerio de Trabajo Castellón, Concejalía de Juventud y Asuntos Sociales (MTAS), Fondo 29
  32. 32. annual report 08 de Valencia, Universidad de Valen- Carlota Guzmán, Alicia García y Mª cia (Facultad de Ciencias Sociales) y Dolores Frigols. Concejalía de Juventud de Castellón. Castilla-La Mancha Our local partners in the internatio- Beatriz Aldana. nal field: Comunitat Valenciana • Asociación Cultural Casa del Niño, Patricia Moratalla, Begoña Tempra- Corporación para la Investiga- no. ción y el Desarrollo Agropecuario D.R. of Congo (CINDAP), Unidad de organiza- Arsene Masumbuko. ciones Afrocaucanas (UOAFROC) y Fundación Intercultural para la TRAINEES: Rebeca Rubio Ortega, Cooperación Norte-Sur (FUNIC) in student of 3º Educación Social (CLM) Colombia (Latin America). y Sa-Nguansin, Watcharabhorn, in- ternational practising student in Va- • People in Need (PIN) y Hope for the lencia. Horn (HFH) y Cáritas-Goma in Africa. COLLABORATORS: Madrid: Mary • Fundación FEMIJET TE PARET in Cantwell. Castilla-La Mancha: Nata- Central Europe. lia Aldana, Elisabet Hernández, Car- • People in Need (PIN), Jordan River men Mendoza, Maryoli Moreno y Luis Foundation (JRF), Jordanian Na- Alfredo Bonilla. Comunitat Valencia- tional Forum for Women (JNFW), na: Juan Pablo Palladino y Miguel Women Federation for World Peace Montero. Jordan (WFWP), Asociación Coo- MEDIA: TVE, Reuters AlertNet, Diario perativista para la Capacitación de Levante, Canal 9, Radio Nou, Localia la Mujer en Jordania, Fund for In- TV, Agencia EFE, boletín FONGDCAM, tegrated Rural Development (FIR- RNE, Revista Miralls, www.revistatei- DOS), Asociación Bissan para el, Periódico Xarxa Urbana, Plu- Desarrollo Social (Syria) y Ousrat ralia TV y Telemadrid Al Ikha As Souriya (Tierra de Hom- bres-Syria) in Asia. And above all, a heartfelt thank you VOLUNTEERS: Persons who disin- to all our beneficiaries, for inspiring terestedly have contributed with their us everyday with your character and motivations, work and time to our pro- strength. jects. Without them it would be impos- sible to develop all our activities. Madrid Blanca Vivancos, Marcela Lagunas, Nina Mosheni, Martin Gottlieb-Hollis, 30