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Published in: Education, Sports
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  1. 1. Legend of the ThunderbirdAncient cultures developed myths and legends to explian thigns about the world they did not understand. The Egyptian story ofThe Phoenix is an example of such a myth. The story was about acreature named Bennu which was the ancient Egyptian name for Thunderbird, Phoenix or Firebird.
  2. 2. Thunderbird Totem
  3. 3. The Thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoplesconsidered a "supernatural" bird of power and strength. It is especially important, and richlydepicted, in the art, songs and oral histories of many Pacific Northwest Coast cultures, and isfound in various forms among the peoples of the American Southwest and Great Plains.The Thunderbirds name comes from the common belief that the beating of its enormous wingscauses thunder and stirs the wind. The Lakota name for the Thunderbird is yą, fromwakhą, meaning "sacred", and kįyą, meaning "winged".
  4. 4. This is the Russian version of a Thunderbird called a Firebird.