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  • It is something clear but it is something unclear. As the e-commerce models are still different from this one to others, so the total value of each segment is not full view and doubtfully received. The question is what is the total value of e-commerce in VN, 2013? does it figure include the E-commerce enterprises? So how many E-commerce enterprises? (not accountable now), is it?
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  • E gift social https://www.egiftsocial.com/mgift/storefront/mall/homehttp://zalochat.net/thi-truong-ott-van-dang-cho-ngon-gio-moihttp://kenh14.vn/2-tek/line-va-zalora-mang-toi-con-mua-qua-tang-20130806121347603.chnhttp://www.techinasia.com/viber-hits-8-million-in-vietnam-philippines/http://dantri.com.vn/doanh-nghiep/mot-lan-nua-kakaotalk-la-gi-756270.htmhttp://www.ibisworld.com/industry/default.aspx?indid=1099 http://sgtt.vn/oldweb/cacsobaotruoc/382_37/p16_racroi.htmhttp://sgtt.vn/oldweb/cacsobaotruoc/457_11/p19_phieuquatang.htmhttp://www.executiveboard.com/exbd/financial-services/tower-group/gift-cards/index.pagehttp://www.starbucks.com/card/egift  http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/business/87435/e-commerce--vietnamese-businesses-still-keep-waiting.htmlhttp://www.thanhniennews.com/index/pages/20131121-e-commerce-clicks-attracts-foreign-interest.aspxhttp://www.techinasia.com/tag/ecommerce-in-vietnam/http://www.dailyvietnamnews.net/index/pages/20131031-20-pct-of-vietnamese-using-e-commerce.aspxhttp://vccinews.com/news_detail.asp?news_id=4395http://e27.co/5-factors-boosting-the-vietnam-e-commerce-trend-in-2012/http://www.amchamvietnam.com/2369/e-commerce-websites-in-vietnam-fail-to-meet-rules/http://www.slideshare.net/anhlebksp/tns-vn-mobi-life-and-digital-life-2012http://talkvietnam.com/2013/06/boosting-e-commerce-in-vietnam/http://talkvietnam.com/2012/09/e-commerce-law-to-stamp-out-fraud/#.UpgTk-IhFBohttp://vcamp.vn/article/1161/nhung-cai-ten-dang-chu-y-trong-thi-truong-thuong-mai-dien-tu-viet-nam.htmlhttp://www.pcworld.com.vn/articles/tin-tuc/binh-luan/2012/01/1230143/3-xu-huong-thuong-mai-dien-tu-viet-nam-nam-2012/http://ecomeye.com/blog/2013/10/08/vietnams-ecommerce-2013-five-key-things-know/#sthash.yDEtjVAI.dpbshttp://www.techinasia.com/ecommerce-sales-vietnam-hit-700-million-reach-13-billion-2015/http://www.dailyvietnamnews.net/index/pages/20131031-20-pct-of-vietnamese-using-e-commerce.aspxhttp://ph.she.yahoo.com/depth-interview-ceo-vietnam-biggest-101044156.htmlhttp://www.pcworld.com.vn/articles/tin-tuc/binh-luan/2012/01/1230143/3-xu-huong-thuong-mai-dien-tu-viet-nam-nam-2012/http://vcamp.vn/article/1161/nhung-cai-ten-dang-chu-y-trong-thi-truong-thuong-mai-dien-tu-viet-nam.htmlhttp://vcamp.vn/article/1143/nha-sang-lap-epi-vietnam-thuong-mai-dien-tu-viet-nam-thieu-su-nhan-nai.htmlhttp://kinhdoanh.vnexpress.net/tin-tuc/doanh-nghiep/thi-truong-smartphone-viet-nam-tang-truong-nhanh-nhat-dong-nam-a-2918285.html 
  • Do not think that all International markets are alikeThe big different in Vietnam market is its credibility. According to Vietnam Standard and Consumer Association, from the beginning of this year until now, there are total 73 cases of customer complaining about the customer service of groupon. http://www.baomoi.com/Than-trong-khi-mua-voucher-khuyen-mai/45/11135583.epi Products Quality: Sometimes, goods and services are not really as good as what the retailers advertised on websites. Services are not 100% good as promised, customers don’t get the service they are expecting.Unsafety transaction – the common issue in the world, not only in Vietnam. This problem of losing out personal information will lead to big trouble for customers. Payment method: Payment methods are not favorable, take time. http://www.thesaigontimes.vn/Home/congnghe/muonneo/52361/ Discounts: Customers only want discounts / enjoy the e-gift from senders without paying any fees, they are not real and loyal customer.http://capitalismisthecrisis.net/tag/disadvantages-of-using-groupon
  • E commerce vietnam

    1. 1. SNA Vietnam Ltd., E-commerce in Vietnam About E-commerce in Vietnam Technical Infrastructure E-commerce Applications Supporting Activities Mobile Shopping Digital Gifting SNA Vietnam Ltd., Status of E-commerce in Vietnam 2
    2. 2. SNA Vietnam Ltd., E-commerce in Vietnam About E-commerce in Vietnam • Huge opportunity has not been exploited Booming in group buying sites (2010) - nhommua.com - hotdeal.vn - Muachung.vn - …………….. • Rapid increase in internet penetration in population from 30 • Forecast annual growth rate: 75% million users (2011) to 37 million users (2016) (forecast) • People spend more time on the internet: from 43 minutes to 130 minutes (2008 to 2011) • The chart shows the forecast gross merchandise value (2011 to 2015) • Total value expected to reach 2.8 billion dollars in 2015 ( chart figures derived from PWC Feb 2013) SNA Vietnam Ltd, 3
    3. 3. SNA Vietnam Ltd., About E-commerce in Vietnam E-commerce in Vietnam • The market is fragment with no clear trend and leader • Three main types of e-commerce business:  Market places No distinguish  E-tailers market leader in  Online channel of those leading specialist retails C2C and B2C • None of those firms could reach 5% of the market share Remarkable players in each sector Market Places E-tailers SNA Vietnam Ltd, Market specialist retails 4
    4. 4. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Technical Infrastructure E-commerce in Vietnam Payment Infrastructure • Cash payment declined • Non cash payment increase but total value is still low • More banks implement Internet Banking • Bank cards have became popular means of payment in Vietnam • Credit card utilization rate is still low Payment cards structure 2007 and 2012 Source: The State Bank of Vietnam Top 10 bank cards issuers up to 30-11-2011 SNA Vietnam Ltd, 5
    5. 5. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Technical Infrastructure E-commerce in Vietnam Logistics Infrastructure • Postal services have been growth rapidly since 2007 • Narrowing public postal network gradually, less convenience for people to access postal services • Top three leading companies occupy 53% of the market revenue (78% in 2009) • Market share in Revenue Smaller firms have their chances to sneak in the market Number of postal offices SNA Vietnam Ltd, 6
    6. 6. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Technical Infrastructure E-commerce in Vietnam IT & Communication Infrastructure • Strong growth in number of internet users • Increase in internet usage frequency and length • 84% access internet on desktop computer, 27% access via phone Growth of Internet users SNA Vietnam Ltd, 7
    7. 7. SNA Vietnam Ltd., E-commerce Applications in Communities E-commerce in Vietnam • Most frequent activity: information gathering • Most popular activity: recreation activities • E-commerce is not well-developed, online banking is still weak • Online activities different from age group, 15-24 years spend more time on almost all activities. SNA Vietnam Ltd, 8
    8. 8. SNA Vietnam Ltd., E-commerce Applications in Communities E-commerce in Vietnam • About 40% of internet users in Vietnam tried online shopping/ auction • Less than 10% use online banking • People in the North, age group 25-34 shop online more frequent • Low trust in online business SNA Vietnam Ltd, 9
    9. 9. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Status of E-commerce in Vietnam E-commerce in Vietnam • Most popular model of e-commerce in Vietnam is e-shopping site • 54% of e-market place website has integrated online payment • There have been a significant increase in number of people participate in online transaction. SNA Vietnam Ltd, 10
    10. 10. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Status of E-commerce in Vietnam E-commerce in Vietnam • E-marketplaces is occupied with the majority of online stores, classified ads and buying group • HR costs take the highest proportion in e-marketplaces operation SNA Vietnam Ltd, 11
    11. 11. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Supporting Activities E-commerce in Vietnam • Changing in law and regulations to foster the secure of e-commerce • There are more tertiary institutions provide formal training course for e-commerce. VCU and HUI are the pioneer in training for e-commerce • Increase in demand from companies for well-trained e-commerce staff • There have been a strong growth in demand for e-commerce lecturers SNA Vietnam Ltd, 12
    12. 12. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Mobile Shopping E-commerce in Vietnam • Significant increase in accessing internet via hand phones • Smartphone market grows 156% in the first 3 quarters of 2013 ( GfK – 2013) • Tablet market also reach 233% compare to the same period in 2012 (GfK -2013) • Strong growth in mobile internet access devices foster the growth of e-commerce ( mobile shopping) • Lack of apps develop to support online shopping via mobile phone. • SNA Vietnam Ltd, Lack of security in transaction 13
    13. 13. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Mobile Shopping E-commerce in Vietnam • Vietnamese firms are still hesitate to involve in e-commerce • The group thinking still affect firm in making decision to involve online business. • E-commerce in Vietnam is picking up the trend to grow, but it is still remain infant industry. • Local government has put effort in developing e-commerce, minimize fraud cases and nurturing the trust from business and communities. • It has been said that Vietnam is the promise land for foreign investor in e-commerce. Key to success - Proper arrangement for payment method and delivery means must adapt to local conditions, plus relevant planning and investment for online structure. SNA Vietnam Ltd, 14
    14. 14. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Digital Gifting - E-commerce in Vietnam Business and Customer’s problem with traditional gift card Card storage Difficult redemption Difficult in gifting ideas Accessibility to gift Low personalization Timely problem in purchasing gift Mobile SMS Social Network websites Email Digital Gifting Mediums Others - Production cost Storage security Wide coverage High operating costs Difficult in tracking customer’s behaviors Apps Business’s problem Customer’s problem SNA Vietnam Ltd, 15
    15. 15. SNA Vietnam Ltd., E-commerce in Vietnam Digital Gifting Information – Digital Gifting Mediums in Vietnam 80 Social Web Users in Vietnam – Top 3 ranking [VALUE] % 70 [VALUE] % 60 50 40 30 20 [VALUE] % 10 0 Facebook Zingme Twitter Users Main Applications - Social connections Entertainment Gifting focus around songs, items in apps, and games integrated on the website Digital gift items sent through social network website is very limited (* Note: Application in gift giving term) SNA Vietnam Ltd, 16
    16. 16. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Digital Gifting E-commerce in Vietnam Information – Digital Gifting Mediums in Vietnam Main Applications - Common items sent through SMS: discount voucher codes, top-up card codes Other items: songs, movie code, flight tickets Other usage: gift can be sent through hand-phones applications (OTT, email, websites…etc.) (* Note: Application in gift giving term) SNA Vietnam Ltd, 17
    17. 17. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Digital Gifting E-commerce in Vietnam Information – Digital Gifting Mediums in Vietnam OTT User in Vietnam Others Line Kakaotalk Zalo Viber 1.5 million users 4 million users Over 4 million users 5 million users 8 million users 0 Main Applications - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Source: Newspapers (Tienphong, Techinasia, ICTnews,…) Most of OTT apps are used for messaging, sending picture, call, personal page Only KakaoTalk and Line have been developed beyond the normal OTT apps KakaoTalk and Line have are quite similar, can be used to send discounted vouchers by companies. (* Note: Application in gift giving term) SNA Vietnam Ltd, 18
    18. 18. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Digital Gifting E-commerce in Vietnam Developing E-commerce and Digital Gift Opportunities  Fast develop internet infrastructure  Laptops and smartphones are more affordable than ever.  Growing awareness of online shopping  Supporting Laws and Regulations to foster e-commerce  Increase in number of business aware the important of E-commerce  The market is still not well-developed SNA Vietnam Ltd, 19
    19. 19. SNA Vietnam Ltd., Digital Gifting E-commerce in Vietnam Developing E-commerce and Digital Gift Threats  Security concern for online transactions  Product/service quality is the main concern of customers  Vietnam is still a cash economy  Credibility of online business is still low  Sellers discrimination to customers who use gift / discount vouchers is currently the big problem SNA Vietnam Ltd, 20