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Silk Cocoon


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Introduction about Thai Golden Silk Cocoon by Chivalry Silk

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Silk Cocoon

  1. 1. Thai Golden Silk Cocoon Chivalry Silk
  2. 2. Thai Golden Silk Cocoon (Mai Thong) • Original form Thailand • High Quality • Dried cocoon suitable for skin care • Promoted by Silk Institute of Thailand
  3. 3. Silk worm feeding process Natural feed with Hygienically and cleanness
  4. 4. After the silk worm spin the web
  5. 5. Quality Specification The silk yarn which are reeled from fresh cocoon can keep its’ original softness and shining ness. The silk shining nesses come from the fibroins (a kind of protein) which reflect the sun shine complicatedly. Furthermore, the No.11 has stable yellow color which come from carotene needs special know how of our Japanese supervisors to produce high quality warp yarn from fresh cocoon reeling. And finally, the produced yarn looks gold which has glorious shining ness and softness which can be called “Thai golden silk. “ or called Mai Thong
  6. 6. Right Picture is finished cocoon Cocoon shell percentage 21 - 22 % Single cocoon weight 1.8 – 2.0 gram Single cocoon shell weight 0.43 gram -Size of cocoon filament 2.7 – 2.8 denier
  7. 7. Thai Golden Silk Yarn is a new Thai silk yarn product. Silk yarn color is golden. Special characteristics are; High tension of silk filament that can be used as warp and weft silk yarn. Uniform and good level of consistent silk yarn color. Very good level of luster silk yarn. Soft smooth.
  8. 8. Our product form Thai Golden Silk cocoon • Fancy Lamp • Home furnishing • Silk Amino Whitening Complex Serum** • Silk extract for soap ** (Homemade product)
  9. 9. Thank you for your inquiry お問い合わせいただきありがとうございます For any question please contact +66 89 6633639