Antropologia + marketing = couture ?


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how corporate antropology could change de focus of service - from segments to each people

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Antropologia + marketing = couture ?

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  10. 10. We put people at the centre of everything we do. We believe people unlock the knowledge and inspiration necessary to make business’ work. noah stephens, flickr
  11. 11. Besides asking people questions wealso spend time with them. In thismanner we get to know people betterand dive deeper into knowledge that isnot visible from the tip of the iceberg. noah stephens, flickr
  12. 12. Our work can start form one of two standpoints:Problem finding scenario Problem solving scenarioThe client wants to achive innovation in a new or little The client has a specific problem with his/her productknown business area. We start by identifying the main or service. We start by understanding the costumersstakeholders, themes and problems in this unit and their environment through ethnography. Then wethrough ethnographic fieldwork. By unpacking the revisit the marketing mix of the product and/ormain issue at stake we can provide solutions and service, changing what is necessary so that it fits indesign appropriate products or services. well with the existing context and culture. noah stephens, flickrWe also always share with our clients inspirational behaviors andmicro-trends that that are relevant to their business.
  13. 13. nd ture of media a phic re search on the fuGlobal ethnogra youngsters.entertain ment amongst e. Channels EuropNew business models for Fox edia trends. es on entert ainment and mNew perspectiv razil & China. d the world: EU, US, B 10 cities aroun nt: clie ethodologies, no vative research m “More than the in ieve disruption” I liked the wa y Couture achational Channel Europe nt of Fox Intern a, Preside Jesus Perezagu
  14. 14. A national ethnogra phic research and bu across Lisbon, Porto siness anthropology and Algarve. project in Portugal ta kings place Understanding the po rtuguese atitude tow ards and relation to, crisp consumption. New bi-annual strate gy definition, new pr oduct launch.  “Ao fim de 20 anos de experiência em Marke sua abordagem integr ting, a Couture conseg ada, adicionando uma uiu surpreender-me po interpretação do resulta perspectiva antropoló sitivamente pela do final. Uma grande gica e criativa não só apenas o objecto de m ajuda para entender be ao método como à arketing. Um excelent m o consumidor - a peObrigada Couture! Con e contributo para o futu ssoa nãoIsabel Salgado, Marke tamos convosco! ro do negócio. ting Manager Pe psico nt: clie
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