Using the Joomla CMI in the Army Hosting Environment


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Kane McLean,
BRTRC-Strategy and Communications Group

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Using the Joomla CMI in the Army Hosting Environment

  1. 1. Enlisting Joomla! ━━ Using the Joomla CMS in the Army Hosting Environment by Kane McLean Military Open Source Working Group OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010
  2. 2. Why Joomla! ● Immensely popular ● Strong, Well Organized Community ● Thoughtful, forward-thinking leadership ● Easy to Deploy, Use and Train Users ● Easily Repeatable = Cost Efficient Why Not Something Else ● Why Not Drupal? ○ Strong CMS, but very complex ○ Designed for high number of back-end users ○ Not yet in use in the Army ○ Smaller, less active community ● Why Not Wordpress? ○ Great, User-Friendly CMS, but very simple ○ Designed for limited back-end users ○ Conditionally CoN'd in the Army ○ Very active community built around blogging paradigm ● Why Not Movable Type? ○ Strong in high-traffic ○ Poor Documentation ○ Not at use in the Army ○ Very Weak community ● Why Not SharePoint? ○ Wrong Tool for the Job. Collaboration is NOT Publishing ○ Potential of Mixing public information with private collaboration information ○ SP is slow, unwieldy and unfriendly ● Why Not Use PowerPoint? ○ BECAUSE POWERPOINT'S "PUBLISH TO WEB" ISN'T EVEN GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOUR KID'S KINDERGARTEN CLASS PAGE NOW ADAYS. ○ Need Clarification? Re-Read the above statement. What is Joomla! ● One of the most popular Content Management Systems in the World. ● Downloaded over 15 million times (now averaging 20,000 per day). ● Approx 2 million sites openly using Joomla. ● Used more often than Drupal (which runs and Movable Type ● Garden industry built around theming -- The Template Club ● Over 200,000 contributors at Project has been around over a decade OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010
  3. 3. Considerations for Using Joomla ● DoD Security ○ Approval to Use Joomla ○ Waiver? (CIO-G6 has assumed initial risk for running Joomla, so in some hosting environments a waiver is all that is needed.) ○ CoN? (Certificate of Networthiness) ● Staffing and Training ○ Do you have Administrators? ○ Do you have Editors? ○ Do you have Content Contributors? ○ Are you prepared to train, support, and trust them. Enlisting Joomla! in the Army ● Is Joomla Right for the Job? ○ Need for true timely publishing? ○ Need for non-technical administration ○ Need to manage a lot of content ● What Environment ○ Open environment or behind AKO? ○ Completely public (Open-Gov or CAC protected?) * Milforge - currently working to get Joomla checked into milforge so that all of DoD can use it. Rolling-Out an Army Joomla! Site ● Getting Started: ○ Right Environment = LAMP ○ Get appropriate approval (CoN, Waiver, etc.) ○ Information Architecture (Organize your site’s content and menus WELL) ● Security ○ Security: FOLLOW THE JOOMLA SEC CHECKLIST ( Category:Security_Checklist). ○ Never Use the Default Database Prefix ○ You will NOT be able to install all the latest patches as they come out ● Templating ○ Templating should be well written and cross-browser comlpiant (yes, IE6 too). ○ Handle All Presentation Layer Items IN THE TEMPLATE. (Use template overrides) ○ Validate you theme (CSS, XHTML, etc.) to verify that you’re 508 compliant. ○ Train admins, authors, etc. on 508 issues they WILL encounter. THEY CAN RUIN 508 compliance. OSFA | MIL-OSS WG2 | 03 AUG 2010