DISA’s Open Source Corporate Management Information System (CMIS)<br />Jeff Smart<br />Georgia Tech Research Institute (GT...
OSCMIS Home Page<br />
OSCMIS Summary<br /><ul><li>OSCMIS is a suite of Federal practice workforce management, administration, and automated work...
Built almost entirely in Adobe ColdFusion 9 and MS SQL Server 2005
HR Suite
Security Suite
Training Suite
Additional applications, tools, reports, links, and more
Fully DISA security accredited, PKI enabled software
Uses role-based access management
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DISA's Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS)


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DISA's Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS)
Jeff Smart,
Georgia Tech Research Institute

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DISA's Open Source Corporate Management Information System (OSCMIS)

  1. 1. DISA’s Open Source Corporate Management Information System (CMIS)<br />Jeff Smart<br />Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)<br />
  2. 2. OSCMIS Home Page<br />
  3. 3. OSCMIS Summary<br /><ul><li>OSCMIS is a suite of Federal practice workforce management, administration, and automated workflow products
  4. 4. Built almost entirely in Adobe ColdFusion 9 and MS SQL Server 2005
  5. 5. HR Suite
  6. 6. Security Suite
  7. 7. Training Suite
  8. 8. Additional applications, tools, reports, links, and more
  9. 9. Fully DISA security accredited, PKI enabled software
  10. 10. Uses role-based access management
  11. 11. OSCMIS knows who you are, who your peers are, what you are authorized to access, and your chain of command and applies that to what you can see and use
  12. 12. Notifications of actions requiring response by others are provided by machine generated email between initiator, current responder, and next responder throughout
  13. 13. System requirements
  14. 14. Adobe ColdFusion 9
  15. 15. Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 or other SQL database
  16. 16. LDAP or ocsp server for authentication
  17. 17. Web server
  18. 18. email server access</li></li></ul><li>Sample of OSCMIS Applications and Tools<br /><ul><li>Multiple Federal HR tools
  19. 19. Automated SF-50, Telework Management, On-Boarding, Manpower, Military Manpower, and more!
  20. 20. Comprehensive Personnel and Physical Security tools
  21. 21. Virtually all DoD requirements can be performed in the Security suite
  22. 22. Actions are tracked as to time and person modifying record, are auditable
  23. 23. Acquisition Corporate Management Information System (ACMIS)
  24. 24. DoD designated tool for Acquisition community training management is a component application within OSCMIS, as are multiple special tools and reports
  25. 25. Learning Management System
  26. 26. Comprehensive product for training administration, competitive training selection, military training requirements (all services), mandatory training, intern development, mentoring, individual and group electronic SF-182’s and more
  27. 27. Balanced Scorecard
  28. 28. Used by all of DISA, built to DISA practice: simultaneous measure, task, milestone, and progress panes, plus chart of goals to performance quarterly and annually
  29. 29. Protocol Office
  30. 30. Comprehensive event planning application to track all aspects of events
  31. 31. Calendar and event views, comprehensive planning capabilities
  32. 32. DISA Alert Notification (DAN) and Personnel Accountability Management (PAM)
  33. 33. Comprehensive, customizable, email and text message alerts for specific groups, with many added capabilities in DAN including instructions for action, attachments, test messages, variable email From, and more
  34. 34. PAM provides status response update mechanism for individuals to management, comprehensive organizational group and individual status tracking
  35. 35. Used for emergencies or significant events (tested with a pandemic alert to over 2,000 personnel)</li></li></ul><li>Software Architecture<br /><ul><li>Aggregates Native (ColdFusion) Applications & Government Links
  36. 36. Government Link Examples
  37. 37. Office of Personnel Management (OPM): www.opm.gov
  38. 38. Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS): www.dod.mil/dfas
  39. 39. DoD Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS): ebis.satx.disa.mil
  40. 40. Native Applications
  41. 41. Adobe ColdFusion 9
  42. 42. Written by DISA developers
  43. 43. Independent (modular) applications in the Web server
  44. 44. Modular design supports highly configurable CMIS versions
  45. 45. Modular design supports sharing among CMIS versions
  46. 46. One-to-one mapping to database in SQL Server instance
  47. 47. Wrapper.cfm provides common header & footer for consistent look & feel among most applications</li></li></ul><li>Data Architecture<br /><ul><li>Separate Database for Each Native ColdFusion Application (~30 Total)
  48. 48. Modular Configuration Enables Customization
  49. 49. All Application Modules interface with Manpower and Portal Privileges Databases
  50. 50. Customer data loading begins with Manpower Database </li></ul>CMIS User<br />Manpower<br />…<br />Privileges<br />Security<br />Training<br />Telework<br />Microsoft 2005/2008 SQL Server<br />Personnel, Security, Training Administrative Data Input<br />
  51. 51. OSCMIS Background<br /><ul><li>Developed internally for DISA use worldwide
  52. 52. Begun 1997, recoded into Adobe ColdFusion, MS SQL Server 2005 in 2005-2006
  53. 53. 16,000 customers at 40 sites including tactical sites in south Asia
  54. 54. Currently contains 109 applications and tools, hundreds of reports and links
  55. 55. Six full time government developers work 2-3 dozen projects at once
  56. 56. One DBA, 2 systems administrators, 1 security rep, and 1 systems analyst support part time
  57. 57. ColdFusion ease of development, speed, and security enabled this team to field 63 new products and substantially upgrade 69 more in FY2009
  58. 58. Many products readily usable by non-Federal or even non-government organizations
  59. 59. Established Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) in 2009
  60. 60. Software is copyrighted by OSSI (www.oss-institute.org)
  61. 61. Licensable under Open Source License v.3
  62. 62. NOT a GPL/LGPL license—allows proprietary software to be used in conjunction with OSCMIS and remain proprietary
  63. 63. License available at http://www.oss-institute.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=332&Itemid=210</li></li></ul><li>OSCMIS OSSI Support<br /><ul><li>Open Technology Research Consortium (OSSI & academic institutions)
  64. 64. Customization
  65. 65. Development
  66. 66. Automate Data Loading
  67. 67. Installation Support
  68. 68. Training
  69. 69. Access to Information, Source Code, and Demonstration
  70. 70. OSSI Home Page (Program and Activities): www.oss-institute.org
  71. 71. DISA-provided OSCMIS disc
  72. 72. Coming Soon (GTRI Demo Site): oscmis.gtri.gatech.edu</li></li></ul><li>CMIS Community Versions<br /><ul><li>Open Source will facilitate proliferation
  73. 73. DISA thread still being developed by original authors
  74. 74. Current version 3.10.2
  75. 75. New release at end of each (calendar year) quarter
  76. 76. Open Source thread
  77. 77. Maintained by Open Source Technology Research Consortium under DISA CRADA
  78. 78. Close cooperation with DISA original developers
  79. 79. Available for customization into new threads
  80. 80. Other Government versions
  81. 81. Maintained by individual agencies
  82. 82. More than 70 Federal to local government, industry, academic organizations, and even individuals have licensed as of February 2010
  83. 83. Any instance may collaborate with any other instance while maintaining control of their configuration</li></li></ul><li>For More Information Contact:<br />John Weathersby Dick Nelson<br />Director, Open Source Software Institute Chief, Personnel Systems Support Branch,<br />601.427.0152 Defense Information Systems Agency<br />jmw@oss-institute.org 703.607.4464<br />richard.nelson@disa.mil<br />Jeff Smart Josh Davis<br />Senior Research Engineer Research Engineer<br />Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)<br />404.407.7762 404.407.7554<br />jeff.smart@gtri.gatech.edujosh.davis@gtri.gatech.edu<br />