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Dance composition notation


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Dance composition notation

  1. 1. Ordering Tracks General Rules - Melody(s) at topMelody - Drums and bass at the bottom - Harmony in the middle pitchCounter pitchHarmonyBass Hi hatDrums Snare Kick
  2. 2. Form Outro Intro A B A` Break down Build up
  3. 3. Smallest Rhythm Choice If you are unsure check with teacher. Moving to score in the edit window Ensure you choose the note of your smallest rhythm Use grab to screen Try out the different shoot all the different ways of ‘grabbing’ section you will need to screen shots make your score
  4. 4. Harmony Melody Main Melody Fill End Melody Motif Drums - Hihat Motif - Fill End Bass Intro Drums - Kick Melody MainDrums - Snare Melody Fill End Counter - Melody Bass syncopated Bass - build up Melody a - breakdown Melody b - breakdown Melody a - breakdown Melody Motif Melody b - breakdown Melody Motif Melody a - breakdown Melody Main Fill Bass - Straight Melody - Build up Harmony short Mel Melody - Build up ody - Bu ild u pw ith fi ll en ding Bass - Straight Harmony Melody Main Dance Composition Counter - Melody Counter - Melody b Bass syncopated Fill Bass outro Melody a - breakdown
  5. 5. MelodyMelody Main Melody Motif Melody a - breakdownMelody Fill End Motif - Fill End Melody b - breakdown Melody - Build up Melody - Build up with fill ending Counter - Melody Counter - Melody b
  6. 6. Harmony Harmony Full Harmony short Counter - Melody b Bass Bass - Straight octave Bass Intro Bass straight Bass - outroBass Syncopated Bass - Break
  7. 7. DrumsHihatSnareBass This was created using a table... no screenshot required.