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Why the Kindle is So Great


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There are lots of gadgets like the kindle and nook. Many reviews on them as well. At you can see what all the fuss and talking is about these items!

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Why the Kindle is So Great

  1. 1. Why Gadgets Like the Kindle Are Very Important<br />Ereaders are just so popular not only are they being used by executive but also school going students since they find it a lot easier to carry a portable device instead of a whole lot of burden. Since they have become a priority for almost everyone eReaders have a lot of competition today. There are several eReaders available in the market and this is exactly what may confuse you because you wont know which one to pick and which is better. If you have already looking for a good eReader by now you must have made your self familiar with tow of the best eReaders in the market that are kindle and nook. Kindle and nook both almost have the similar specifications and that is exactly what makes it difficult to make out which one is better and that is why we are having this kindle reviewsvsnook comparison. Let me take a moment to tell you that both kindle and nook are equally preferable in their own way since they do offer tremendous features and you can pick the one that suits you best but if you still want to know in detail the differences between the two you must read this kindle Vs nook comparison.<br />
  2. 2. Everyone Loves Kindle and Nook<br />Kindle:<br />You should know that kindle is a development of Amazon and focus more on providing the users with exclusive eBook Reading. We know that Amazon is certainly a reputed company and it has been quite some time since the first version of kindle was launched and since then each of the new version come up with the best possible specifications. With the advancement in technology kindle has managed to keep up the effectiveness and provide the users with what they require most definitely. nook on the other hand is associated with Barnes and nobles and they developed as their very own version of Ebook. Nook is also great at providing the user with great functionality but due to some lacking features it does not compete to win with kindle.<br />In terms of physical appearance kindle and nook both have a sleek and stylish design and are made to be handle with ease. However kindle weight less around 10.2 ounces whereas nook is 3 ounces heavier then kindle. kindle involves a keyboard with the push button technology that makes the accessibility easy and most definitely quick Whereas nook has a touchscreen which is very less responsive and makes the functionality slower. The internal memory of the kindle is known to be 4GB this means that it allows you to save up to 3500 books easily, However nook offer less storage capacity with the additional Micro SD slot.<br />
  3. 3. Final Part!<br />The display of kindle is also worthy of appreciation, it has an E ink pearl screen which makes the content very easily readable and the matte finished screen is also very less reflective in sunlight and harsh lighting. In fact the result is so clear that you will feel that you are almost reading from the book itself. But nook is not so good with providing good readability in certain conditions because it has a glossier display. Apart from these features kindle is best known for its longer battery life, while nook as compared to nook does not even provide half as good battery back up as kindle. So in all ways kindle has managed to over shine nook and the kindle V nook comparison obviously states kindle as the winner.<br />