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Revolutionizing Customer Relationships - developing a company diagnostic assessment tool for business improvements in the customer-facing processes and systems. Looking for business founders / co-founders

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  1. 1. Developing an online tool to enable customer focused companies
  2. 2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in the 21st Century
  3. 3. Phase 1Free online diagnostic assessment tool
  4. 4. Business-to-Business: Customer Focus• Currently built on Wordpress – received 2 months free software application development from Mindfire Solutions for Phase 1 –• Registration to collect individual and company details (need mass momentum)• Receive free diagnostic assessment to determine business improvements in customer-facing processes and systems
  5. 5. Six Step – Diagnostic Assessment
  6. 6. Example: Strategy – Step 1
  7. 7. Calculating Score...
  8. 8. Score calculated
  9. 9. Assessment Report
  10. 10. Continue to take Assessment
  11. 11. Completed all Six Steps
  12. 12. Phase 2Develop Six Step Customer Focused Business Tool –From lead generation to subscription based model
  13. 13. Six Steps...
  14. 14. ...Revolutionizing CRM• Each Step would include access to: – templates – podcasts – Videos – Interviews – And other tools• Opportunity to connect and collaborate for improved customer relationships• Enable company customers to access and provide feedback (ensures companies see customers as business partners)• User can access via a monthly subscription for each Step
  15. 15. Partners / Co-founders for Phase 2• Technical expert to develop tool (with existing software developer?)• Business Partner / Co-founders for each Step to supply content and access to thought leaders: – Strategy – Value – Information – Technology – Monitoring – Touch Points
  16. 16. About Founder (Lena Benjamin)Lena Benjamin has extensive experience in business development, marketingcommunications and customer relationship management experience developedwithin a variety of businesses large and small including her own enterprises. She hasdeveloped and planned corporate events and also organised personal andprofessional development events to encourage the advancement of women. From2008-2010 she worked for a global engineering and design consultancy on theircustomer focused strategy (for the £1m+ per annum revenue clients) while alsostudying for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Business obtained in 2010.Lena’s research project for the MBA was Developing a Customer RelationshipManagement Process Framework: A Case of SMEs which is where the onlinediagnostic tool originated. The idea for the diagnostic assessment tool also cameabout while working for the engineering consultancy firm in London, UK.Lena is currently developing her customer focused training and advisory business butdue to the economic climate this has stalled. The customer focused assessment toolis to ensure a global presence; enable lead generation and eventually establishing thetool into a subscription based model once the necessary momentum has beenachieved.
  17. 17. Contact Lena Benjamin Ones Company Ltd For Customer Focused Training and Advice visit: ( of women events, advice and speaking visit: