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One Road Campaign


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One Road Campaign

  1. 1. One Road A Cyclist Safety Campaign One Road is a comprehensive, multimedia campaign developed by the North Florida Bicycle Club in collaboration with Department of Communication at Flagler College to promote cycling safety in Jacksonville and the surrounding counties.
  2. 2. One Road Collaborators The North Florida Bicycle Club is the largest recreational cycling club in Northeast Florida, formed in the 1970s and incorporated in 1991. Flagler College is a liberal arts institution in St. Augustine, Florida. For the North Florida Bicycle Club  Bert Shaw, Advocacy Director  Mark Jay Atkins, MD, President For Flagler College  Eric Hoffman, PhD  Mark Huelsbeck, MFA
  3. 3. The Problem-1 According to the Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2012 Benchmarking Report:  Florida had the highest Bike/Pedestrian Fatality Rate of all fifty states. It placed 5th from the bottom in the Safest Places to Bike Ranking.  Of the 51 largest cities, Jacksonville ranked 50th as far as Bike/Pedestrian Fatalities and 45th as far as biking fatalities alone.
  4. 4. The Problem-2  On January 29, 2014, the Jacksonville Council on Citizen Involvement, Inc. (JCCI), the longest running community indicator report on Quality of Life, red-flagged bicycle safety in Jacksonville.  With a 47% increase in serious bicycle accidents since 2010 and 7 fatalities in 2013, Dr. William Rupp, CEO of Mayo Clinic Florida and Chair of the JCCI Review Committee, called bicycle safety a “true communitywide issue.”
  5. 5. The Problem-3  Jacksonville only recently adopted a Context Sensitive Street Plan.  In the Bicycling and Walking in the United States 2012 Benchmarking Report: • Jacksonville fell in the lower 1/3 of cities in indicators for safety and bicycle and pedestrian advocacy. • It fell in the middle 1/3 as far as funding and education and encouragement for bicycling and walking. • It fell in the top 1/3 only for number of policies promoting cycling and walking.
  6. 6. The Problem-4 In a survey of local motorists conducted by Flagler College students:  Only 35% knew the 3 foot rule when passing a bicyclist though it is required by State Statute. In a sample of bicyclists:  70% of cyclists identified the helmet as the most important thing to wear to stay safe on a bicycle but only 1/3 of cyclists wear a helmet.  Only 38% of cyclists say they obey all traffic laws.  80% of cyclists feel unsafe when riding on the road.
  7. 7. The Solution-1 In the absence of concrete action by the City of Jacksonville and the State of Florida to comprehensively address cycling safety in our region, the North Florida Bicycle Club developed the One Road Campaign to:  improve the safety of cycling,  reduce the number of crashes with motorists  reduce cyclist fatalities in Jacksonville and the surrounding counties within two years.
  8. 8. The Solution-2 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises that each state in cooperation with its political subdivisions and other parties, as appropriate, develop a comprehensive safety program to address cycling safety. The program should include the following components:  Evaluation  Enforcement  Engineering  Encouragement  Education
  9. 9. Evaluation  Primary research-resurvey motorists and cyclists at the end of the two-year campaign to assess changes in attitudes (culture), knowledge and reported compliance with traffic safety laws.  Secondary research-utilize publically available data and updates to the Bicycling and Walking in the United States Benchmarking Report to objectively assess progress on reducing the frequency of serious cycling crashes with motorists and cyclist fatalities.
  10. 10. Enforcement The One Road Campaign has received the endorsement of Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. One Road will work with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to increase enforcement of traffic laws as they apply to both motorists and cyclists.
  11. 11. Engineering  The One Road Campaign as well as members of the North Florida Bicycle Club will continue to lobby and monitor City and State agencies to insure that the needs of cyclists are considered in planning and executing any new or updated construction that could affect cycling safety and access.
  12. 12. Encouragement  NHTSA advises encouragement of extensive community involvement in bicycle safety education and practices.  One Road Campaign and North Florida Bicycle Club members are integrally involved in community activities such as the Jacksonville Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and JAX 2025 Bicycle Pedestrian Task Force.  The Florida Bicycle Association has endorsed the One Road Campaign.
  13. 13. Education  One Road is an extensive media campaign featuring billboards, drive time radio, public service announcements, print and social media and public events.  The campaign is designed to address specific problems and to effect culture change leading the Jacksonville community to demand that City and State officials and agencies address bicycle safety.
  14. 14. Education-Motorists-PSA
  15. 15. Education-Motorists-Billboard Changing the culture by humanizing cyclists
  16. 16. Education-Cyclists-PSA
  17. 17. Education-Cyclists-1 Encouraging adherence to traffic laws
  18. 18. Education-Cyclists-2 Posters targeting specific age groups
  19. 19. Campaign Funding  A “bare-bones” campaign will cost around $90,000 while a “full-blown” one around $275,000 over a twoyear period.  North Florida Bicycle Club does not have the financial resources to mount such a campaign alone.  Along with its 501(c)3 partner, Flagler College, the One Road Campaign hopes to obtain private donations as well as corporate and grant support to fully fund the campaign.
  20. 20. Why One Road and the North Florida Bicycle Club  We are recreational bicyclists who have logged over a million miles over the past 2 years on the roads of Jacksonville and the surrounding counties. We are acutely aware of the conditions on the roads and the activities of all cyclists.  We have established safe riding practices for our members and have fostered relationships with governmental and community organizations including the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.  Cyclists are part of the problem and integral to the solution of bicycling safety. Motorists and bicyclists must learn to Share the Road.
  21. 21. Flagler College student collaborators Emily Baker Brianna Bradford Nicholas Carey Kurt Clarke Stephanie Cusick Jackson Flail Angelo Gemo John Kersey Miranda Lee Jonathan Persson SaideRimkus Bunder Shageer Brittanie Walko Benjamin Whitson Cheyanne Wingo Adam Barnett Jacob Buckwalter Ryan Cinney Cassidie Corwin Diana Dersch Christopher Ford Brian Gilbert Kelcie Lamont Jose Martinez Kaitlin Pulvino Marian Rodas Sheyla Urbina Chelsea Walsh Alyssa Wickham Andrew Zuker Kelsey Boyle Chase Caldwell Landon Clair Rebecca Currie Justin Dorow Noah Gatsik Bridget Heenan Shannon LeDuke Brendan Murphy Jason Reiman Nicholas Scammacca Sean Wacker Tyler White Chase Wilson
  22. 22. Conclusion Thank you for your time and consideration!