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  1. 1. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY EMBEDDED TITLES 2013 1. ARM Hardware Platform for Vehicular Monitoring and Tracking 2. A System for Automatic Notification and Severity Estimation of Automotive Accidents 3. RFID and GSM based intelligent letter box 4. MCEP based intelligent vehicle with multitask management 5. Child Activity Recognition Based on Cooperative Fusion Model of a Tri axial Accelerometer and a Barometric Pressure Sensor 6. A Pervasive Health System Integrating Patient Monitoring, Status Logging, and Social Sharing 7. Environment Feature Extraction and Classification for Context Aware Physical Activity Monitoring 8. Automatic Waist Airbag Drowning Prevention System Based on Underwater Time-lapse and Motion Information Measured by Smartphone's Pressure Sensor and Accelerometer 9. Automated Control System for Air Pollution Detection in Vehicles 10.Intelligent Vehicle Monitoring System using Wireless Communication 11.On-board Processing of Acceleration Data for Real-time Activity Classification 12.A Smart Prepaid Energy Metering System to Control Electricity Theft 13.Automatic ambulance rescue system 14.Monitoring of Cigarette Smoking Using Wearable Sensors and Support Vector Machine 15.Smartphone Enabled Dangerous Driving Report System 16.Gender and age-related differences in the perception of in- vehicle mobile phone usage among Portuguese drivers 17.Prototype of a fingerprint based licensing system for driving 18.A New Type of Automatic Alarming Device to Rescue Accident Injured in Time 19.Detecting and warning system for fireworks warehouse based on wireless sensor networks 20.VehNode: Wireless Sensor Network platform for automobile pollution control No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website:
  2. 2. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 21.Remote health monitoring using online social media systems 22.Solar Powered Water Quality Monitoring system using wireless Sensor Network 23.Voice operated intelligent fire extinguisher vehicle 24.Context-Adaptive Multimodal Wireless Sensor Network for EnergyEfficient Gas Monitoring 25.Towards A System for Body-Area Sensing and Detection of Alcohol Craving and Mood Deregulation 26.Water Environment Monitoring System Based on ZIGBEE Technology 27.Shared steering control between a driver and an automation: stability in the presence of driver behavior uncertainty 28.Border Surveillance using sensor based thick-lines 29.Electronic Speaking Glove for Speechless Patients a Regional Tongue to a Dumb 30.GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System with Instant Billing 31.ZIGBEE and atmega32 Based Wireless Digital Control and Monitoring System for LED Lighting 32.Wireless Sensor Network for Real-Time Air Pollution Monitoring 33.The Virtual Guide for Assisted Tours Using Context Aware System 34.Control System and Mechanism Design of the Self-propelled Electrostatic Sprayer 35.Real Life Applicable Fall Detection System Based on Wireless Body Area Network 36.Autonomous Navigation of a Small Boat Using IMU/GPS/Digital Compass Integration 37.An Intelligent Particle Swarm Optimization for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using on-Road Sensor Systems 38.Wearable Wireless Vital Monitoring Technology for Smart Health Care 39.Wheelchair Control System by Using Electrooculogram Signal Processing 40.Self-Recognition of Vehicle Position Using UHF Passive RFID Tags 41.The design of the steering wheel with anti fatigue driving for vehicles based on pattern recognition No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website:
  3. 3. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 42.RFID-based Tracking System Preventing Trees Extinction and Deforestation 43.Environment monitoring and device control using ARM based Embedded Controlled Sensor Network 44.Ergonomics research of coal separating plant in coal mine 45.ZIGBEE Based Pothole Detection System for Vehicular Safety 46.Embedded Flexible Force Sensor for In-Situ Tire–Road Interaction Measurements 47.Efficient Traffic State Estimation for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks 48.Design and Development of ‘Smart Basket’ System for Resource Optimization 49.Wireless black box using MEMS accelerometer and GPS tracking for accidental monitoring of vehicles 50.The Design and Implementation of a Wireless Healthcare Application for WSN-enabled IMS Environments 51.Increasing Students’ Interest With Low-Cost cell bots 52.Monitoring of bedridden patients: Development of a fall detection tool 53.Automated retail store based on RFID 54.Biomedical Sensor Network for Cardiovascular Fitness and Activity Monitoring 55.Towards a New Modality-Independent Interface for a Robotic Wheelchair 56.Classifier for Drinking Water Quality in Real Time 57.Capacitive seat sensors for multiple occupancy detection using a low-cost setup 58.Experimental Study and Design of Smart Energy Meter for the Smart Grid 59.Signage system for the navigation of autonomous robots in indoor environments 60.Modeling Arousal Phases in Daily Living Using Wearable Sensors 61.Design of a Secured E-voting System 62.Bank locker security system based on RFID and GSM technology 63.Intellectual climate system for monitoring Industrial environment 64.Electromyography-Based Locomotion Pattern Recognition and Personal Positioning Toward Improved Context-Awareness Applications 65.Design of Fireworks Lighting off Systems Based on USB Communication No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website:
  4. 4. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 66.Dealing with Childhood Obesity: Passive versus Active Activity Monitoring Approaches for Engaging Individuals in Exercise 67.Context Aware Driver Behavior Detection System in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) 68.Human health monitoring mobile phone application by using the wireless nano sensor based embedded system 69.Energy management in an automated solar powered irrigation system 70.Activity Recognition Using Smartphone Sensors 71.Designing Attention and Identity for Search-and-Rescue Robot 72.Traffic Cam: Sharing Traffic Information based on 73.Dynamic ipv6 Multicast Group Assignment using Smartphone Sensors 74.Way-finding Electronic Bracelet for Visually Impaired People 75.Using Android Platform to detect Free Fall 76.Hajj crowd management and navigation system: people tracking and location based services via integrated mobile and RFID systems 77.A Novel Surgical Manipulator with Workspace-Conversion Ability for Telesurgery 78.Integrated Multifunctional Environmental Sensors 79.Towards the Smart Sensors Based Human Emotion Recognition 80.Multi-Modal Interface for Communication Operated by Eye Blinks, Eye Movements, Head Movements, Blowing/Sucking and Brain Waves 81.Developments of the In-Home Display Systems for Residential Energy Monitoring 82.Energy-Efficient and Data Synchronized Body Sensor Network for Physical Activity Measurement 83.Microcontroller-Based Robotics and SCADA Experiments 84.A Wireless Electrocardiogram Detection for Personal Health Monitoring 85.Wearable Human Activity Recognition by Electrocardiograph and Accelerometer 86.Communication and Load Balancing Using SCADA Model Based Integrated Substation 87.Online Monitoring of Geological CO2 Storage and Leakage Based on Wireless Sensor Networks No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website:
  5. 5. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 88.RFID Based Embedded System for Vehicle Tracking and Prevention of Road Accidents 89.Unsupervised posture detection by smart phone accelerometer 90.Design of Intelligent Suitcase Based on Single Chip 91.Management of Mechanical Vibration and Temperature in Small Wind Turbines Using Zigbee wireless network 92.Multi sensor Data Fusion for Physical Activity Assessment 93.GSM based Condition Reporting System for Power Station Equipments 94.Design and Development of Digital PID Controller for DC Motor Drive System Using Embedded Platform for Mobile Robot (agriculture) 95.A Zigbee Sms Alert System with Trust Mechanism in Wireless Sensor Networks 96.Mobile Biometrics: Feature: Security and Privacy combined Face and voice verification for a Mobile Platform 97.Prototypes of Opportunistic Wireless Sensor Networks Supporting Indoor Air Quality Monitoring 98.Research on Forecast Method of Coal Mine Emergencies Based on Rough sets-Neural Network and Case-based Reasoning 99.Eye Control System Base on Ameliorated Hough Transform Algorithm 100. The design of the steering wheel with anti-fatigue driving for vehicles based on pattern recognition 101. A Dual-Mode Human Computer Interface Combining Speech and Tongue Motion for People with Severe Disabilities 102. Multi-sensor railway track geometry surveying system 103. Motor and Bioelectric Evaluation of Human Movements through Inertial and Myoelectric Sensors 104. Automatic temperature and humidity control system using airconditioning in transformer substation 105. RFID-based Location System for Forest Search and Rescue Missions 106. Development of wireless sensor network for monitoring global warming 107. RFID Based E-monitoring System for Municipal Solid Waste Management 108. Robot Navigation System with RFID and Sensors No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website:
  6. 6. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 109. Robust Railway Crack Detection Scheme (RRCDS) Using LED-LDR Assembly 110. Access to an Automated Security System using Gesture-based Passwords 111. Design and Implementation of Low Cost Intelligent Wheelchair 112. SMS Based Wireless E-Notice Board 113. Automobile Fuel Pump Control System Using Embedded System ………YOUR OWN PAPER CONCEPTS CAN BE ACCEPTED No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 website: