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final year Ieee java project titles 2013 2014


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Published in: Technology
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final year Ieee java project titles 2013 2014

  1. 1. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY IEEE JAVA TITLES 2013 1. Toward Privacy Preserving And Collusion Resistance In A Location Proof Updating System 2. Scalable And Secure Sharing Of Personal Health Records In Cloud Computing Using Attribute Based Encryption 3. Distributed Detection In Mobile Access Wireless Sensor Networks Under Byzantine Attacks 4. Lightweight Sybil Attack Detection In MANNETs 5. FTH-B&B: A Fault Tolerant Hierarchical Branch And Bound For Large Scale Unreliable Environments 6. EPPDR: An Efficient Privacy Preserving Demand Response Scheme With Adaptive Key Evaluation In Smart Grid 7. SORT: A Self -Organizing Trust Model For Peer-Peer Systems 8. Cross Domain Privacy Preserving Cooperative Firewall Optimization 9. Using Fuzzy Logic Control To Provide Intelligent Traffic Management Service For High Speed Networks 10. A Survey Of Defense Mechanisms Against Denial Of Service (DDOS) Flooding Attacks 11. Social Tube: P2p Assisted Video Sharing In Online Social Network 12. Refining Reputation To Truly Select High-QoS Servers In Peer-Peer Networks 13. Attribute Aware Data Aggregation Using Potential Based Dynamic Routing In Wireless Sensor Network 14. Delay Tolerant Bulk Data Transfer On The Internet 15. Range Based Skyline Queries In Mobile Environment 16. A Symmetric Load Balancing Algorithm With Performance Guarantees For DHT 17. Towards Secure Multi Keyword Top-K Retrieval Over Encrypted Cloud Data 18. Dynamic Optimization Of Multi Attribute Resource Allocation In Self Organization Clouds 19. Privacy Preserving Back-Propagation Neural Networks Learning Made Practical With Cloud Computing 20. A Cloud Based Approach For Interoperable EHRs 21. Electricity Cost Saving Strategies In Data Centers By Using Energy Storage 22. A Truthful Dynamic Workflow Scheduling Mechanism For Commercial Multi Cloud Environment 23. Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines For Cloud Computing Environment 24. Hint Based Execution Of Workload In Cloud With Nefeli No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 Email: website:
  2. 2. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 25. Performance Of Virtual Machines Under Networked Denial Of Service Attacks: Experiments And Analysis 26. Coaching The Exploration And Exploitation In Active Learning For Interactive Video Retrieval 27. Focus: Learning To Crawl Web Forums 28. On The Investigation Of Cloud Based Mobile Media Environments With Service Population And QoS Aware Mechanisms 29. C-Mart: Benchmarking The Cloud 30. Design And Implementation Of A Web Service Based Public Oriented Personalized Health Care Platform 31. Scalable Distributed Service Integrity Attestation for Software As A Service Clouds. 32. Heap Graph Based Software Theft Detection 33. Security And Privacy Enhancing Multi Cloud Architecture 34. Nice: Network Intrusion Detection And Countermeasure Selection In Virtual Network System 35. Workload Based Software Rejuvenation In Cloud Systems 36. Defeating Sql Injection 37. Service Oriented Architecture In Variability Intensive Environment: Pitfalls And Best Practices In The Example Of Local E-Government 38. Systematic Elaboration Of Scalability Requirements Through Goal Obstacle Analysis 39. A Software Suite For Efficient Use Of The European Qualifications Framework In Online And Blended Courses 40. Self Organizing Roles On Agile Software Development Team 41. Context Dependent Logo Matching And Recognition 42. Robust Document Image Binarization Technique For Degrade Document Images 43. Fingerprint Combination For Privacy Protection 44. Automatic Segmentation Of Scaling In 2-D Psoriasis Skin Images 45. Improving The Network Lifetime Of Mannets Through Cooperative Mac Protocol Design 46. Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation By Harvesting Web Information 47. CloudMoV: Cloud Based Mobile Social Network TV 48. How To Use Search Engine Optimization Techniques To Increase Website Visibility 49. A Method For Mining Infrequent Causal Association And Its Application In Finding Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Pairs 50. Reinforced Similarity Integration In Image Rich Information Networks 51. Evaluating Data Reliability: An Evidential Answer With Application To A Web Enabled Data Warehouse 52. Discovering The Top-K Unexplained Sequences In Time Stamped Observation Data No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 Email: website:
  3. 3. 1POINTER TECHNOLOGY 53. CDAMA: Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme For Multiple Application In Wireless Sensor Network 54. Infusing Social Network With Culture 55. Pay-As-You-Go Entity Resolution 56. A User-Friendly Patent Search Paradigm 57. Incentive Compatible Privacy Preserving Data Analysis 58. Bad Data Injection Attack And Defense In Electricity Market Using Game Theory Study 59. DNS For Massive Scale Command And Control 60. Optimal Client-Server Assignment For Internet Distributed System 61. A Distributed Control Law for Load Balancing In Content Delivery Networks. 62. Fuzzy Web Data Tables Integration Guided By An Ontological And Terminological Resource 63. Conditional Privacy Preserving Security Protocol For NFC Application ………Your Own Concept Papers Can Be Accepted No: 41, Opposite to Nathella Jewellery, south usman Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017. Ph – 044 342323407; Mobile –9043350456, 9500139248 Email: website: