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Published in: Travel, Sports
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  1. 1. Franco Arriagada Aguado
  2. 2. The trip began at 6:30 in the morning, so most of thepeople were sleeping. The trip lasted 12 hours, Itwas so long...
  3. 3. And also in the bus we were silly...
  4. 4. We went to “Los Picos De Europa”there are amaizing!!!
  5. 5. We did a great hike tothe summit ...
  6. 6. And the view was sobeautiful!!
  7. 7. We can saw old minesand after we went to amuseum
  8. 8. NOW, IT IS TIME TOOOOO: PAAAINTBAAALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We were teams of 5 persons, so we fight 10 people in total.
  9. 9. Here we have the soldiers!!Paintball was very cool! We enjoy a lot.
  10. 10. Also we did espeology in caves...
  11. 11. and after we went to thebeach!! The water was so frozen....
  12. 12. And we did the descent along the river Sella. It wasso great, and it was easy to lead the boat.
  13. 13. Other day, we went to amanufacture of cider. Theyexplained how to makecider and we tasted it.I didn’t like so much.
  14. 14. The last day, wewent to amuseum inBilbao. It was amuseum ofmodernarchitecture.It was great.
  15. 15. And then we went back to BCN inanothers 12 hours of travel