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Learn more about Dynamics AX, ERP Outsourcing and Managed Services. A CIO’s Perspective on Application Management, Infrastructure, Maintenance and Support. Visit http://www.oneneck.com/ today.

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  • De Wet welcomes everyone and starts presentation after introduction by user group
  • We classify ourselves as Outsourcing experts for the Mid Market Define Mid Market as companies with annual revenue of 100million to 1 billion The Gartner Group Classifies OneNeck as an Application Outsourcer The Gartner Group is one of the top analyst research firms covering technology OneNeck has been managing and Hosting JDE Environments for over 5 years EnterpriseOne CNC’s 32 years of experience World Administrators have over 50 years Experience OneNeck Supports many versions on various platforms Many Service offering including Remote JDE Application Support “ Outsourcing experts for the mid-market” Application Outsourcer Dynamics AX - Premier Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Hosts largest North America Dynamics AX Environment Baan – The largest Baan outsourcer with the largest Baan talent pool in North America JD Edwards – One of the largest JD Edwards outsourcers in the world, successfully managing JDE operations for tens of thousands of users worldwide
  • De Wet: Introduce Mike Kennedy (read Bio) Mike takes it from here: Sunny D’s goal – “Delight” customers by being the leading producer of juice-based drinks that kids love and mom’s are proud to serve Sunny D signed a 5 year contract with OneNeck in September 2005
  • Despite being carved out of Procter & Gamble, SunnyD was missing the entire IT infrastructure P&G ran SunnyD on a highly customized solution platform tightly integrated with the rest of its operations (new platform required) As a new company, SunnyD would have to implement new, enterprise-wide, Operational and Business Systems Finance systems had to be live on the date of transaction closure with P&G Best Solution – Outsource IT operations
  • Sunny D only had 2 in-house IT staff at the time Building in-house system would be too costly and not feasible considering the deadlines and human-resource constraints within which the company had to perform OneNeck chosen because of its positive reputation as an outsourcer and understanding of SunnyD’s needs The Goal – To build a global IT infrastructure and implement an ERP system within one year First Order of Business – Define the shape of the ERP backbone and implement within these guidelines: Mitigation of Risk Overall price performance
  • De Wet: Introduce Mark See (read Bio) Mark takes it from here: Targus commenced its contract with OneNeck in 1997
  • Targus wanted to centralize its IT environment without creating a traditional IT department Eliminate paper and manual processing systems Tighten visibility to and management of its supply chain Create a global communications environment Shorten the time to close its monthly financials
  • Now, seven years later, OneNeck remains Targus’ IT outsourcing partner and continues to help the company’s IT environment support its growth and expansion efforts
  • De Wet: Introduce Chris Stockley (read Bio) Chris takes it from here
  • After acquiring numerous companies in the previous 12 years, Skanska was charged with migrating all the companies onto the J.D. Edwards application platform. Initially, Skanska hired a number of highly trained conversion and migration specialists Knowing it would be difficult to retain this caliber of IT professionals, it became clear that direct hiring wasn’t the best solution They desired to have their IT team spend its time in areas that supported Skanska’s core functions, not day-to-day IT management
  • Flexibility in human and technical resources which they needed Demonstrated skills in complex J.D. Edwards environments Cultural and relationship alignment with their outsourcer were key factors to success
  • Even before the contract was signed, OneNeck shifted gears to “How can we help?” and began transition planning OneNeck usually hosts applications and co-locates hardware in its own data center; however, they crafted a customized solution for Skanska in an out-of-state datacenter facility This solution, comprised of manpower and overlapping responsibilities, met Skanska’s needs while retaining the layers of control essential to OneNeck’s successful management of the environment
  • Skanska was able to meet an aggressive deployment schedule Skanska and OneNeck have blended very well, enabling them to act like a single organization Great sense of partnership, even to the point where OneNeck can critique their own work without fear of a negative impact on their relationship with Skanska “ Overall, OneNeck has provided a consistently superior experience to Skanska” Skanska 2006 IT Vendor of the Year
  • De Wet begins panel questions Customer Panel Questions: 1. What differentiates OneNeck from their competitors? 2. What aspects of the relationship with OneNeck do you find to be most valuable? 3. In what ways does OneNeck serve as an extension of your IT department? 4. How does partnering with OneNeck help your company achieve their strategic business goals? 5. What components of the solution design provided by OneNeck do you believe to be the most beneficial to your organization?
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