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Onemma - Looking to the Future


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Onemma - Looking to the Future

  1. 1. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Looking to the Future Corporate Presentation July ’13
  2. 2. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Who are we? 2Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future We are a consulting company with a core focus on Digital Marketing. We specialize in the definition, development, and operation of online strategy that encourage people around a trademark or product to discover the world around them, connect with like-minded individuals, and to share their passions and thoughts. We are continuously reflecting on the impact that the Internet has on the business and social world. We bring our experience and expertise to help companies make the most of Internet and New Technologies. Our claim… Innovating your Marketing & Business
  3. 3. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Our answers Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 3 How to sell more? How to have a consistent presence on Internet? How build loyalty to my clients? How to benefit from the Internet world? How to obtain more customers? How to adapt my business to Internet? How to have a Website that serve to my business? How to create an active database? Facebook? Google+? Twitter? How to implement a CRM for my business? How to define a Relationship Marketing strategy? How to get started in Social Media? How to create an eCommerce for my business?
  4. 4. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Our Areas of Work 4Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future Consulting Agency Management +Strategy +Operational
  5. 5. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Strategic Circle Social  Media   Websites   Ecosystem   eCommerce   Social  Media   Monitoring   CRM/ Rela8onaship   MK   Business   Strategy   5Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future The strategic circle of Onemma covers the main areas of work of our value proposition. We believe that all these areas have to be developed in a complementary way to take your online presence to succeed.
  6. 6. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Business Strategy Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 6 The digital economy has generated new paradigms and opportunities, converting business ideas into successful models that until recently might seem outlandish. We advise and support you in adapting your business strategy to the world of Internet. Also we help you create a successful digital business model just from your idea.
  7. 7. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Websites Ecosystem Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 7 The volume of information circulating on the Internet make Planning, Optimization, Consistency and Segmentation of information key points to ensure that your company's presence on the web achieve the objectives. We are experts in defining your digital strategy maximizing the results of your presence on Internet.
  8. 8. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Social Media Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 8 Any action in social networks should be planned and carried out as part of a digital strategy and linked to a relational marketing strategy that adds value to our consumers, customers and other stakeholders Social Incidence: the value proposition of Onemma to orient Social Media strategy to the main business objectives. We help you define your social media strategy fully aligned with your business strategy.
  9. 9. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Social Media Monitoring Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 9 The online reputation analysis and continuous monitoring should be the essential starting point of any online strategy We analyse and interpret the results of the social media monitoring to optimize a company's online presence in any format increasing the return on investment
  10. 10. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 eCommerce Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 10 eCommerce is causing a revolution in shopping habits of all us regardless of the sector and the market. These Changes in consumer habits have become internet in an clear opportunity to expand sales for any brand or product. Create a new sales channel beyond the digital showcase. We will go with you in this new experience!
  11. 11. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Relationaship Marketing Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 11 The Marketing of this decade is to create and maintain trusting relationships with our customers, consumers and stakeholders. In Onemma we really believe that the acquisition of knowledge of our target audience, understanding their habits of behaviour and defining relations policies are the main goal of any digital marketing strategy. We help you build valuable relationships with their customers, consumers and stakeholders defining and implementing strategies Relational Mk
  12. 12. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 CRM/ Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future 12 Any Relational Marketing strategy is supported by a CRM to streamline, facilitate and optimize relationships with customers and/or consumers. As Official Partner of will help you define and put in place your platform based CRM software leader in the world in line with your relationship marketing strategy.
  13. 13. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Wholesaler market leader in the promotion and marketing of sea and river cruises. The project consisted of defining their new business strategy including the relationship marketing policy to develop its new digital bet on the market through a new internet portal. The project encompassed all areas of business from the Call Centre to operations. An important point was the study of the behaviour habits of their target audience in order to adapt their communication to their strategic objectives. Some case studies 13Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future The official organization of tourist promotion of Barcelona The project consist of defining the Relationship Marketing strategy of Barcelona in relation to tourists and visitors of the city. We got all the work plan, with details of all actions to be carried out to develop the knowledge of their target audience, create tribes and define policies of relationship. Then we implement the CRM to develop the defined strategy. Finally we help them implementing each of the defined actions. The Groupe Danone is a French food-products multinational corporation. The project consisted in the definition and development of an internal digital marketing platform that would develop any product or brand online in an easy and integrated way. The business objectives were to reduce costs, align all the brands in its Internet development and gain a thorough understanding of the various target audiences in a unified manner.
  14. 14. © Onemmaconsultors,s.l.2013 Cofidis specializes in the consumer credit business. Assessment of their activity on social networks and define an action plan for improvement. American Chamber of Commerce of Spain. Identify their needs around sales process and put in place a CRM according to them. Spanish company dedicated to services, distribution or treatment of water. Define a strategy to engage all employees around a internal portal of services. Market-leading global information services and publishing company focused on professionals. Define, build and deploy a collaborative knowledge database for their 30.000 customers. Manufacturer of watertight protective cases, submersible flashlights and ATEX certified torches. Social Media Strategy for Key European Countries and daily management of these environment. Some other references 14Onemma - Corporate Presentation - Looking to the future One of the top ranked international business schools in the world. Identify their needs around sales process and put in place a CRM according to them. American Producer and distributor of film.. Social Media monitoring supporting Spiderman premiere. Cadbury is a British confectionery company owned by Mondelēz International. Corporate Website for Spain Market Nestlé is a Swiss food-products multinational corporation.. Social Media monitoring. Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa (bbk) is a Savings Bank. Define a set of 4 social activities based on games and competition to obtain the engagement of youth from Basc Country.
  15. 15. Pallars 147, 2ª Planta - 08018 Barcelona Zurbano, 45, 2ª Planta - 28010 Madrid + 34 933 569 706 /