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Mastering Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs, Startups and Accelerators - District3 Workshop Montreal [Bonus Version]

Mastering Digital Marketing For Startups, Accelerators and Entrepreneurs

Workshop presentation: Digital Marketing For Startups, for District 3 Accelerator - Montreal

In Mastering Digital Marketing For Startups, Doyle Buehler takes entrepreneurs and business leaders on a journey of what is really important about digital marketing, and what can simply cause more confusion, and should be avoided at all costs.

If you want clarity about how to better market your business online, know what to say and when, create a community, and know how to get more sales, then this session will give you that kickstart into defining how exactly to use it.

You'll find out how to integrate your brand properly and your overall strategy into digital; how to "brandcast" with your community, and how to focus on what is really important for your audience.

As either a start-up, or a business that is launching a new product, you'll find out how to effectively deal with developing a profile for you and a persona for your audience that stands out and gets you noticed. There is a lot to know about the 'how' of digital marketing, which can often times feel overwhelming; we can often times get bogged down in this.

However, in this session you will discover the 'why' of digital marketing for you and your business, which will help bring clarity to the 'how'.

We will breakdown the core strategies, and give you the tools to align your digital marketing with your core messages, as well as show you how to deliver your core value, and most importantly, how to unleash your remarkable brand value online through brandcasting.

In "Digital Marketing For Startups" workshop we will cover
Digital strategies - defining and developing your 'why' and intrinsic value that you deliver
Content deployment - understand what is important to say, and when
Community development - realise that you do have a core persona that will listen
Sales Action - why sales are 'lost' online, without you knowing, and what to do about it

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Mastering Digital Marketing For Entrepreneurs, Startups and Accelerators - District3 Workshop Montreal [Bonus Version]

  1. 1. Mastering Digital Marketing for Startups & Accelerators
  2. 2. The Digital Leadership Training Series
  3. 3. Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist – Pablo Picasso
  4. 4. Kicking Ass Online with digital leadership – doyle buehler MBA in 2002 - Leadership •Digital Leadership/Innovation: How to be at the forefront of digital transformation •Entrepreneurship: How to grow a remarkable online ecosystem, business and sales, •Education: Learning the skills of Digital Strategy, Business Planning & Entrepreneurship Hello, I’m Doyle Buehler #OwnOnline
  5. 5. I’m Giving Away A Paperback Copy of My Book on Digital Leadership & Online Strategy… “The Digital Delusion: How To Overcome The Misguidance & Misinformation Online” Just Tweet! @doylebuehler #ownonline
  6. 6. How I spent $250,000+ on a website #ownonline
  7. 7. Online Ain’t What It Used To Be
  8. 8. Still Fighting Fires With Online?
  9. 9. Get The Right Tools #ownonline
  10. 10. The PAIN of Online Business • No Real Community • No Real Leads • No Real Sales • No Real Profit • No KNOWN Results • Just COST-COST-COST
  11. 11. No Silver Bullets
  12. 12. It’s About Your Online Purpose NOT JUST YOUR BUSINESS • To Deliver TRUE value to your audience • To Create your “selling value” • To move them into your OWN digital ecosystem to continue the conversation • To show your leadership, your authority #ownonline
  13. 13. You Too Can Be ONE! Only $49.95
  14. 14. No, You Don’t Need To Be A… • Ninja • Guru • Yogi • Supreme Leader • Mogul Just an entrepreneur that wants to grow their audience and sales, by creating an environment that your audience ENJOYS.
  15. 15. • What’s the real story of business online? • Community • Connections • Conversions WHAT’STHEREAL STORYOFBUSINESSONLINE? Conversations+ Community+ Connections= Conversions
  16. 16. Successful Digital Leaders Need TO DEMONSTRATE Authority & Awareness Influence & Inspiration Knowledge & Expertise
  17. 17. What Am I Here To Talk About? • Help you understand the babble of Online • Help you find the focus • Help you action what you need to do • Help you implement
  18. 18. It’s Not Just About The “Like”, the “cool” Website, the social profile; It’s MORE About the CONVERSATION – About YOUR Story #ownonline
  19. 19. The 4 Components To Master Your Digital Marketing 1. Digital Strategies - Defining and developing your 'why' and intrinsic value that you deliver 2. Content Deployment - Understand what is important to say, and when 3. Community Development - Realize that you do have a core persona that will listen 4. Sales Action - Why sales are 'lost' online, without you knowing, and what to do about it The4 ToMaster Components Your Digital Marketing 1 3 2 4 Digital Strategies CommunityDevelopment Content Deployment SalesAction
  20. 20. What You Will Find Out Today • What may be holding you back with your digital ecosystem • What you can do differently to create an improved opportunity for your audience • Some of the pieces you need to build a blueprint for a strong digital ecosystem
  21. 21. THE ULTIMATE GOAL? DELIVER VALUE. DELIVER LEADERSHIP. Move YOUR AUDIENCE into your OWN digital ecosystem to continue the conversation. #OwnOnline
  22. 22. Wake UP! Your Audience Awaits!
  23. 23. Ready to Get Started? #ownonline
  24. 24. “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not around”
  25. 25. 1. Digital Strategy 1 Digital Strategies Defining and developing your ‘why’ and intrinsic value that you deliver
  26. 26. WHAT VALUE Is Your Audience Going to Receive?
  27. 27. What VALUE Are You Going To Deliver?
  28. 28. “Just because they are not actively shopping, doesn’t mean they will never buy from you!” Definition of a Leads/Sales Funnel Effective Digital Leadership is about being able to move people into your own conversion/sales/lead funnels… NOT just about a single transactional sale
  29. 29. The Digital Reality • Most businesses do not have a digital strategy. • Most businesses do not use a digital strategy. • Most businesses do not know how to create a digital strategy. • A strategy is relatively easy to decide upon and put into place. “Having a simple strategy, and utilising it, will put you ahead of most entrepreneurs, including your competitors”
  30. 30. Strategy Questions • What are we “about”? __________________ • What do we do best? ___________________ • What makes it work? ___________________ • What VALUE are you going to Deliver – Today? “Tomorrow”? Next Year? ________________ Email
  31. 31. Next Steps • “Distill” Your core concepts from answers • Create your three core “themes” or Domains of – Your brand value – Your community value – Your product & content value
  32. 32. Case Study - RedBull • What are they about? – Excitement – Entertainment – “Energy” • Value? – Become a better person – More motivated – “Adrenalized”
  33. 33. Implementing Your Digital Strategy • People – Understand your audience – WIIFM • Objectives – What are you trying to achieve? – Why? Create relevance to your audience • Value – What value are you ‘exchanging’ – What themes are you using to deliver your value? – Deliver your value through your content
  34. 34. HOT Seat • Where is your brand with your specific digital strategy? • Why? • What is happening? Email
  35. 35. 2. Content Content Deployment 2 Understand what is important to say, and when.
  36. 36. What Are YOU Going To “TALK” About?
  37. 37. WHO Are You Talking to?
  38. 38. Word Of Mouth Only Goes So Far
  39. 39. Not Just About The Selfie @doylebuehler
  40. 40. Not About Cute Kittens @doylebuehler
  41. 41. Nor About Cute Babies @doylebuehler
  42. 42. What is Content? • Not just a “blog” – Ebooks, checklists, webinars, videos, web text, images, infographics, stories, books, course, training… • Educating Your Audience • Creating awareness of ‘you’ (Profile) • Informing about their “environment” • Focused on YOUR keywords
  43. 43. Your CONTENT Drives Your Audience • What is YOUR Original Content? – Not all sales – Your Business Value – WIIFM? “What’s In It For Me” • Where is your Digital Leadership? Your Strategy?
  44. 44. Content – What to “Say” Online • Your “VOICE” • From Content Plan? • To Whom? Persona • Are you delivering your value? • What do they WANT to HEAR? • What Does Your Content LOOK Like?
  45. 45. What About Keywords? • Yes, research! – – – More so, they distill out as PART of your VALUE statements, Your digital strategy, and your specific content!
  46. 46. Find (More of) YOUR Audience… Your Crowd
  47. 47. Where is your audience?
  48. 48. Defining Your Audience
  49. 49. How To Identify YOUR Target Persona Start by describing the ideal customer who might benefit most from the content you create: • WHO is the persona? • WHAT traits characterize her? • WHAT roles does she play? • WHAT does her typical day look like? • WHERE is there a gap in her needs/wants (beyond our products/services)? • WHEN does she need to close this gap (i.e., where is she in the purchase funnel)? • WHY would she care about us, as a company (aside from our product)?
  50. 50. Identify Your Persona TARGET PERSONA: ________________________________________ Job title/Role: ____________________________________________ Typical challenge: _________________________________________ Needs Gap: ______________________________________________ Funnel position: __________________________________________ What she cares about: _____________________________________ Place your persona’s picture here and give her a name, to help your content team keep her top-of-mind.
  51. 51. How to Grow your Audience With Content? • Reciprocity – SHARE LIKE COMMENT – As ‘your’ business & personal profile • Interest Followers & Leaders – Key People of Influence in Your Industry • Add YOUR content to the mix – Value from your strategy? – WIIFM? • Be proactive & Outgoing – “ASK” to connect for personal pages – 5 Minutes/day
  52. 52. Better Than Sliced Bread? Create 1% of your own Content Copy & Share 9% [Content] of Your Influencers 90%? Join the conversation – share others, discuss, comment The ‘Magical’ 90/9/1 Content Sharing Ratio
  53. 53. HOT Seat What Is Your Experience With “CONTENT”? What Has Happened To You? Email
  54. 54. 3. Community Community Development 3 Realize that you do have a core persona that will listen
  55. 55. @doylebuehler
  56. 56. What Channels Are You Going To CHOOSE TO Maximise Your Community Activity? #1: ______________________ #2: ______________________ @doylebuehler
  57. 57. HOT Seat What Is Your Experience With “Community & Social Media”? What Has Happened To You? Email
  58. 58. 4. Sales Sales Action 4 Why sales are ‘lost’ online, without you knowing, and what to do about it
  59. 59. The Two Basic Types Of Landing Pages 1. E-commerce based, where you drive customers to buy products or services; the goal on these pages is click-through/purchase. 2. Lead-generation page where you gather visitors’ information, and normally “trade” something of value. A landing page should not just be another page on your website. You should specifically build and optimize a page for a single goal. If you are working on a website platform like WordPress, there are many tools that will aid in the creation of a landing page. TheTwoBasicTypesOf LandingPages 1 E-commerce based, where you drive costumers to buy products or services; the goal on these pages is click-through/ purchase. 2 Lead-generation page where you gather visitors’ information, and normally “trade” something of value. A landing page should not just be another page on your website. You should specifically build and optimize a page for a single goal. If you are working on a website platform like Wordpress, there are many tools that will aid in the creation of a landing page.
  60. 60. • Landing pages deliver more leads LandingPagesDeliver MoreLeads Companies with 40+ landing pages get 12x more leads than those with 5 or less. Companies with 30+ landing pag- es get 7x more leads than those with 10 or less. -Hubspot In one landing page test Lumineers in- creased conversions 120%, resulting in 1,200 more leads in one month. -WPromote Source: htpp://
  61. 61. Questions To Start To Define Your Funnel 1. What is your sales and leads process? ___________________________________________ 2. How do you currently acquire new leads and new customers? _________________________________ 3. How do you respond and manage your leads? ___________________________________________
  62. 62. Funnel Success Factors 1. Look at the behaviours – not just an automated process – where do they stop a video? 2. Build multi-phased campaigns, all centered around “response indicators.” - Focus your energy on the ones who demonstrate they’re the most interested 3. Remember the 67% - we don’t all buy at once 4. Use Multiple Conversion Points – not all CTA need to be at the “end”. 5. Tell Your Brand Story 6. Test & Retest 7. Look at other avenues to distribute your story – partners, affiliates, clients, etc.
  63. 63. “Your landing page is the pathway into your Digital ATM”
  64. 64. How To Set Up A Funnel For Your ATM • Step 1 – Create Your “Gift” • Step 2 – Establish your technology (mailchimp, InfusionSoft, etc. • Step 3 – Create landing page or “Campaign” • Step 4 – Create your email sequence • Step 5 – Move Your Audience To Your Funnel • Step 6 – Create a new “Gift” Monthly • Step 7 – Monitor, Optimise & Manage
  65. 65. How To Test? • • • • •
  66. 66. How To Effectively Organise Your Sales Funnel Key 1: Implement email marketing follow-up cycles for all sections of the sales cycles. Ensure that you deliver exceptional value to your audience, and that it is congruent with your overall messaging. Don’t just send out emails because you have their email addresses – only if you deliver real value to add to their day. Key 2: Create additional points of entry into your sales funnel for pre-and post purchasers. This can be accomplished with downloads, gifts, checklists, etc., that directly connect you to your audience. Utilise specific landing pages for specific lifestyle goals and offers. Key 2: Utilise your social and sharing platforms to entice sales and interest in your products, and move them into your overall sales process. Include links and discussions related to your audience’s goals to your site and promotions, in social media. This needs to be aligned with your overall content and social media plan.
  67. 67. Tools Tools To Help You Define Your Website Platform & Sales Funnels
  68. 68. Whewh – that wasn’t too bad…
  69. 69. Trust The Process
  70. 70. Don’t just stand there staring…
  71. 71. Don’t Forget To Practice… …Your Digital Leadership
  72. 72. Questions? Email
  73. 73. Where to go for more help? #ownonline Join The Online Inner Circle Facebook Group Slide Deck on
  74. 74. Please Leave a Review Or Testimonial • Twitter: @doylebuehler • Linkedin: “Doyle Buehler” • Amazon: The Digital Delusion • Email:
  75. 75. Your Social Media Leadership ChallengeDigital Leadership The start of your new story online? DIGITALLEADERSHIP:THESTARTOFYOURNEWSTORYONLINE? What CONVERSATIONS AreYOUHaving With Your audience? How AreYou BUILDINGYour COMMUNITY around YOUR VALUE? What CONNECTIONSAre YOUCREATING With Your Audience? TheCONVERSIONis theresult of having a strategy, having a process, and having all of thepieces in placefor your audience across your digital ecosystem.
  76. 76. Take the DIGITAL LEADERSHIP Assessment
  77. 77. Please Find & Follow Me On Social
  78. 78. Bonus #1 Digital Leadership Quiz
  79. 79. BONUS - Websites
  80. 80. How To “Align” Your Website 1. Create congruency with everything you say and do 2. Align Your Strategy with your overall Value 3. Align Content With Your Audience Intent 4. Align the structure with your audience behaviours 5. Move beyond a Brochure Site 6. Multi-platform/Responsive 7. Tell Your Brand Story
  81. 81. What Is Your Website User Process? • Goals of site leads/sales/ecommerce • Information – where is it and what do they need • About Us? About Them, Not YOU • Contact Us? Yah – right • Sales and Leads Funnel Process
  82. 82. Have Your Created A Website Specification To Capture These?
  83. 83. Blowing Away The Digital Blunders • Blunder #1: If You Have to Tell ‘Me’ How to Get Around Your Site – You’re Doing it Wrong • Blunder #2: Being Cute and Clever Doesn’t Lead to Conversions • Blunder #3: What’s In It For ‘Me’ WIIFM? • Blunder #4: Expecting a Contact Us Page to work as a lead generator
  84. 84. How To Digital Declutter #1 Coordinate your “revised” strategy and content plan into your website. Include a more consistent level of content production. Include all of the social media features. Create more of a destination with your content and the overall structure. Integrate a sales funnel process that can include your audience in their lifestyle of your products and services, such as checklists, guides, etc. for download.
  85. 85. Utilise newer SEO capabilities, such as Structured Data Mark-up Language, which is a search engine tool used by Google. Remove any “over optimised” sections of the current meta tags, as Google may penalize your site for this. How To Digital Declutter #2
  86. 86. Utilise Webmaster Tools (Google), affiliate partners as well as Google Merchant capabilities for your product feeds, to grow your sales, as well as your overall audience. Continue to grow backlinks, based on partners and affiliates. How To Digital Declutter #3
  87. 87. Question You MUST Ask Yourself 1. What is the purpose of your website? Leads? Sales? Information? Be specific. _______________________________ 2. Does it currently work with your strategy and your content? ____________________________ 3. What is it that you feel does not work properly, or you would like to improve._____________________________ 4. Do you have a content management system? ____________________
  88. 88. 1. What platform are you using? Is it future-proof? ______________ 2. What is YOUR REAL Story you are telling? ________ 3. Are you using your original, unique CONTENT? _________ 4. How often do you Optimise & Test? __________ 5. Are you creating a “Journey” that your audience can explore? ________ 6. What are you doing for “onsite” SEO – Content, Keywords? _________ 7. Have You created a website specification for you, your employees and your suppliers? __________________ Your Website Checklist
  89. 89. Tools Tools To Help You Define Your Website Platform & Sales Funnels Download Your Website Specification from Other Web building tools