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You Suck At Social Media


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I gave this presentation detailing organizations that have failed at their social media initiatives at BarCamp Memphis. BarCamp is part of a network of user generated conferences - open, participatory workshop events whose content is provided by the participants. It's politely titled "You Suck at Social Media"

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You Suck At Social Media

  1. 1. You Suck at Social Media Bob Hazlett BarCamp Memphis
  2. 2. What cha’ talkin’ ‘bout? Companies that do it bad Companies that do it good How not to suck
  3. 3. Hi, My name is Bob Online Marketing Internet Advertising Social Media
  4. 4. What I believe Darwin’s law In the power of new media and the community Heart and Passion > Strategy We can all do great things
  5. 5. About Me
  6. 6. About Me
  7. 7. About Me
  8. 8. Get to the Suckage already
  9. 9. Conversations happen Iams Pet Food Animal cruelty & PETA Conversations happen if you listen or not Admit mistakes & fix them Participate/respond and become part of conversation Call on your community
  10. 10. I am da’ Furminator 4 positive customer reviews YouTube, Discussion boards Let the customers evangelize in ways they want Give them the tools Google peaking beyond walled gardens
  11. 11. Twitter taste in my mouth /BankofAmerica - Parked /WindowsXP - Hijacked /McDonalds - Parked /BritishAirways - Abandoned
  12. 12. Your twitter feels so good /Zappos /Comcast /DellOutlet Marketing & PR • exclusive offers & coupons • happenings in your industry • promote their interests Customer Service • individual attention
  13. 13. Social Net(doesn’t)work 380 fans/5 mon. No conversation One big ad Integrate bands into page • videos • show how to edit Trick out ultimate computer
  14. 14. Social Networks BMW 1 Series 9000 / 7 days Personalized High Involvement Widget ads Single message across multiple channels
  15. 15. Pizza Hut Facebook Application
  16. 16. FedEx Launch Application Add attachments to messages Build off current functionality, but kept to core brand 100k installs in 48 hrs, 50% coming back 10x
  17. 17. Bad Blogs Wal-Mart Across America Formed to counter criticism from unions Never a sad face Staged whole event
  18. 18. Good Corporate Blogs Be genuine It’s not just about you • see CafePress blog Provide value Peak behind the curtain • see 37Signals blog Don’t be too serious • see DreamHost blog
  19. 19. You blogger pitch like a girl Show you know who they are Highlight the benefits Community first Get to the point
  20. 20. SMS & Mobile RedBox • Free Weekly Rental w/signup • Flipped low-involvement task Meijer • Gas alerts • Top-of-mind
  21. 21. SMS Guidelines Make it easy Offer something unique and exclusive Multiple entry points (text, web) NO unsolicited messages, opt-in
  22. 22. Bitter Beer Video
  23. 23. Martell does it well Martell Home Builders Create an experience Defined audience, developed strategies & tools
  24. 24. Social Media Guidelines
  25. 25. Listen before you act
  26. 26. Be Transparent
  27. 27. Engage customers
  28. 28. Build an experience
  29. 29. Make it Exclusive
  30. 30. Solve a problem
  31. 31. Be Human
  32. 32. Thought Leaders
  33. 33. Get more info
  34. 34. Get more info
  35. 35. Get more info
  36. 36. Skip to this slide in case of boring Participate Provide Value Do it on their terms Be human Create an Experience Don’t Suck
  37. 37. Thank you Download this presentation at