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Making Your Own URL Shortening Service


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It's a Small URL After All takes you through the process of using Yourls to create your own personalized URL shortening service similar to and This deck was presented at BarCamp Memphis by Bob Hazlett of and Daniel Pritchett of

Published in: Technology, Design
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Making Your Own URL Shortening Service

  1. 1. It’s a Small URL After All Bob Hazlett - @OneHalfAmazing Daniel Pritchett - @DPritchett
  2. 2. A World of... Laughter (funny how easy this is) Tears (avoiding pitfalls) Hopes (that this turns out awesome) Fear (that you’ll mess something up) Something to share (bragging to your buddies)
  3. 3. Why do something like this anyway? Branding Stability & Control More customization Built-in Stats Plugins Darn Cool
  4. 4. Supplies Needed Domain Host Access to your files (FTP) Text Editor Download Yourls package
  5. 5. Picking a domain
  6. 6. Get your host on Hosted PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1 with “mod_rewrite” enabled Mainstream packages from 1and1, DreamHost or GoDaddy will do DIY Server LAMP on Linux WAMP on Windows MAMP on Mac
  7. 7. Download Yourls Yourls 1. available at 4 Private or Public Customize your links Bookmarklet Integrated Stats Wordpress Plugin Open Source
  8. 8. Set up your database
  9. 9. Configure one file > Includes > Config-sample.php
  10. 10. Fill in a little info > database name setup earlier >
  11. 11. Just a bit more > > set up users
  12. 12. Save file as config.php
  13. 13. FTP files to server Yourls unzipped and configured package > FTP client > host FTP clients CyberDuck or Transmit (Mac) FireFTP (firefox add-on) WinSCP (Windows)
  14. 14. Warning! Danger! .htaccess file If installing on same domain as WordPress Must be in different directory
  15. 15. Finally Installed
  16. 16. Start making babies
  17. 17. Expand your world
  18. 18. I got stats
  19. 19. WordPress Plugin to Twitter Generate short URLs for each new post or page Auto t weet on your behalf as you publish new content
  20. 20. Setting up on Tweetie 2 username=MyUSERNAME&password=MYPASSWORD&action=shorturl &format=simple&url=%@
  21. 21. Hey, Cool Guy
  22. 22. Other Tools Browser Bookmarklet Generates short URL from page you’re currently viewing Simple or Advanced, just drag to browser toolbar WordPress Sidebar Widget Offer shortening ser vice to your users
  23. 23. Questions Daniel Pritchett Bob Hazlett
  24. 24. Other Resources and Lifehacker article -