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Here, There and Yonder: Where to Meet Your Audience in 2011


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My deck at PRSA Memphis December 2010 meeting in which I discuss how businesses can implement and enhance their foursquare or location-based social network offerings, how mobile is changing based on these geosocial networks along with predictions for social media in 2011.

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Here, There and Yonder: Where to Meet Your Audience in 2011

  1. 1. H e re, T h e re a n d Yo n de r : W h e re to M e et Yo u r A u d ie n c e i n 2011Bob HazlettPRSADecember 2010
  2. 2. About Me
  3. 3. I was once a Putt-Putt Champion
  4. 4. So, what am I going to talk about?Location-based social net worksRole of mobile in LBSN, what the future holds2011 Social Media predictions
  5. 5. Caution, Fast!This space is evolving fast Here’s what I would focus on Try, fail, fail, fail, succeed Please forgive me if something changed this morning
  6. 6. Still Small Location-based should be part of an overall larger digital strategy Pew Study - only 4% of online adults use LBSN (1% of all people online). Hispanics largest audience Males 2x greater than female“4% of online Americans use location-based services.” Pew Internet. November 2010 <
  7. 7. Location-based social networks Engages mobile users to explore their world Checkin Find Friends Unlock badges, earn points & rewards Become Mayor
  8. 8. So, is it a game?Yes and NoOn the surface not so business-y
  9. 9. People are checking in everywhere Bars, Cafes, Shops, Hotels, Events, Restaurants, Offices
  10. 10. The business partGreat way to reach loyal customers and prospects communicate with person at the exact time they are making a decision ties person to your brand makes them stickier creates a lifestyle broadcasts their affinity
  11. 11. To get started
  12. 12. Get listed
  13. 13. Check your dataSee who and when users arechecking in to your business time of day gender frequent visitors
  14. 14. Use and Promote specials Mayor Specials - offer a reward to your most loyal customers Checkin specials - frequency based based on user Frequency based - unlocked very X checkins Wildcard - verified by staff
  15. 15. Yeah, but how do Iget fans that wouldjump off a cliff for me?
  16. 16. Idea 1: Post a review Encourage visitors to post reviews of their experience peer pressure - people want to eat where their friends eat, party with the best crowds
  17. 17. Idea 2: Get BetterCreate a To-do list at your location Ask a visitor what menu item they like most/least What brands they wished you carried? Who is the best bartender?
  18. 18. Idea 3: Leave digital crumbs Leave an insider tip so visitors feel like they have back-door access Wi-fi password Tables in the restaurant that have plugs nearby for laptops Code word for items not on the menu or for an upsized coffee
  19. 19. Idea 4: Play charity Give $X for every checkin that day Round up all transactions for the day and give the change to a Org Promote your charity merchandise
  20. 20. Idea: MiscGroup discounts 10 people = 20% off for everyone 30= 50% offBadge crawlTie checkins to loyalty cardsLink Foursquare to direct mail or in-store promotions
  21. 21. Match your Foursquareoffers and goals with your overall strategy!
  22. 22. Mobile + Location + Newness
  23. 23. Passive checkins Look mom, no hands! Shopkick
  24. 24. Digital media checkinscheck in to an album, TV show,movie or websiteGetGlue
  25. 25. Good, bad and the ugly Photos and video associated with the check in Nearly instant reviews and feedback
  26. 26. Augmented reality direct view of the physical world whoseelements are augmented or enhanced by a computer phone
  27. 27. QR codesa square barcode that can bescanned by a mobile phone and tiesthe real world to the virtual worldinfo within QR code could be URL,video, text or other info
  28. 28. 2011 Social Media Predictions
  29. 29. #1 - Content is King All companies become media companies Creative, curate and producing Users are getting smarter and will quickly ignore ads and non-relevant content valuable relevant consistent non-salesy engaging
  30. 30. #2 - PrivacyRipe for a large privacy blow upfrom a major siteGov’t inter vention?Regulations could make it harderfor you to customize personalizedcontent to your users
  31. 31. #3 - Question & Answer sitesSites where user asks a questionand they get a real answer fromreal peopleMaking major decisions based onwhat their virtual friends thinkQuora and Facebook Questions
  32. 32. #4 - Group buyingGroupon was big in 2010Groupon turns down 6 of 7 offers (and $5 billion)Offers become better personalized
  33. 33. #5 - Hot sites to watch Developments by Google in Q1 Individual and niche “personal” net works like Path and Instagram
  34. 34. Can I answeryour questions?Bob Hazlett@onehalfamazing