Digital	  Developments	  In	  Hospitality	                                                               ...
Analytic	  Trends	                Digital	  IQ	  Indexes	  and	  analytic	  tools	                are	  good	  online	  pe...
Twitter	  Releases	  Web	  Analytics	                                                            Web	  analytic	  tools	  ...
Mobile	  Trends	                                                                          World	  Hotel	  groups	  and	  c...
Mobli’s	  Social	         Broadcasting	  App	         Is	  the	  Closest	         You’ll	  Get	  to	         Being	  Batma...
Social	  Media	  Trends	                                                                      In	  September,	  Facebook	 ...
How	  the	  new	  Facebook	  will	  impact	  travel	                                             September	  28,	  2011	  ...
Social	  Media	  solutions	  for	  hotels	         TripAdvisor	  Launches	  Widgets	  For	  Hospitality	  Industry	       ...
Online	  Trends	                                                                                                   Gaining...
New	  hotel	  booking	  site	  targets	                          Online	  Booking	  Engine	                               ...
                                                                                       	         Digital	  Developments	  ...
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Ddih october newsletter


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Ddih october newsletter

  1. 1.   Digital  Developments  In  Hospitality   October,  5st  2011   Analytic  Trends   Social  Media   -­‐ -­‐    Digital  IQ  Index                      p.2   -­‐  Facebook’s  new  face                                                    p.6/7   -­‐ -­‐    Web  Analytic  Tools        p.3   -­‐  Social  Media  Solutions  for  Hotels    p.8       -­‐                 Mobile       Trends       Online  Trends   -­‐   -­‐  Mobile  Applications          p.4/5   -­‐  Online  Services  for  Hotels                              p.9   -­‐ -­‐  Augmented  Reality            p.5     -­‐  Online  Booking  Engines                                    p.10   September  2011:  New  Digital  Marketing   Opportunities  for  Hoteliers!   Big  news  for  hoteliers:  the  summer  break  inspired  many   Digital  Developments   digital  oriented  firms.     in  Hospitality  is  a     division  of  Oneglobe   Online,  Social  Media,  Mobile  or  Analytic  oriented  companies   Network  dedicated  to   launched  or  improved  new  services  that  should  make  hoteliers   exploring  Net   happy.   capabilities  and     innovations  facilitating   It  is  a  matter  of  technological  evolutions  that  are  going  to   differentiation  via   impact  the  online  marketing  and  communication  strategies   within  the  hospitality  industry.   breakthrough  services.     DDIH  explores  the   For  those  who  can’t  follow  DDIH  blog  regularly,  this  newsletter   impact  of  apps,  tools  and   summarizes  the  biggest  digital  trends  of  the  previous  month.     platforms,  already     adopted  in  the   The  DDIH  Team   marketplace,  and  the   impact  on  users’  service   expectations.    
  2. 2. Analytic  Trends   Digital  IQ  Indexes  and  analytic  tools   are  good  online  performance   indicators  for  hotels.   Digital  IQ  Index     More  and  more  research  centers   classify  hotels  according  to  their   Whats  Your  Social  Media   Digital  IQ  Index  (IQ  meaning   Intellectual  Quotient)  after  having   Marketing  IQ?   September  6,  2011   evaluated  their  online  influence.         As  you  make  your  2012  marketing  plans,   The  Digital  IQ  Index  enables  hotels  to   consider  what  you  need  to  do  to  take  your   position  themselves  according  to  their   social  media  marketing  to  the  next  level.  To   competitors’  position  in  the  market.   ensure  your  firms  maximizing  its  social     media  effectiveness,  nows  the  time  to  check   Download  L2  Digital  IQ  Reports:   your  organizations  social  media  marketing   -­‐ Travel   IQ.   -­‐ Facebook       Here  are  30  questions  to  help  determine   Analytic  tools  such  as  Klout  and   your  firms  social  media  marketing  IQ.  These   PeerIndex  measure  the  online   questions  will  help  you  assess  where  your   performance  of  a  website  taking  into   organization  is  in  terms  of  social  media   account  their  social  media  influence.   marketing  maturity  and  where  you  may  need     to  improve  effectiveness. ts-­‐social-­‐media-­‐marketing-­‐iq   Dachis  Group  Debuts  ‘Social  Business  Index’  –  Think  Of  It  As  Klout   For  Companies   September  13,  2011     Today  sees  the  launch  of  the  Social  Business  Index,  a  project  from  social  business  services   company  Dachis  Group.  In  essence,  the  information  service  aims  to  provide  some  insights  into  how   ‘social’  companies  are,  and  how  they  stack  up  against  similar  corporations  in  their  respective   industries  and  their  competitors,  and  provide  some  ‘social  business’  benchmarks  by  company,   subsidiary,  geography,  department  and  brand.   If  Klout  and  PeerIndex  are  about  trying  to  measure  the  ‘socialness’  and  influence  of  people  and   rank  them,  Dachis  Group  basically  wants  to  do  the  same  for  corporations,  in  real  time.   The  Social  Business  Index  is  free,  with  advanced  features  available  to  companies  and  registered   users  for  a  fee.­‐group-­‐debuts-­‐‘social-­‐business-­‐index’-­‐–-­‐think-­‐of-­‐it-­‐as-­‐klout-­‐for-­‐ companies/     2  
  3. 3. Twitter  Releases  Web  Analytics   Web  analytic  tools   Tool   September  14,  2011     Twitter  Web  Analytics  is  intended  to  give   website  owners  more  data  on  the   effectiveness  of  their  Twitter  integrations.  It’s   powered  by  BackType,  the  social  analytics   company  that  Twitter  acquired  in  July.   Twitter  Web  Analytics  will  help   publishers  and  website  owners  understand   three  key  things:  How  much  of  their  content  is   being  shared  on  Twitter,  how  much  traffic   Twitter  is  sending  their  way  and  how  well   Tweet  Buttons  are  performing.   The  tool  is  free  and  currently  in  beta.­‐ releases-­‐web-­‐analytics-­‐tool/   Klout  Adds  Topic  Pages  To  Give   Users  More  Context  Around  A   Subject  And  Its  Influencers   September  15,  2011     Klout  aims  to  provide  more  context  about  a   specific  topic.  On  the  topic  page,  Klout  shows   the  top  influencers  in  a  given  topic,  regardless   of  their  overall  Klout  score.  Pages  showcase  content  that  recently  influenced  others,  as   well  as  top  +K  recipients  (+K  is  a  measurement  tool  Klout  offers  users  to  vote  for  peers’   influence  in  topics).  Klout  says  that  it  plans  to  add  analytics,  trends,  and  more  to  topic   pages.   Topic  pages  can  be  accessed  by  clicking  through  any  topic  link  on  the  site,  such  as  from   someone’s  topic  page.  Top  influencers  on  a  topic  are  determined  based  on  interactions  and   engagement  from  other  topical  influencers  on  content.­‐adds-­‐topic-­‐pages-­‐to-­‐give-­‐users-­‐more-­‐context-­‐around-­‐a-­‐ subject-­‐and-­‐its-­‐influencers/     3  
  4. 4. Mobile  Trends   World  Hotel  groups  and  chains   being  mobile  oriented,  it  is  in  the   interest  of  Independent  Hotels  to   keep  abreast  with  the  latest  trends   Mobile  Applications   in  this  field.   Mobile  booking  engines  with  the   ability  to  modify  reservations  are   more  and  more  expected  by  hotel   guests.  Photo  and  Video  platforms   on  mobile  are  also  being  developed,   especially  for  leisure  travelers.     Augmented  reality,  with  geolocation   systems,  starts  becoming  a  real  need   for  every  type  of  traveler.  Launches  Integrated  Marketing  Campaign  Surrounding   its  Mobile  Booking  App   September  7,  2011®  launched  an  exciting,  “extreme”  campaign  centered  on  the  company’s  high-­‐ speed  mobile  booking  application,  which  allows  users  to  book  rooms  at  its  network  of  almost   140,000  worldwide  hotels.   The  video  features  the  world-­‐renowned  skydiver  booking  a  hotel  room  while  flying  at  over   115  miles  per  hour  in  a  15,000  foot  freefall  before  landing  on  the  Lake  Tahoe  beach  of  the  Hyatt   Regency  Lake  Tahoe  Resort,  Spa  &  Casino.     The  mobile  booking  app,  which  is  available  for  iPhone  and  Android,  features   specialized  offers,  including  exclusive  mobile  deals  and  over  20,000  last  minute  deals.  It  is   available  in  more  than  30  languages  in  more  than  70  countries,  and  can  access  past  and  future   reservations,  even  when  offline.  Mobile  GPS  functionality  will  allow  the  app  to  find  the  closest   hotels  with  the  best  deals,  based  on  a  user’s  current  location.  Welcomerewards®  loyalty  points   can  also  be  tracked  and  redeemed  through  the  app.­‐com-­‐launches-­‐integrated-­‐marketing-­‐campaign-­‐surrounding-­‐its-­‐ mobile-­‐booking-­‐app/     4  
  5. 5. Mobli’s  Social   Broadcasting  App   Is  the  Closest   You’ll  Get  to   Being  Batman   September  8,  2011     Mobli,  a  social  video  and   photo  platform,  is   updating  its  platform  and  adding  Android  and  BlackBerry  apps  to  the  service  it  launched  on  the   iPhone  in  April.   Here’s  how  it  works:  Users  take  photos  and  videos;  the  app  automatically  tags  each  image  with  a   location  (courtesy  of  Foursquare’s  API)  and  major  events  in  the  vicinity.     The  tagging  system  enables  you  to  follow  specific  users,  locations  and  topics.  You  can  also  search   images  for  any  keyword  or  place.   Mobli  has  unlimited  video  and  an  option  to  respond  with  a  photo  or  video.     Both  of  these  contribute  to  an  effect  that’s  something  like  an  interactive  visual  diary.     And  what’s  more  compelling  than  someone  else’s  diary?’s-­‐social-­‐broadcasting-­‐app-­‐is-­‐the-­‐closest-­‐you’ll-­‐get-­‐to-­‐being-­‐ batman/   Augmented  Reality   Hotel  portal  boosts  mobile  via   augmented  reality  app  and   touchscreen  website   September  28,  2011     The  Hotels  Now  augmented  reality  app   enables  users  to  search  for  and  view   properties  with  price,  distance  and  reviews   information  also  available.   The  iPhone  app  has  also  been  updated  to  include  predictive  destination   search,  find  local  hotels  via  GPS  and  share  properties  via  social  media   channels.   HRS  has  also  improved  its  mobile  website  adapting  the  design  to  make   it  more  suitable  for  touchscreen  technology.­‐portal-­‐boosts-­‐mobile-­‐via-­‐ augmented-­‐reality-­‐app-­‐and-­‐touchscreen-­‐website/     5  
  6. 6. Social  Media  Trends   In  September,  Facebook  hit  the   headlines  on  blogs  and  news   websites  with  the  creation  of  new   apps  and  the  reorganization  and   Facebook’s  new  face   redesign  of  its  website…  the  result   is  something  between  Twitter  and   Google  +,  not  surprising  !   Responding  to  expansion  of   In  parallel,  Hospitality  and   Facebook’s  location-­‐based  check-­‐ Marketing  oriented  firms  are   turning  towards  online  visibility   ins  as  a  hotelier   and  social  media  management  to   September  8,  2011   help  independent  hotels  increase     revenue.   Starting  last  Friday,  you  may  have  noticed  that   the  “X  check-­‐ins”  verbiage  has  been  removed   from  Places  Pages  and  merged  Facebook  Pages   and  has  been  replaced  with  “X  were  here”.   Users  will  still  be  able  to  “check-­‐in”  to  businesses   but  instead  through  their  status  updates  by   NewsMix  Makes  a  Magazine   adding  City  Location  and  Tagging  a  Business  in  a   From  Your  Facebook  “Likes”   post.     September  21,  2011   With  this  change  Facebook  is  looking  at     location  in  three  different  ways  –  Where  I’m   The  NewsMix  for  Facebook  application   going,  Where  I  am,  and  Where  I  have  been.   presents  updates  from  the  Facebook  Pages   Depending  on  how  Facebook  continues  to  roll   you  “like”  in  a  magazine-­‐like  fashion.   this  out  could  be  a  huge  plus  for  hotels  to  play  in   The  company’s  primary  goal  is  to  create  a   the  location-­‐based  marketing  space.   digital  newsstand  relevant  to  each  user  and   We  recommend  that  hotels  merge  their   appropriate  for  each  platform.   duplicate  places  pages  and  claim  Place  Pages  of   In  the  Facebook  application,  collected   any  of  their  business  entities.   stories  represent  the  articles,  photos  and     videos  as  posted  by  Facebook  Pages.­‐to-­‐ The  application  will  appeal  to  the  subset  of   expansion-­‐of-­‐facebook’s-­‐location-­‐based-­‐check-­‐ins-­‐as-­‐a-­‐ hotelier/   Facebook  users  who  want  a  unique  and   aesthetically  pleasing  way  to  discover  news   items  from  their  favorite  brands,  media   companies  and  celebrities  while  on   Facebook.­‐ makes-­‐a-­‐magazine-­‐from-­‐your-­‐facebook-­‐“likes”/  -­‐   more-­‐1086     6  
  7. 7. How  the  new  Facebook  will  impact  travel   September  28,  2011     In  the  last  couple  of  days  I  (Travis  Pittman)  have  dug  further  into  the  new   Open  Graph  developer  documentation  Facebook.  In  doing  so,  I  have   attempted  to  briefly  summarize  how  the  Open  Graph  changes  may  affect   its  users  and  the  travel  industry.     Now  instead  of  just  being  able  to  “like”  a  book,  users  will  be  able  tell  friends  when  they  have   “read”  a  book.  Or  “listened”  to  a  song.  Or,  in  the  case  of  the  travel  industry,  “booked”  a  flight,   “hired”  a  car,  stayed”  in  a  hotel,  “‘done”  a  tour,  “reviewed”  a  point  of  interest.     This  might  sound  rosy.  However,  there  could  be  some  negative  impact,  too.   After  giving  permission  to  an  app,  little  messages  are  automatically  (what  they’ve  named   “Frictionless  sharing”)  being  sent  back  to  Facebook,  your  girlfriend,  your  co-­‐workers  and  your   friends  about  your  actions  on  external  websites.     What  about  travel?   I’m  sure  it  would  be  interesting/distracting  for  people  who  are  about  to  plan  a  trip  of  their  own,   are  having  a  bad  week  at  work  or  haven’t  taken  a  holiday  in  a  while  when  they  see  a  flow  of   messages  like:   “Travis  read  a  review  about  xyz  hotel  in  Cape  Town  on  TripAdvisor”   …to  eventually  things  like:   “Travis  ate  a  steak  at  a  Cape  Town  steak  restaurant”­‐the-­‐new-­‐facebook-­‐will-­‐impact-­‐travel/   Mark    Zuckerberg  at  f8     7  
  8. 8. Social  Media  solutions  for  hotels   TripAdvisor  Launches  Widgets  For  Hospitality  Industry   September  28,  2011         NEWTON,  MA  –  TripAdvisor  launched  its  new  Widget  Center  that  makes  it  easier  for  the   hospitality  industry  to  find  and  display  TripAdvisor  content,  such  as  ratings  and  reviews,  on  their   own  sites.   The  center  offers  a  wide  array  of  thematically  organized  widgets  and  includes  new  features,   such  as  a  “see  it  in  use”  option  that  shows  how  other  sites  are  successfully  displaying  TripAdvisor   content.  The  center  also  allows  business  owners  and  managers  to  email  widget  code  to  their  site   administrators  for  easy  installation.­‐launches-­‐widgets-­‐for-­‐hospitality-­‐industry/   Appnostic  enables  hotels  to  manage  social  networks  and   Facebook   September  22,  2011     According  to  Brian  Dass,  Founder  and  CEO  of  Appnostic,  the  company  focuses   on  the  development  of  its  Travel  PartnerNetwork  program.  “The  objective  being   to  make  social  media  even  more  accessible  and  measurable  than  it  used  to  be”.   Social  Promoter,  the  first  tool  developed  by  Appnostic  is  a  universal  project  management  tool   for  facebook  and  twitter  able  to  evolve  and  take  care  of  numerous  accounts.   Appnostic  will  create  a  partnership  with  hotels  and  hotel  chains  by  offering  them  tools,   promotional  materials,  sales  trainings,  marketing  support,  tutorials  on  the  way  to  proceed,   workshops  and  technical  assistance  to  help  them  better  manage  their  customers’  social  media   channels.   SocialPromoter,  TweetAgent  and  ProjectInteractive  solutions  have  been  especially   personalized  to  answer  the  needs  in  the  travel  and  hospitality  industries.­‐permet-­‐aux-­‐hotels-­‐de-­‐gerer-­‐les-­‐reseaux-­‐sociaux-­‐et-­‐ facebook-­‐appnostic-­‐enables-­‐hotels-­‐to-­‐manage-­‐social-­‐networks-­‐and-­‐facebook/  -­‐  more-­‐1102     8  
  9. 9. Online  Trends   Gaining  online  visibility,  being  the   main  objective  for  Independent   Hotels  in  order  to  remain   Online  Services  for  Hotels   competitive  with  the  “big  boys”,  web   solution  platforms  are  getting   specialized  on  the  hospitality   industry.   Online  booking  systems  and   attractive  review  tools  are  still  part   of  hoteliers’  main  needs.   TravelClick  launches  full-­‐service  web  solution  for   hotels   September  13,  2011     Custom  Pro  is  the  newest  product  available  through  TravelClick’s  Web  Solutions  group  and   provides  hotels  with  a  custom  website  design  and  on-­‐going  services  with  no  long-­‐term   commitment  and  no  upfront  fees.   TravelClick’s  award  winning  web  team  will  concept,  design  and  program  a  distinctive  site  that   is  optimized  for  lead  conversion  and  to  maximize  organic  search  traffic.  Custom  Pro  sites  utilize   best  practice  functionality  including  booking  widgets,  eRFP  functionality,  email  capture,  special   offers  rotators,  guest  comments,  etc.  to  help  hoteliers  drive  revenue  and  increase  lead  flow.   Clients  will  also  receive  a  robust  content  management  system,  on-­‐going  maintenance,  web   hosting,  regular  search  engine  optimization  (SEO)  updates,  and  a  full  site  re-­‐build  every  two   years  at  no  additional  cost.     Additional  services  can  be  added  for  incremental  monthly  fees,  including  a  mobile  website,   media  services  and  advanced  search  engine  optimization  programs,  as  well  as  the  development   of  a  social  presence  on  Facebook,  TripAdvisor  and  other  review  sites.­‐launches-­‐full-­‐service-­‐web-­‐solution-­‐for-­‐hotels/     9  
  10. 10. New  hotel  booking  site  targets   Online  Booking  Engine   travelers  with  hotel  reservation   September  12,  2011     FastBooking  Engine  Lux  Takes     Hotel  Online  Booking  to  the  Next     Level   BACKBID,  a  revolutionary  hotel  booking   September  27,  2011   website  which  offers  hotels  a  way  to  earn  new   online  business  from  confirmed  travelers  with   existing  reservations,  has  just  launched  in     private  beta  mode.  The  site  allows  hotels  to     see  which  travelers  are  coming  to  their   FastBooking,  one  of  the  world’s  leading  online   market,  how  much  they  are  willing  to  pay  and   solutions  providers  for  the  hospitality  industry,   what  their  travel  preferences  are  because   announces  general  availability  of  the  recently   BACKBID  travelers  already  have  a  hotel   released  FastBooking  Engine  Lux.  This  new  front   reservation,  confirming  their  intention  to   end  enhances  customers’  online  booking   travel.  With  this  insider  knowledge,  hotels  are   experience  and  offers  new  options  to  better  fit   able  to  create  personalized  offers  and  deliver   the  hotelier’s  needs,  in  particular  those  of  the   them  directly  to  consumers,  enticing  them  to   luxury  hotel  market.   book  with  their  property  and  abandon  their   FastBooking  Engine  Lux  is  built  on  the  same   original  reservation.   robust,  high  performance  online  booking     technology  as  the  company’s  time-­‐tested­‐hotel-­‐ booking-­‐site-­‐targets-­‐travelers-­‐with-­‐hotel-­‐reservation/   FastBooking  Engine  Classic.   ·  30  languages  and  62  currencies  for  users  to   select  from  when  making  their  reservations.   Oyster  gives  new  (high)   ·  Four  step  booking  process.   definition  to  panoramic  hotel        -­‐  Multiple  rooms  bookings  for  separate  dates  at   the  same  time.   photos   September  26,  2011        -­‐  Industry  record  conversion  rate.        -­‐  Lightening  speed  display  of  rates  and   availabilities.        -­‐  Advanced  reporting  tools  to  keep  track  of  your     Key  Performance  Indicators.,  the  lodging  review  and        -­‐  Particularly  attractive  for  luxury  properties   booking  site,  likes  to  skip  the  marketing  shots   FastBooking  Engine  Lux  includes  a  number  of   in  favor  of  realistic  hotel  photos  and  the   sophisticated  tools  to  help  users  make  their   website  just  implemented  panoramic  photos   buying  decision  and  hoteliers  increase  online   in  a  very  big  way.   bookings.   Oyster  provides  high-­‐definition  360     degree  panoramic  image  of  hospitality­‐ properties.  The  company  claims  to  be  adding   engine-­‐lux-­‐takes-­‐hotel-­‐online-­‐booking-­‐to-­‐the-­‐next-­‐level/  -­‐   more-­‐1147   200-­‐300  hotels  per  month  and  will  be  giving   some  of  these  panoramic  treatment  for  free. 28high%29+definition+to+panoramic+hotel+photos     10  
  11. 11.     Digital  Developments  In  Hospitality   A  word  from  the  team…   “  We  are  pleased  to  share  through  DDIH   blog,  all  the  pieces  of  information   related  to  the  latest  digital  trends  in  the   objective  to  inspire  independent  hotels   when  creating  marketing  strategies.”     Find  us  on