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Social Media Cheat Sheet - Getting Started


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Need to level-up your client on social media? Just getting started using Twitter for your business? Our quick guide will list some tactics and examples to show you how it's done.

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Social Media Cheat Sheet - Getting Started

  1. 1. Social Media Cheat-Sheet – Getting StartedBy: Pam Sahota - @PamSahotaFacebook – <br />Fan Page vs. Profile PageFan Page for your BrandProfile Page for youLink to your other online locationsWebsite, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube channel, Flickr Page, etcUse the photo albumsShow your employees off: Company Retreats, Events, and ConferencesHumanize your brandAsk questions, respond, have a conversationAs in real life, it takes time to build relationships that will lastJust be “you” and demonstrate there is someone behind the brand Use Facebook InsightsMonitor “Likes” and more to see if your marketing strategy is paying off<br />Example<br />Twitter – <br /><ul><li>Tweetdeck vs. Hootsuite vs. Seesmic: Find the right Twitter application for youSee oneforty’s Toolkits for recommendations of tools to try.Tools help you:Organize and monitor your followers in columnsSearch for keywords being mentionedListen easierRespond quicker And Engage betterBuild those loyal relationships with real responsesUse hashtags for events and product promotionsShare relevant information, ReTweet others, and be funShare videos and photos too! </li></ul>Example<br />LinkedIn – <br /><ul><li>Have a public profileHave a logo/pictureUse the 3 links available in order to optimize the use of the real estate availableShare from your other accountsTwitter feedRecent blog postsAdd a slideshare about what your brand doesDo Status Updates! It’s not just for Facebook anymore!</li></ul>Example<br />Flickr – <br /><ul><li>Make albums of events, tradeshows, company outings, funny antics that happen around the office, product offerings, and moreUse it to bring a visual concept to your brandUse it to humanize your brandUse it to share more than just articlesUse it to add value to your other content</li></ul>Example<br />Slideshare – <br /><ul><li>Demonstrate what your brand isShow product demosExplain how your company startedDemonstrate why your brand rocksAllow for your product and employees to shine in a new wayCreate it, post it, share itAnother way for people to learn about your brand</li></ul>Example<br />Blog – (example blog) <br /><ul><li>Curating content was the first step. Now you also need to create some in order to demonstrate where your brand is an expert and why people should care. Strategize topics that create value for your target audienceCatchy headlinesList posts (more likely for people to read)Link to other posts and relevant contentWrite on a consistent basisShare via Twitter, Facebook, etc.Include share buttons for others to easily link and share (Facebook, Twitter, etc)Have an easy to access Subscribe option</li></ul>Example<br />Want more daily social media tips for your business? Read our blog or download our Twitter for Business 101 ebook.<br />