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Powerpoint location project

  1. 1. HawaiiBy Alex and Miranda
  2. 2. What is Hawaii famous for and why? Hawaii is famous for volcanic eruptions during the past 10,000 years. It is the home of the world’s mostactive volcano- the crater of Kilauea on Mauna Loa on the Hawaii Big Island. People like to snorkel near theMolokini crater (a sunken volcano) because there are a lot of fish there. It is also famous for surfing on bigwaves, the beaches and the beautiful weather. Waikiki beach is a famous beach in Hawaii on Oahu island because of the soft sand.
  3. 3. What is the climate like in in Hawaii and why? Hawaii’s climate is approximately mild and tropicalwet all year long. Hawaii has two seasons- Winter and Summer. Winter runs through mid- October to April and Summer runs through May to mid-October.
  4. 4. Where are the big cities located and why? Hawaii’s big cities are on different islands. On OahuIsland, Honolulu, Kailua, Kaneohe, Laie, Haleiwa and Wahiawa are the big cities. The capital of Hawaii isHonolulu because it is the largest city in Hawaii. The biggest cities in Hawaii is number one- Honolulu, number two- Pearl City and number three- Hilo.
  5. 5. What do people eat in Hawaii and why? Hawaiian people eat tropical fruits such as apple banana, strawberry papaya, green mangos with Chinese five spice and Maui gold pineapples with li hing powder. Their source of protein are fish, squid,limpet, crab, chicken, birds, dogs and pigs and otherseafood. They eat this food because they are close to the Pacific Ocean. They eat a lot of rice in Hawaii.
  6. 6. What does the landscape look like in Hawaii and why? Hawaii is an archipelago of 132 islands located in the Pacific Ocean. The islands of Hawaii are peaks of huge undersea volcanoes. Most volcanoes are no longer active but some still continue to erupt.Maui’s famous scenic Road to Hana
  7. 7. What is life like in Hawaii and why? The official languages of Hawaii are English and Hawaiian but other languages are still spoken like Japanese because a lot of Japanese live in Hawaii. Aloha means hello, goodbye and love. The only difference is the way of the saying. A tradition in Hawaii is that every year Aloha Bowl is played in Honolulu’s Aloha stadium. For professional athletes, National football league pro game, Matching thenational football conference and American football all-stars are played in the Aloha stadium. Hawaii is part of the Polynesian Triangle.
  8. 8. What do people like to do in Hawaii?A lot of people in Hawaii like to do things outside likesurfing, ziplining, snorkeling and scuba diving. They also like to hula dance in Hawaii. People in Hawaii also like to celebrate holidays like Christmas. They are very festive in Hawaii.
  9. 9. Where is Hawaii located? Hawaii is 17 degrees north and 150 degrees west.Hawaii is in the middle of the Pacific ocean. It is the50th state of the United States of America. Hawaii ismade out of a combination of small islands and big islands. Hawaii is in North America.
  10. 10. What is the population like in Hawaii? The most populated island in Hawaii is Oahu island (the red one) because Honolulu (the capital) islocated there. Other islands are mostly 10 – 25 million people per sq. mile.
  11. 11. What is the elevation like in Hawaii?The highest places in Hawaii are in the middle of the Big Island (the big island). Most islands are about 153- 500 meters above sea level.
  12. 12. Basic Packing ListsBASIC SUMMER PACKING LIST (MAY TO BASIC WINTER PACKING LIST MID OCTOBER) T- Shirts (MID OCTOBER TO MAY) Shorts  T- Shirts Swimsuit  Shorts Sunscreen  Knickers/Underwear Pyjamas  Long Pants Crocs/ Flip Flops  Long Sleeve Top/ Hoodies Camera  Pyjamas Trainers  Sunscreen USD  Swimsuit Backpacks  Trainers Sandals  Crocs Knickers / Underwear  Camera Boxers  Sandals  USD  Backpacks  Jeans
  13. 13. A few Hawaiian words! Keiki – Child/Kid Aloha- Hello, Goodbye and Love Mahalo – Thank You Mahalo Nui Loa – Thank You Very Much Kahi- 1 Lua- 2 Kolu- 3 Ha- 4 Lima-5 Ono-6 Hiku-7 Walu-8 Iwa- 9 Hulu- 10
  14. 14. SOURCESCiting Sources forPerformance Task 2011.doc
  15. 15. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!Hope you learned as much as we did!  By Alex and Miranda 