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Denmark powerpoint 2


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Denmark powerpoint 2

  1. 1. DenmarkBy : Grace and Katya
  2. 2. Denmark is located in Europe because it’s a country . It can be a small country butCopenhagen is the capital because it is near the ocean, have lots of jobs and sources ofSeafood.
  3. 3. What is Denmark Famous for ? Why?
  4. 4. Answers for What is Denmark Famous for?Why? Denmark is Famous because there is a Queen and a King. In some of the other countries Queens and Kings Died. There is a Mermaid on a rock , it is a statue and they believe a Mermaid died there.
  5. 5. What is the climate in Denmark? Why ?
  6. 6. Answers for What is the climate in Denmark ? Why ? Denmark has an Oceanic climate and it is a cold place because it is far from the equator . Denmark is in the north and it explains that it is far from the equator. Its cold when your not near the equator because usually if you are near to the equator its hot . Denmark has strong wind and the coldest month is July and the warmest month is February.
  7. 7. What do they eat in Denmark ? Why ?
  8. 8. Answers for What do they eat in Denmark ? Why? They eat eel , fresh yogurt, pastries ,vegetables and cinnamon roles. If you don’t know what a pastry is, it is a kind of dessert. It looks very yummy. They eat seafood like eel and shrimp because they are close to the ocean. Denmark people eat fruits too because there is soil to grow fruits and vegetables.
  9. 9. What is the capital in Denmark ? Why ?
  10. 10. Answers for What is the capital of Denmark ? Why ? The capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. Denmark needs to have a capital because it is a small country. Copenhagen is also a city. The capital of Denmark is biggest city indeed.
  11. 11. What does the landscape look like in Denmark?Why ?
  12. 12. Answers for What is the Landscape in Denmark? Why ? Denmark’s landscape is grassy , glacier only when its winter , ocean , forest , it is also a peninsula. Denmark has four seasons and the seasons are Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter.
  13. 13. Where are the big cities located? Why?
  14. 14. Answers for Where are the Big cities located? Why ?The top four biggest places inDenmark are Aalborg , Aarhus ,Odense and Copenhagen.Denmark’s cities have very tallbuildings.
  15. 15. Simple Packing List Summer Winter• Clothes • Boots• Pants • Snow coat• Sunglasses • Jacket• Maps (Guide Book) • Snow hat• Letter pack to send letters • Mittens• Hats • Pants• Hair ties • Ear muffs• Phone to communicate • Scarf• Shorts• Food
  16. 16. Thank you forwatching our show!:)
  17. 17. Citing Sources:) Citing Sources forPerformance Task 2011.doc