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utility bill pay api


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Welcome To One Dot India
One dot India is a premier website designing, website development and internet marketing company offering economical but best web based services to our clients across the globe. We take pride in our forte, i.e., flawless performance and monitored perfection. “We do the right thing right on time, every time”. One dot India provides wide range of services that match the client’s requirements.
At One dot India, we offer following services:
1. Web Application Development
2. API Integration
3. Mobile – Web Integration
4. Website Design & CMS
5. Hosting & Server Services
6. Technical Consultancy
7. SMS Based Mobile application
8. Online Mobile Recharge API
9. Travel API
10. Electricity Bill Pay API
11. Gas Bill Pay API
12. Movies API
13. Money transfer
14. Insurance API
15. Education
16. IVR
17. Fax Service
18. Bulk Sms .
Our creative team of web designers, programmers and web marketing professionals build web solutions according to your business needs so that your business stands firmly in the dynamic business environment. We turn your ideas in marketable form. We deliver personalized services for developing, integrating and operating your business on the internet.
What makes us different?
That’s the question you are asking…….
In today’s world of tough competition, you cannot have the ruling position in any industry unless you are the best. So the question is how can you be chosen instead of your competitor? The pre-requisites that made us stand tall amongst the rest are:
1. The ultimate goal of any business is SUCCESS. Keeping this in mind we leave no scope for mistakes and failure. Every single step at every functional level is analyzed and monitored thoroughly. At last, the result of all the perfect steps taken previously is SUCCESS.
2. No compromise with the quality aspect of our services. We monitor the quality of our services to uphold our reputation, ensure satisfied customers, acquire new customers and generate repeat business.
3. Our team comprises of professional experts with latest technology know how having ability to handle complex projects.
4. Every client is important to us irrespective of his scale of business or area of operation.
5. We make your website beautiful and professional that is appealing to visitors so as to increase your customers.
6. We have performed consistently better and provided speedy 24X7 customer response.
7. We ensure timely delivery of projects to customers.,

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utility bill pay api

  1. 1. 4/16/2012 Designed By : Sunita CREATED BY: Sunita
  2. 2. 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  3. 3. Rail Ticket Booking Indian Rail is a most popular travelling system of India and it is a first choice of middle & poor class family because of budget. Few years back Rail ticket booking was a challenge work for all. But now with the help of technology Rail booking has been online and any one can book ticket easily with the help of credit card or debit card. Online rail ticket booking has made it too simple and within minutes you can book your tickets as per your chaise.4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  4. 4. Bus Ticket Booking Bus is an oldest travelling system of India and approachable for all from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanya kumari. This is an evergreen solution of travelling. Bus services is not associated with central govt. only few states govt. Is providing online ticket booking for luxury buses but those are providing window booking facility. Here Onedotindia is providing you a world class bus service. With the help of our online bus ticket booking portal/ API you can book any bus ticket between any cities.4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  5. 5. Flight Ticket Booking Flight is a fastest travelling way of world. It covers miles in few minutes. It is a fastest, reliable and time saver. All the business minded peoples always prefer to fly because time is money for them. Here in India flight rate are very cheap Than other countries and Low Cost Carrier (LCC) has become it more popular and reachable for all. Onedotindia provides the facility to book all available national and international flights with LCC. Our Online flight search engine provides you fastest results and our price is very competitive. Time to time we provides bonus and discounts to our B2B and B2C customers.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  6. 6. White Label If you are a new entrepreneur and start a your online business and does not to invest in software development & technology, white label can be a suitable product for you. In white label you will get the all features like Air ticket booking, Bus Ticket Booking, Mobile recharge facility, Bill payment, Hotel booking, Rail ticket, Mobile bill payment, Payment gateway with full system function for B2B like State Partner, Distributor and agents and B2C all function with Payment Gateway. In white label you can setup your own network in nominal cost and the good thing that you have not worried for technical support or technology team because owner firm will manage all.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  7. 7. Bill Payment Due to hectic schedule bill payments is rally a headache for us. In our life we spend more than 2 weeks in a year to pay bills and other payments. Today we have to pay few bills like Mobile bills, Landline phone bills, Electricity bills, Insurance premium, Water bills, Gas Bills, fund transfer, Credit Card bills, house taxes etc to continue error free service. Onedotindia provides bill payment API to pay all the bills online. We offers you all billers like Credit card payment, Insurance premium, Mobile phone bill payment, Land line bill payment, All States electricity bill payment, Water bill payment etc. Onedotindia has direct link to services providers and offers good margin to setup your own business.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  8. 8. Hotel Booking Finding a suitable place in unknown cities are really a biggest headache and during a season you all are aware the situation like high charges, less facility, distance from the city and some time we have to come back. Suitable Hotel booking is a bigger tension than rail and flight booking and we never get the value of money. Onedotindia brings online international and national hotel booking engine. Where Onedotindia provides you best hotels of destination cities with value of your money. Whit the help of our hotel booking API you can book any Star hotel of any city across the world. Onedotindia helps you to fine the best deal according to comfort and budget.4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  9. 9. API Business API is an xml which is use for communication between two services of different portals. In API you will get services from service provider and integrate according to your business logic. API provides you all the require data in XML format. Now API is a popular format of online world and its demands is increasing rapidly. The entire online portal like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Orkut, linkedin’s are providing application API to integrate with your applications. Onedotindia offers you all services through API like mobile recharge API, Bus booking API, Rail Booking API*, Flight booking API, Bill Payment API, PAN card API, Online Bill Payment API, Hotel Booking API etc. Through Onedotindia API you can or we can develop application for your business on your business logic.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  10. 10. Car/ Taxi Booking Taxi on call is fastest growing services of India. It is fastest and reliable services which provide you 24x7 supports. With taxi on call service you can schedule your journey in unknown cities with suitable price. These taxies are reliable, secure and punctual and make your journey meaningful. Onedotindia taxi services API will gives you good margin and available in all metropolitan cities of India. Taxi on call services is available in API and white label and you can choose according to your business plan.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  11. 11. Payment Gateway Payment gateway makes our life easy and secures our transactions. Payment API transfers our payments securely and comfortably. With the help of payment gateway we can purchase anything online and pay it securely. Onedotindia gives you secure payment gateway API for your website, e commerce and M commerce portal. Our transaction charges are very competitive and give you a fastest settlement mechanism with few required detail. Integration of Onedotindia online payment API are too easy and any can integrate with his/her application in few minutes.4/16/2012 Designed By : GURU
  12. 12. Mobile Recharge Mobile recharge is fastest growing online/offline business of India because of more than 80 cr. Users and 97% users are using prepaid connection. Because of high user density and good margin mobile recharge has become fastest growing business. Lots of entrepreneurs’ are investing in mobile recharge and Travelling business. Onedotindia provides all mobile and DTH recharge with good margin. Onedotindia provide mobile recharge facility through white labels, Recharge API, SMS application, Online applications and GPRS based applications. Onedotindia offers margin and discounts on recharge and provide traffic bonus on recharge. Onedotindia is sharing direct links with mobile and DTH operators.4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  13. 13. 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  14. 14. S.NO. STATE ELECTRICITY BOARD MARGIN EXTRA CHARGE1 Haryana Uttar Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited Nill 0.0042 Delhi Bses Rajdhani Power L.T.D. Nill Nill3 Delhi Bses Yamuna Power L.T.D. 0.003 Nill4 Delhi North Delhi Power L.T.D. 0.001 Nill5 Noida NPCL Nill 0.0046 Punjab PSPCL Nill 0.0047 West Bangol CESC L.T.D. 1 Rs Par Bill Nill8 Karnatka Bangalare Electricity Supply Co. LTD. Nill Nill9 M.P. MPSEB Electricity Biller Nill Nill10 Rajasthan Jodhpur Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited Nill 0.002 Central Power Distribution Company Of11 A. P. A.P. Nill Nill12 A.P. CPDC Nill Nill13 Gujrat Adani Energy Limited Nill Nill14 Gujrat Surat Electricity company LTD. Nill Nill15 Maharastra Bast Undertaking 2 Rs Par Bill Nill16 Maharastra MSEDL Nill 0.00217 Maharastra Reliance Energy Limited 2 Rs Par Bill Nill18 Maharastra Tata Power Co. Limited 2 Rs Par Bill Nill19 Maharastra Torrent Power Limited 2 Rs Par Bill Nill20 Goa MSEDL Nill 0.002 NOTE: 1. API Charges 15 lakes (one time non refundable.) 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 2 (two) lake Rupees per State and Five state balance will be compulsory for taking our API services. 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  15. 15. S.NO. CITY GAS COMPANIES MARGIN Extra Charge 1 Delhi Indra Prastha Gas LTD. 1Rs Par Bill Nill 2 Maharastra Mahanagar Gas Limited 2 Rs Par Bill Nill NOTE: 1. API Charges 2 lakes (one time non refundable.) 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 1 (one) lake Rupees4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  16. 16. Sr. No. Company Name Margin Extra Margin 1 Bajaj Allianz Nill 0.20% 2 Birla Sun Life 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 3 HDFC Standard Life 0.50% Nill 4 ICICI Prudential 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 5 Ing Vysya Nill 0.20% 6 LIC 0.20% Nill 7 Max New York LIFE 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 8 Met Life 0.50% Nill 9 Kotak Mahindra 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 10 Sbi Life 0.20% Nill 11 Tata Aig 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 12 Reliance Life 0.10% Nill 13 Aviva Life 0.20% Nill 14 Shri Ram Life Nill 0.50% 15 Bharti AXA 2 Rs Par Bill Nill 16 Canara HSBC 0.60% Nill NOTE: 1. API Charges 2.5 lakes (one time non refundable.) 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 2 (Two) lake Rupees4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  17. 17. Sr. No. Company Margin S.NO. Company Margin 1 Airtel 3.50% 2 Idea 4.00% 1 Dish TV 3.50% 3 Vodafone 3.50% 2 Big Tv 4% 4 BSNL 4% 5 Tata 4% 3 Tata SKY 4% 6 Relince GSM 4% 7 Relince CDMA 4% 8 Aircel 4% 4 Sun Direct 4% 9 Uninor 4% 10 Docomo 4% 11 Videocon 4% 5 Videocon D2H 4% 12 MTS 4% 13 Virgin Gsm 4% 14 Virgin CDMA 4% 6 Airtel DTH 4% NOTE: 1. API Charges 0.5 lakes (one time non refundable.) 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 1 (One) lake Rupees4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  18. 18. Sr. No. Area Service Margin Extra Charge Money 1 All India Trancefer 1% 3% Service Tax 2 All India Pay 0.70% 1.50% NOTE: 1. API Charges 0.5 lakes (one time non refundable.) 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 1 (one) lake Rupees 3 All India Income Tax 0.70% 1.50% NOTE: 1. API Charges 1.5 lakes (one time non refundable.) S.NO. Company Margin 2. First time balance in your API will be load according to 1 (One) lake Rupees 1 Airtel 0.50% 2 Vodafone Nill 3 Relince 0.50% 4 Tata Indicom 0.50% 5 Tata photon Nill 6 MTZ Mlaze 0.50% 7 Rim Net Nill 8 Idea 0.50% 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  19. 19. 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  20. 20. 4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA
  21. 21. ONE DOT INDIA TEAM CONTACT: 07665518000 MAIL: sunita@onedotindia.com4/16/2012 Designed By : SUNITA