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One Contact Center - Benefits of Email Customer Support


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Here we have discussed the tips of email customer support and its advantages which will provide the help to increase the customer lifetime value and retention.

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One Contact Center - Benefits of Email Customer Support

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION  Importance of email customer service in present climate is equivalent to phone support as more and more customers prefer this medium to ask their queries. The benefits of email support are numerous. And each one overshadows other in terms of importance to the customer or company.
  3. 3. BENEFITS OF EMAIL CUSTOMER SUPPORT  You can attach screenshots and files  Related products can be recommended  It is accessible from smartphone  Busy customers love this medium  It is economical for the companies  Customers trust this channel
  4. 4. YOU CAN ATTACH SCREENSHOTS AND FILES  Various responses to the queries need images or screenshots to be attached for the better understanding of the customer. Through email support, companies can easily attach all essential files while replying back to the customer.
  5. 5. RELATED PRODUCTS CAN BE RECOMMENDED  While responding to the query of the customer, agents can recommend various products or services associate with the shopping history of the customer. This economical form of marketing can the raise the sales of the company.
  6. 6. IT IS ACCESSIBLE FROM SMARTPHONE  Most of the smartphone users have synchronized email application with their phones. This makes it easy for them to write and send queries to the companies from smartphone without wasting much time. Also, the response from company’s end is received via push notification on the smartphone by the customers.
  7. 7. BUSY CUSTOMERS LOVE THIS MEDIUM  Companies often face a challenge of retaining busy customers who hate to wait while making contact with the customer. These busy customers get frustrated when they make a contact using phone calls as they have to go through complicated IVR menus and have to wait on hold while agent connects to them.
  8. 8. IT IS ECONOMICAL FOR THE COMPANIES  It saves the companies from various overheads which are usually associated with toll free customer support like IP phones and software. Though, there is still need of competent support agents which can give reply to customer query in effective manner.
  9. 9. CUSTOMERS TRUST THIS CHANNEL  People tend to trust the things which are in written form due to some level of authority associated with it. Customers give importance to email as medium of posting queries and complaints as they feel that the company will take them more seriously.
  10. 10. CAN BE USED FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEYS  A good customer support process is incomplete without customer satisfaction surveys. And email is the best medium to send survey consisting of questions associated with the experience of the customer with the company. Even if the response was made through any other medium like phone or social media, email still can be used to receive customer’s feedback.
  11. 11. WHO I AM…  One Contact Center is a Customer Care Company which provides the еffісіеnt and reliable rеѕоurсе with professional outsourcing services in the Philippines.