Running a successful Communications Audit by One clear Message


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Business evolves over time as do stakeholders, audiences and communication channels. A Communications Audit can help your organisation become a better communicator.

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  • Businesses evolve over time. So do stakeholders, audiences and communication channels. The key to good communication is a combination of the right cadence and using the right channels to reach your audience. A Communications Audit, will help you be a better communicator. What is an Exempted Micro-Enterprise (EME)? An EME is a business that has an annual turnover of R5 million or less (or R2,5 million in the tourism industry) OR a business that is less than 1 year old. Is your turnover less than R5 million per year? Then you automatically qualify for a Level 4 BBBEE certificate.
  • Develop a "360 °" system for continuing monitoring If scary choose another name: Strategic Planning Review Resource Assessment Business Process Planning Communications Checkup
  • We don ’ t know what we don ’ t know - Johari ’ s window Perspective .... speak every day - how our ideas received .. impact what we acknowledge gets repeated ....
  • 1.  Lack of employee feedback as you once did. 2.  External stakeholders are no longer engaged. 3.  Repeat Customers reducing. 4.  The media reports you are not available for comment or are not responding by time of deadline. 5.  Your online newsletters read rate has decreased. 6.  Employee retention is an issue. 7.  Employee sick time is increasing. 8.  Labor relations is an issue. 9.  Investors are not happy. 10.  You unsure how to communicate with employees, customers, stakeholders, regulators, media, etc.
  • Customers - sales and service Colleague support process to sale
  • Strategic vision etc translate into organisation Brand consistency  Knowledge management - sharing intrinsic knowledge
  • Conflict difficult conversations eq Performance 360 kpi coach mentor
  • Corporate culture Existing customer relationships Time and money tradeoffs -Benefits of a comprehensive effort -Options for a phased-approach Employee skill sets Time frame Complexity of system
  • But what people say isn ’ t always true We may need more: Logs (behaviour trails) Stats (behaviour trends) Observation behaviour as-it-happens
  • group size desired outcomes time frames access to staff
  • Running a successful Communications Audit by One clear Message

    1. 1. A successful communications audit Richard Riche B-BBEE level 4 EME
    2. 2. Communications audit ?Communications audit ? Regular, systematic examination of current communication practices and future needs with a customer focus
    3. 3. Know? Johari’s Window
    4. 4. Scope: What are your communication pain points? Scope: What are your communication pain points? • Internal? • External? • Combination?
    5. 5. Customer elementsCustomer elements
    6. 6. Strategy elementsStrategy elements
    7. 7. People elementsPeople elements
    8. 8. Audit processAudit process
    9. 9. Audit processAudit process
    10. 10. Report and implementReport and implement
    11. 11. Required information
    12. 12. 1