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Question and answer tips by One Clear Message


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Your audience expects you to be confident and to maintain control of the session. Often when the Q&A session goes “pear shaped” it’s because the speaker has lost control and gone off point (the point of the talk). Audiences may form a negative impression when the speaker reacts emotionally, but leave with a positive impression when you remain calm, confident, and in control. Presentation skills training tips.

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Question and answer tips by One Clear Message

  1. 1. Question & answer Richard RicheRichard Riche
  2. 2. Frame the questionFrame the question
  3. 3. Acknowledge questionsAcknowledge questions
  4. 4. Repeat the questionRepeat the question
  5. 5. Prepare “typical” questionsPrepare “typical” questions
  6. 6. Be honestBe honest
  7. 7. Close with key pointsClose with key points
  8. 8. 1