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Impromptu presentation tips


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Tips on how to handle impromptu topics as a speaker. Learning to think on your feet is a great way to increase your confidence as a speaker. We have to deal with off the cuff questions daily - after presentations, when dating and in social situations.

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Impromptu presentation tips

  1. 1. Impromptu tips for Speakers
  2. 2. Analogy
  3. 3. Reframing
  4. 4. Change the angle
  5. 5. Create a dialogue
  6. 6. Open with a question, quote or joke This reminds me of the quote by Einstein “...” Ha Ha Ha
  7. 7. Personal monodrama
  8. 8. Make it ridiculous … 8
  9. 9. Past, present and future
  10. 10. On one hand, on the other hand
  11. 11. Dramatic story
  12. 12. Alternate meanings
  13. 13. 1