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Product Management 2010 02 16


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Digital product management from the trenches.

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Product Management 2010 02 16

  1. 1. Product Management Gareth Knight
  2. 2. Hello, welcome and thank you ;-) Chatham House Rules please / strap yourself in
  3. 3. Where are you currently experiencing pain? Do you want to move fast?
  4. 4. Let's do some sense checking:
  5. 5. Commercial reality / roadmap / wireframes / design led prototyping / SCRUM / backlog / buglist / source control / workflows / user testing / functional testing / unit testing / multi-disciplined team / one click deployments / server infrastructure / tech stacks / libraries / participating in communities?
  6. 6. Simplicity is your goal Overengineering and premature optimisation are the mother of all evil
  7. 7. Constant iteration is your weapon Get out as quickly as possible / test / fix bugs / adapt to users and intelligence / rinse and repeat [screenshots]
  8. 8. Follow a clearly defined process Everyone will know where they are, you can optimise and you can plan
  9. 9. Technical debt is just like real credit When are you going to pay it off?
  10. 10. Too many cooks = recipe for distaster Eliminate ambiguity of direction; focus on roles
  11. 11. The user funnel = good responsibility matrix Getting traffic / keeping traffic
  12. 12. Where can I save? Outsource commodity work, leverage open source software
  13. 13. Product warning signs Disobey the 40 / 40 / 20 rule at your own peril
  14. 14. I'm tired of email! Email is not good for collaboration
  15. 15. The best technology is the one you can use now Become agnostic about technology as much as you can afford to
  16. 16. Open Source Software can be your friend .... and your enemy. Use libraries, use frameworks, hammers and nails, many eyeballs lead to fewer bugs, a sense of community.
  17. 17. Get REAL hosting Only scale when you need to Windows hosting = expensive LAMP hosting = cheaper
  18. 18. Internal infrastructure is expensive Everything you need to be efficient can be done in the cloud. Don't waste time setting up email!
  19. 19. Focus on the user Ignore that, and your product will flounder. Tech is not the end in itself.
  20. 20. Use REAL designers For the betterment of dur unterwebs, use a really good designer, so people enjoy looking at your product ;-)
  21. 21. There will always be bugs Get over it. Prioritise. Deal with it. Make testing part of your process.
  22. 22. Build something that people will want to use Inherent value and usefulness = traffic. Your vertical will depend on how much.
  23. 23. Don't be naive about leveraging social networks for traffic What is your value to the user?
  24. 24. Key metrics to measure ROI Visitors / uniques vs returning users / time on site / goals & funnels / traffic sources / geography / content / ajax & JS actions
  25. 25. Learn everything you can about search engines Traffic makes or breaks a product
  26. 26. Google Adwords is great if you have a budget … but make sure you measure performance
  27. 27. Treasure your users... … think of them as part of the family
  28. 28. … but be pragmatic about what your users say Exercise restraint, but keep the conversation going
  29. 29. Thank you! Gareth Knight