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One Year Later


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Learn through inspired visioning how to create the future of your dreams now!

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One Year Later

  1. 1. One Year Later<br />Live The Dream<br />
  2. 2. If you’re planning a Company meeting or Sales Team meeting and have been wondering how to jumpstart your Company’s culture and truly inspire and motivate your workforce, have Violet work her magic for you.<br />The mission of One Year Later™ is to increase your awareness in the power of your mind, and release all mental barriers so that you can live “your dream”. <br />By connecting each person to their own inner strength, and the resources that we all have within, we empower all people to move into inspired action. <br />One Year Later™- Live The Dream<br />
  3. 3. ONE YEAR LATER- LIVE THE DREAM<br />Each one of us has a one year later, filled with dreams, possibilities, and abundant success. What many of us lack is an understanding of how to get from here to there. We are all born with resources, that can take us there, to our dream, our vision, a new level of success. Resources that we were never taught to use, but that can be activated just by awareness to them. <br />Turn the page and get a sneak peak of the journey.<br />
  4. 4. DREAM<br /> This is where we begin your One Year Later ™ journey. It is here that you learn about one of the many resources that you have access to, right now. Using a proven technique that has been used by the greatest minds in history, you will create within you the world that you desire to live in. It is in this first step that the seed is strategically planted, it is here that your “One Year Later™” journey begins.<br /> This process also reveals the great secret to your success; the dance between your two minds. It is only through the awareness, understanding and application of this knowledge, that true change begins.<br />
  5. 5. Plan<br /> In this part of the journey you will be introduced to your Trusted Adviser ( TA) ™. It is with your TA that the planning begins, what to do, how to do it, which step to take, how to proceed. Your own personal TA™ will be available to you at any time of need, when you are in a board room meeting, stuck in traffic, or planning your day, week, month, and year.<br /> It is here in this second step that you will realize that nothing that you need to succeed is outside of you, no advice, no tools, no resources. Everything that you need to succeed is already within you at this moment, as it has always been.<br />
  6. 6. Prepare<br /> In this part of the journey, you will begin preparing for the actual journey, as well as living the dream itself. You will be acquainted to the two people that are living inside you, in your mind. You will get to know them very well and you will discover how one of these people is limiting you in every way and yet it is who you have been spending most of your time with. They say breakups are difficult, this one could not be any easier.<br /> We then begin with a clean slate which is needed to begin your new relationship with yourself. It is on this foundation that all goals will be achieved, all dreams will become reality, as you learn to access all the power you have inside.<br />
  7. 7. Celebrate<br /> Most of us have been raised in a world where celebration is only done at the completion of a goal, a milestone or a birthday. There is a power in celebration that many are not aware of. Together we will look at the science behind this power, you will learn how and why to celebrate. Thomas J Peters once said to celebrate what you want to see more of. The reasons for this are simple, celebrating something, or someone everyday acts as a springboard towards accomplishing your dream.<br /> The journey ends as it begins, but this time with a new level of awareness and with resources that are ready to be used as leverage in reaching your dream. You are now ready to move into inspired action, the highest form of action you will ever experience. <br />
  8. 8. The Program<br /> One Year Later is offered as both a two-hour workshop and 45-minute keynote. <br /> The workshop, ideal for groups of 25 or less, provides an intense journey and deeper individual experience that prepares your team to use their tools in their personal and professional lives. <br /> The Keynote is ideal to invigorate, awaken and open the minds of larger groups, conventions, associations, annual meetings and charity events.<br />
  9. 9. Start the Journey to Your One Year Later™ Today and Live the Dream.<br /><br /><br />(949) 218-6282<br />