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Technology Driven ICO Audience Development and Marketing for the Blockchain


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We build powerful cryptocurrency audiences for you ICO and token sale.

360-degree audience development and marketing strategies are mission critical to get your brand above the noise as blockchain proliferation accelerates, and the number of companies looking to launch ICO’s and Tokens grows exponentially.

Our technology-driven methodology to develop social audiences enables you to build a powerful audience for companies ICO's and utility tokens. Strategic cryptocurrency marketing at scale is critical to building a market for a brands currency, token, products, and services. Helping develop demand economics for compliance, pre token sales, token launch and then ongoing marketing for your token, products and services. To the end of your currency life cycle.

OneQube focuses on driving direct and measurable results for our partners. We use a combination of Organic Audience Development, Paid Social Media, Organic Community Management, Email Nurturing, Community Activation, Content and Social Amplification to drive interested parties to their website to learn more about their project and drive conversions.

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Technology Driven ICO Audience Development and Marketing for the Blockchain

  1. 1. ICO | TOKEN SALE Audience Development Marketing
  2. 2. © 2016 Startup theme. All Rights Reserved. 2 We are a technology driven social audience development, content amplification, and strategy firm based out of New York City. ABOUT
  3. 3. OUR VISION Great ideas need an audience Our audience development software stack allows us to build custom, targeted audiences for a data driven approach to strategic marketing.
  4. 4. Eder Holguin CEO Co-Founder Peter Bordes President/Exec Chairman Co-Founder Tammo Mueller CTO Co-Founder Marcela Shine COO Co-Founder Shana Williams Director Audience Services OUR TEAM Jelisha McIlwain Audience Dev. Mgr. Emily Couillard Audience Dev. Mgr. Mohammad Mitha Blockchain Strategist
  5. 5. “OneQube is awesome. Our engagement is off the charts, and the CanYa Coin ICO is now Australia's 2nd most successful ICO ever”. JP Thor CEO, Co-Founder
  6. 6. PROBLEM Digital Marketing Is Broken Content Podcast Commerce Video Social Stream VisualAudio Digital audiences are fragmented across a growing universe of siloed channels and platforms, making them difficult and expensive to develop. Brands either pay to build audiences or use platforms that only address one aspect of their audience development, and don’t build meaningful ongoing relationships.
  7. 7. [ ] OPPORTUNITY Audiences Are Self Identifying YOU ARE WHAT YOU READ AND SHARE Social Media and content sharing creates millions of opportunities to identify, activate and connect your brand, product and content with a relevant passionate audience. Telling you everything you need to know about what is relevant to them in real-time
  8. 8. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL A single audience development platform powered by machine learning Our full stack audience automation enables brands to identify, track and retain their organic audiences, increasing engagement, and harnessing their powerful collective network effect. SOLUTION Intelligent Audience Automation Our software enables us to harnessing realtime consumer signals to develop and monetize targeted audiences. Our suite of audience applications are powered by the Audience Graph database that analyzes, segments and tracks their activities and behaviors. Audience development and marketing campaigns use the most recent relevant data to identify and engage audience participants. Traffic Consideration Contextual Mining Content Distribution Awareness Conversations Content Shared Trends Media Tags Dem Geo Real-time database • Capturing • Tracking Artificial intelligence • segmentation CUSTOM AUDIENCE Payments • consumer • revshare Media/Marketing • organic • paid • affiliate Real-time | Relevant | Intelligent TRANSACTIONS Data Append Audience Graph
  9. 9. PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL We offer a vertical & horizontally integrated software and services stack for every aspect of your ICO audience development and marketing lifecycle. SOLUTION Audience Development Services Artificial Intelligence Audience Database SocialQube social listening ContentQube content curation SoftwareStack MCast social commerce AudienceIQ audience analytics DataQube data append AudienceServices ORGANIC PAID Audience development Community Management Look Alike Audiences Brand Audit | Strategy | Competitive Analysis | Content Creation | Campaign Calendar Re-targeting Audience Graph NativeDisplay Amplification Engagement Amplification lead-genecommerce STRATEGY > PRE-SALE > ICO/TGE EVENT > POST EVENT > SCALING PLATFORM
  10. 10. PLATFORM Real-time Social Audience Database Contextual Search Real-time Conversation and Content Shared MININGDEVELOPMENT OneQube targets, databases, tracks and graphs detailed actionable audience data. Data Extract & Append Targeting Segmentation Audience ActivityGeo, Trending Content + WhatdoyouMinh MinhTran @Minh_Q_Tran
  11. 11. TARGET LISTEN: Hear everything relevant to your ICO Instant Track links, hashtags, @names, keywords & phrases, demographics, geographic data and influencers. Efficient Advanced targeting makes it easy to develop your audience. Social audience participants, leads and influencers are filtered to your exact criteria. Understand crypto conversations as they happen to capitalize on relevant trends, events and marketing opportunities. Database people, content shared and conversation happening about your brand, token, content, competitors, and trends. Targeted
  12. 12. BUILD: Custom ICO/Token Audience Databases Audience database attributes and behaviors Search & filter social data to segment your audience into actionable lists. Look alike audiences. Tools to build community and engagement. Append data for deeper insights. Analyze Segment Develop Drive awareness, traffic and transitions with organic and paid campaigns. Market
  13. 13. Harness the power of social data to market your ICO, token launch, products and services. Manage and market to them in searchable segmented databases. MARKET: Your followers aren't just a number They are actionable DATA Export data into exportable CSV & PDF Social Reports. Manage your followers in a searchable, database. Integrated tools to strategically build & engage organic audience. Segment your target audience & followers into actionable lists. Content analytics surface most relevant trending content. Market to your follower with relevant right time, right place Tweets, content or ads Analyze audience trends, hashtags,demo, geo and audience segments Append data to social records, or social graph to your email databases. Social Database Social Database
  14. 14. Audience 90 ICO Engagement ICO Consideration ICO Conversion ICO Awareness Retention Strategy Content/Campaign Synchronized Calendar Audience Architects Distribution Audience Software a1 a3 a2 30% Increase in Token Circulation 70% Increase in Reach paidorganic Community Managers Audit AUDIENCE SERVICES Integrated Marketing We offer a vertical & horizontally integrated software and services stack for every aspect of your ICO audience development and marketing lifecycle.
  15. 15. Developing and managing your audience should not be your full time job! oneQube audience team supplies on-site and off-site personnel to create the best strategies to develop, manage and engage your audience. AUDIENCE SERVICES Our audience architects Audience Architects Audience Manager Build & Engage and market to your audience Social Audience Strategist Director of Managed Services Monitoring Opportunities Content team coordinator Tech Strategy & Reporting Client Happiness Develop your custom audience & content strategy
  16. 16. OUR CLIENTS MediaBlockchain Ecommerce Non-ProfitSportsTech